Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Mediocre Editor of the Reporter &His Blissfully -Ignorant Interviewer

The Mediocre Editor of the Reporter
His Blissfully- Ignorant Interviewer (By) Getachew Reda (August 26,2008) You might have tuned to the interview of the TPLF Amare Aregawi who is the chief editor and owner of the reporter magazine published in Ethiopia with the website owner of “Ethiopia First”, (Ben); famous for spoiling and praising TPLF Tyrants (a style he copied from that of the Eritrean Ato Amanuel Andemichael of Mengistu Hailemariam’s X-Minister).
I heard Amare Aregawi’s interview posted on Aigaforum.com copied from that of Benyam kebede’s “Ethiopia First” website. The interview is slightly confusing to me; weather the interview is current or old. At any rate, I think I did respond to previous campaign and irrational attack against the Diaspora Ethiopian oppositions labeling all in general us as “hate group’ (the typical TPLF propaganda accusation that we are all familiar with for 17 years). In his interview, with his piggish commentaries, he accused us as “greedy, selfish and dead opposition” (Ine KeMotku Serdo AyibKel). If he think we are dead, he should stop talking about us, just as he forgot talking or even recalling for a moment of a second in his instinct about the abuse carried in the jungle to the Tigrayan elders, farmers, and the family linkages destroyed due to the TPLF mass murdering and disappearances. Or he should stop talking about us and forget about us just like he stopped or never mentioned, talking about his comrades of TPLF fighters who were murdered, tortured illegally (Blood Purge!)in the jungle by his own TPLF leaders and assassins. That is all there is to it. Why bothered about us if he thinks we are dead? The Reporter editor is fooling his own ego and thinks and acts as if he has the final say as what music we have to play and listen, what book we have to read, how we have to challenge his own organization (the “TPLF”), and how the people have to accept the thievery of the election carried by his own beloved “TPLF”, and how the opposition who is bitterly angry by the abuse and the killings blamed them for refusing to take a sit in the TPLF Maoist and Bolshevik Duma/parliament forgetting not to sit in the parliament is also their fundamental right. He is angry and telling us, how we have to praise TPLF’s music, paintings, buildings, hotels and motels, new bridges and clinics and universities. Let me tell one more time Ato Amare; - “We do not have to praise any fascist element’s development who wanted to trade Hospitals and universities and hotel buildings for the exchange that TPLF made us lost International sea ports without our consent!” Period! You might have read my article last year regarding the said constructions and developments that these TPLF “Goebbels’ praised on their propaganda papers nourishing the ill-informed elements as the Nazi and Franco’s press people used to campaigned among the people. They are teaching/brainwashing the Ethiopian population to look at what the “Gentle Zenawi’s of TPLF’s”’ spectacle buildings and Power Generators reservoirs and construction developments going on in the country. And asking us to praise the piggish, brutal, stupid little men of TPLF who are the greater killers of our time, indeed, not better than the Italian Fascist who intentionally landlocked Ethiopia. How could a normal mind as an Ethiopian teach Ethiopians to praise Mussolini for building the infrastructures (roads, hospitals, electric and telephone lines, bridges)? Italian fascists did all the above mentioned developments in their five years stay in Ethiopia and in Eritrea (50 some years). But, can that be significant and worthy to talk about, compared with what the fascists did to the Ethiopian sovereignty, and the disunity of its people? Meles Zenawi and his foreign masters might did some notable development in order to boost his stay in power after the election that scared the hell out of him to fool the public in the superficial development while the human abuse is notoriously growing up. Cover-up/superficial economic development was also carried by Mussolini’s colonial government in Ethiopia and Eritrea’s economic infrastructure. But, how could these TPLF’s “Gobbles” demand Ethiopians to praise the TPLF’s chief Gestapo for laying the economic infrastructures mainly manipulated and monopolized by TPLF investors and its technocrats/bigwigs and foreign powers? Is it even worthy to talk about TPLF’s decency for building economy whiles its decency, even where the trust of its leaders as decent Ethiopians is questionable by many Ethiopian citizens? The fundamental differences between us and those of TPLF propagandists who sound like “the Nazi’s Goebbels” urging people to praise TPLF developments when it comes to their TPLF government is widely contrary to how we see TPLF ,the owner of the multiple flag . We say TPLF is irresponsible, criminal, racist as well mercenary, anti Ethiopian tool who serve outsiders. Therefore, the proven evidence that is standing in front of their eye is hard for The “Goebbels” to see it for the obvious reason. Remember what I present on my article last year how the naïve local and foreign press people tried to give window dressing to the Brutal Nazi during the Olympic Game held in Berlin when some powerful figures and countries tried to boycott it? Remember, when Nazi opponents and their press tried to alert the world not to participate in the Olympic, or not to praise Nazi for building Aircrafts and roads and eliminating unemployment in three years? The Nazi Gobbles and the like reporters outside Germany accused the Nazi opponents as trying to torpedo the Olympic Games by writing false statements and story about the treatment of the Jews in Germany. You are also recall when the Nazi hosted Summer Games in Berlin and the Winter Games in the Bavarian Alps. Both staged them on a scale more lavish than any other country had ever attempted. Just like the lavish Millennium Celebration of TPLF in Addis and elsewhere beyond belief where the TPLF Gestapo groups were joyously dancing while thousands and thousands of their victims were underground prison held in a hellish hole tortured and humiliated by the brutal TPLF CIB. The same scenario the Nazi bigwigs put on such extravagant parties, each to outdo the others in their entertaining to show how Nazi Germany is spectacle and beautifully developed in order to show the Olympic guests as well to cover up the its brutal system. Here