Friday, August 10, 2012

Defeating the ideology of OLF, ONLF and TPLF must be Pan Ethiopianist central goal

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 Defeating the ideology of OLF, ONLF and TPLF must be the Pan Ethiopianist central goal

 By Getachew Reda (Ethiopian Semay)

The headline is focusing on the three known nihilists groups in Ethiopia who called themselves TPLF (Tigray people Liberation Front: “ a foreigners’ puppet government currently ruling Ethiopia with a fascist ideology ( a system of fascistic federalism based on language, religion and ethnic division on which this fascistic elements every year celebrate their jubilee waving different ethnic flags under the Fascistic philosophy of article 39) and OLF (Oromo Liberation Front: its leaders currently leaving all over the world as a refugee after chased out by TPLF army, living on a handout in foreign countries’ generosity, responsible for murdering the Amhhara population in mass on ethnic cleansing campaign it waged (still vowed to do it again).  ONLF (Ogaden Liberation Front :) its leader wants Ogaden to disintegrate from Ethiopia territory, proclaimed Ogaden tribe region  as “one of the last occupied Arab territories in the 21st century” Its leader Chairman Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman said Ogaden are “not Africans, but Arab people” under Ethiopian occupation...(http: interview with Asharq Al-swak- source Los Angeles Times).  

For detail readings see also “The Deluded Elites of Liberation” Fronts by Getachew Reda

This nihilist group have no clear agenda , it declare independent, at times also wants to reunite with the Stateless Somali in the East Africa; this Front is also ruthless criminal religious organization responsible for similar ethnic and religious  cleansing crimes, kidnapping innocent citizens and foreigners.

These three main terrorist organizations their names mentioned above are dangerous armed criminals, and foreign mercenary groups who covered themselves under the shade of politics talking & foaming so much about DEMOCRACY which they never honor it themselves.  Democracy myth is been used so much on their demand in order to accomplish human atrocity as their Mafiosi behavior exhibited on the Local and International Human Rights file. All their teachings, programs, actions are with a goal to destroy Ethiopia.

All the above and similar unmentioned ethno and religious organizations are guided with the principle ideology of Fascistic philosophy of article 39 ,which is the replica of the law of “Fascist Italy’s strategy of “SMEMBRAMENTO” (DISMEMBERMENT) of the Ethiopian nation into several walled tribal colonies each with a legal personality; in other words, with the “right of self determination”, at which the whole was to be regrouped under one faceless name of “Africa Oriental Italiana” (our present “Horn of Africa”).

The oddest of all this dilemma is supported by two different kind of Ethiopian elites. One, who are completely naïve, and the other groups are “connive political dealers”  who are intentionally involved in the business of destroying Ethiopia in the name of “peace, democracy, justice, solidarity and unity” collaborating with these mass murderer criminals and terrorists serving them as their ‘camouflage gowns’ to mask them as if they are for Pro- Ethiopian unity and longevity and safety of the country.

There is a latest news of such unity through their press release posted on the Diaspora opposition media. This press release of unity of conspirators  which vows to allow the fascist article 39 be implemented through a referendum  if one ethnic/family wants to disintegrate to form a new country once these group who formed unity comes to power after TPLF removed from power.

 Their laughable unity is popping up this time again with their usual noisy press proclamation vowing to bring DEMOCRACY and SELF DETERMINATION under their guidance. It is easy to understand why these toothless oppositions already gave up the unity and sovereign integrity of Ethiopia on their policy of cooperation and promising future referendum to those who wants disintegration through "FASCISTIC DEMOCRATIC RIGHT TO vOTE FOR UNITY OR SECESSION - CONSIDER ETHIOPIA AS COLONIALIST". They came to preach such nihilistic democracy,  because, they lost hope for 21 years to grasp power individually due to their cowardice belly lack heroic battle to overthrow the criminal TPLF.

Some of these toothless and nihilist are forming unity (in a form of press at least for now) to accomplish the destruction of  Ethiopia with the group who calls Ethiopia as “Habesha Empire/ Abyssinia Empire”. Their future desire is disintegrating the country  into malty tiny villages "as countries" each ruled by war lords as Somalia is currently ruled. They are trying to achieve their nihilist goal of destroying Ethiopia in the form of unity. in the name of fighting the fascist TPLF. These of course for some of us is not new, but the old game that was dragging its feet like an alligator.