I will quote William L. Shirer the author of (20th Century journey- The Nightmare Years- The Road to Armaggedon, 1935-1938 on page 232-233 the evidences he witnessed and how building constrictions and temporary economic gains by Nazis and the throwing lavish parties to guests, reporters, foreign business people and dignitaries could be easily fooled, to hide the world of its brutal treatment of its citizens to confuse the reality. Here is what he saw as a reporter based in Germany in 1935-1938. “For instance, the propaganda minister’s “Italian Night” more than a thousand guests at a dinner in a scene that resembled the “Arabian Nights” (hosted by another bigwig). Best food and wine were being served to the immense throng on a broad terrace overlooking the lake under a spreading canopy of five thousand Chinese lanterns; we listened to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and stars from the state Opera and watch the dancers from the Opera ballet…… “The country is on its best behavior; no persecution of the Jew (they already had been outlawed by the Nuremberg Laws of the Fall before.). No savage attacks against the “decadent” Western democracies and “Jewish- dominated” America> All was, for the moment, sweet and light, except for an occasional diatribe in the press against the terrible Bolsheviks. The Russians had not yet been invited to the Olympics. They still considered beyond the pale by the Olympic committees of Fascists, Nazi Germany and democratic U.S.A., Britain and France”. “The Olympic Games were dazzling success for Adolf Hitler. The Athletes from around the world were delighted; the spectators, especially from America, were impressed. Never before to my knowledge, had the Nazi bigwigs put on such extravagant parties………The good Aryan German people struck most visitors from abroad as happy, content and united under the swastika dictatorship. The harassed Jews, shorn of their civil rights and the opportunity to earn a living, didn’t dare to approach the distinguished foreign visitors to enlighten them. “ I became so alarmed at the way some American businessmen were being taken in that I gave a luncheon of several of them and invited Douglas Miller, our commercial attaché’ in Berlin and one of the best- informed men on Germany we had at the Embassy, to talk to them. He got no where. The genial tycoons told him what the situation in Nazi Germany was. They liked it, they said. The streets were clean and peaceful. Law and Order. No strikes, no trouble-making unions. No agitators. No Commies. Miller, a patient man, could scarcely get a word in. ‘ In Berlin a group of American businessmen----------Normal Chandler, the conservative owner and publisher of the Los Angeles Times, was one of them------invited me and Ralph Barnes of the New York Herald-Tribune to lunch in the Hotel Adlon bar. They were puzzled, from what they had conceived from our reporting. They had never seen a people so happy and content, and so enthusiastic about their leaders. They had talked to Goring, they said, and he had told them that we American correspondents in Berlin peddled nothing but lies about National Socialist Germany. “Fir an hour, Barnes and I tried our best to tell them the truth. “I don’t think,” I noted in my diary that night, “that we convinced them”. I was rather puzzled that our American businessmen and our rich tended to sympathize with Fascist countries. I wonder if it was the right-wing dictatorships claimed to be anti-Communist. I should have remembered how this well- off American types, who controlled our amateur athletics and our Olympic Committee, to deliberately lie about the conditions in Germany to get the United States not to boycott the Olympic Games that year. “Among the distinguished American visitors to the Olympic games in Berlin were Charles and Anne Lindbergh. Lindbergh is the idol of the nation. An American hero who achieved the first flight over the Atlantic. Its most publicized citizen. Herman Goring the fat chief of the rapidly growing German Air 0force and officials of the Lufthansa took us for a ride in the world’s largest airplane, a huge, some eight-engine craft that the German hope to put into service in the first transatlantic run. Goring turned over the controls to Lindbergh somewhere above the Wannsee and we were treated to some fancy rolls, steep banks and other maneuvers. After we landed, it was a golden opportunity to enlighten the famous flyer about what lay hidden beneath the surface in Hitler’s dictatorship. But like my American businessmen, Lindbergh proceeded to tell us what the situation was in Germany and to express his admiration for what had been achieved here. He, too, had found a happy, united people, he said. As an airman he was particularly impressed by the German air force and the progress of German aviation in general. Once again, he didn’t get a word in. by this time I was a little tired of bigwig American visitors to the Olympic telling me how it was in Nazi Germany. I thought I new better than they. Far more important was a development that would have far reaching and tragic consequences for Lindbergh. That summer in Berlin the German Nazi leaders were able to show in Lindbergh’s mind, and that of his attractive and gifted wife, seeds that when they flowered, would poison their judgment about the course of history and of Western Civilization”. Dear readers;- I quoted an important educational files from an experienced American reporter during the Nazi era in based Germany to show and compare how fascist dictators focus faster than any mild dictatorship when it comes to temporary economic development and the pushing construction in a faster paste to cover the hidden abuse beneath their feet. This is the example we read how some of the mediocre editors and reporters in Ethiopia like that of the owner of the Reporter magazine Amare Aregawi and his likes who are now first class rich citizens and businessmen after coming out from the jungle with empty hand and one AK47 on possession, currently, advocating as spokes people for the TPLF system by ridiculing the specific Diaspora Ethiopian oppositions who are the abused, the victim and the bitter who lost their country because of TPLF brutality. We urge some website operators and radio hosts to not listen to those blissfully ignorant reporters who wanted to create a rosy human image to the TPLF Fuhrer in the field of the TPLF construction development that started after the election in reaction to its nervousness. -/-article from WWW.ETHIOPIANSEMAY.BLOGSPOT.COM