In these elements of destruction, there are Two groups involved. One is the so called Timret Group lead by the Isayas stooges such as Niamin’s Timirtet, Ginbot 7 and the OLF Camal Gelchu living his life from EPLF handouts and generosity based in Asmara (some say- he is like  a prisoner who is not allowed to come out from Eritrea). And the other group is one of the  most notorious criminal groups of the OLF wings lead by leaders who made their living in Europe and USA working or living on welfare engaed in brainwashing the ill informed Oromo community using fascist brain control methods.

For today, I will focus and share with you on the following group  and individuals only. I will deal with the Ginbot 7 and Timret, MEISON so on and the likes of hopeless and toothless groups next time.  For now, let us examine about the following nihilist groups and individuals. The following information is been sent to me from a close friend. On the letter you will read regarding  the pathetic, coward, unreliable, opportunist TPLF Parliament Member Merera Guddina a leader of the  ONC who is not an Ethiopian Congress party but claimed and struggle for Oromo people as an Oromo congress Party. And the other one is of course also the elderly man who declared his retirement officially from politics (but not yet when we judge his stupidity now) BULCHA DEMEKSA the leader of “OFDM” whom some called him “Free Comedy Ticket”  given to  Meles Zenawi”  where Meles  enjoyed  making fun of him for  many years inside his Parliament. (Of course not to mention the TPLF Camera men focused their lance in order to make fan of him while napping inside the TPLF parliament)

Let me update you with the current Ethiopian politics.  The email from my friend sent to me reads like this:-

Some months back, it was fashionable to cheer up the opportunistic political move of Ginbot 7 in its attempt to court an OLF faction and promoting the latter as faction committed to a pan-Ethiopian unitary agenda. In the heat of the fan fare to welcome the new move of Ginbot 7, nobody was willing to question the sinister move of the Oromo nationalists whose final goal is an independent Oromia. Today, developments on the ground are confirming what many did not want to believe then i.e. the commitment of all Oromo nationalist forces to an independent Oromia is becoming even stronger than ever before.

The merger of Merrera Gudina's ONC and Bultcha Demkesa's OFDM illustrate this. I encourage you to read this article and constantly read articles that appear in Oromo nationalists' websites such as, Ayantu, Jimma Times, etc so as to understand what they are cooking up for Ethiopia.

One day, do not be surprised to see Addis Ababa, your beloved capital city finding itself in an implosion which will lead to the ethnic cleansing of non-Oromos as was suggested by Dima Negwewo, former chairman of OLF.

In September 1990 at an opposition conference that was held in Mullheim (Germany) and which I personally attended, Dima Negewo elaborated what his organization is up to once OLF comes to power and what the goal of OLF is. He said "our goal is to liberate Oromia and declare our independence in Finfine". Then another question followed from the audience at this conference held in Germany. "Mr. Dima, the Finfine you are referring to is the present day Addis Ababa. What will happen to the non-Oromo people who now live in Addis Ababa when OLF declares the independence of Oromia?" Dima responded by saying "We will open a corridor and let the non-Oromos out of Finfine".

In human history, it has been repeatedly seen that human beings do not want to face the hard reality as that is painful. Today, many Ethiopians, especially those opposed to the fragmentation of Ethiopia do not want to entertain the idea of OLF breaking up Ethiopia. As such they would rather like to believe that a faction of OLF is committed to the unity of Ethiopia. But nothing on the ground corroborates this illusion as what is being feared is becoming only true. The old Romans used to say "fiddling while Rome is burning" and those who hope that OLF has come to its sense are doing just that.

Look how many gullible Ethiopians tried to promote Merrera Gudina as champion of Ethiopian unity? Today Mrrera has clearly pushed the Oromo nationalist struggle one step forward by merging with Bultca Demeksa's party. The next move is to put pressure on the Diaspora-based Oromo groups to merge together and from here on the independent Oromia project is near to completion.

According to one of the officials of the new merged Oromo party, Merrera Gudina will shortly visit the Diaspora-based Oromos by way of strengthening and promoting Oromo unity which has become an obstacle on the path of the Oromo nationalist movement for independence. Those of you who can listen to Oromigna, please listen to the radio link in the article I sent you. It contains an informative interview with one of the leaders of the new merged Oromo Federalist Congress party of Merrera Gudina and Bultcha Demeksa. (Tokkummaa_for_Bilisummaa_is_a_...docx (189 KB)