Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do not Acknowledge the Eritrean Independent.It is Illegal

Do not Acknowledge Eritrean Independent! It is Illegal! Getachew Reda I am still puzzled by the mind of the majority of the Ethiopian elites who should have known better and coordinate the Ethio-Eritrea historical/political and kinship relation set the record right to its proper file. But, I guess not. I have read two top famous distinguished Ethiopians writings this week regarding the Ethio-Eritrean issue and relation. One article was written by Major Dawit and the other by my favorite the famous Tobia senior journalist brother Hassan Umer Abdela. Major Dawit is a great soldier and experienced diplomat, and also charming and fair judgment (since we encountered each other by accident in one place while he visited Tigray in the old time). Both writers are well informed distinguished Ethiopians when it comes to the Eritrean and Ethiopian issue. Having said this, I found it difficult to believe that, both seems to acknowledge the Eritrean the Eritrean problem/independence was caused mainly by Ethiopian governments mistreating Eritreans apart than any other Ethiopian citizens. Especially the roll of the brutal Ethiopian Army and the mistreating of the population in Eritrea. Especially, Major Dawit’s article is demanding Eritrean independent to be acknowledged as “legitimate” free country is unacceptable. Therefore, accusing Ethiopians as abusers and causing or opening the gate for Eritrea to be secede or demanding and preaching Ethiopians to acknowledge Eritrea’s freedom of independent, - both theory are not coherent in terms of looking if the aim was to look the injustice made to Ethiopia. I say “nonsense!’ I know that, I am one of the members who are elected by the public in San Jose, what they called it “Tea Committee” as a starting point to create Eritrean and Ethiopian community relation into a brotherly and sisterly atmosphere in order to divert the present animosity created by TPLF and EPLF leaders. But, that does not mean, I acknowledge the Eritrean independent, since the independent was not legitimate. Therefore, I will advocate any Ethiopia to get its own sea ports back by any means necessary now or in the future as long as Eritrea insists the sea ports to be kept and taken by force to be owned and managed by Eritrea. I have great respect for the two distinguished gentlemen, but, the independent of Eritrea didn’t achieved by perusing the Legal or historical Avenue. It did by means of force and conspiracy. As long as this key issue remains unresolved, it will be resisted and solved by great children of ours. And should not accept such injustice and criminality in which violates my accessorial historical struggle and as well the blood and bone of the gallant Ethiopian army’s blood and bon spread all over Eritrean Mountains and sea. I am I going to be called “the old guard or neftenga”, if that is the what they want to call me “go a head right on!” but, that doesn’t going to change my position from teaching the coming generation to increase their awareness that Eritrean sea ports (if the people didn’t want to be Ethiopians- that fine with me too) belongs to the Ethiopians as well. There is no contamination here, between faked history and natural history. The elites already failed on us for so many years by acknowledging the contaminated history that is been fabricated in Sahal mountain and in Cairo and as well in Dedebit in Sheraro Tigray. Many seemed to blame the king and the Derg for causing the Eritrean problem. I say, “Yes”, but not the cause. They did exacerbate the situation by administrate the people in a cruel hand, but COMMON! The mistreatment, the killings was not limited to Eritreans alone. It was leveled equally to all Ethiopians as well! I have my old book coming out in Tigring to be republished again, that many Eritreans who read it couldn’t believe that there was worst red terror in Tigray/Mekele than in Asmara. It was that particular reason why TPLF/EPLF/ELF got so many young Eritreans and Tigrayans fled to the rural jungle than to die or tortured in the urban areas. There seems to ask “what cause the Eritrean revolution to abrupt”. The cause can’t be thrown into one direction “Ethiopia’s bad administration” it has many causes and complex issues! One shouldn’t even bother to ask why. One need to ask is- is the snatching of the sea ports legal? Is land locking Ethiopia legal? These issues must come first before we go and look for a mystery cause. Some already told us they are Arabs not Habesha! So why looking reason for the cause to begin with? If one betrayed his identity, no matter what Ethiopian governments would have done- it might not change the mind of the group who are already telling us “I am not black but white Arab”. It is that simple. The two bandits (EPLF? ELF) were not also better than the Ethiopian Derg when it comes treating and administrating justice to their people. For me, both are bandits, criminals and mercenaries. Therefore, Ethiopians should not ask why Eritreans want to call themselves different people different country. They quit from engaging the truth and wanted to be abused by another abuser. So, they wet to the jungle and got what they were dreaming. We say, to them “there you go!” See you in Asmara changed to another misery again! It is obvious, no matter how bad your government mistreats you, you do not abandon your identity because, abandoning or isolation or secession never guaranty quality life. Eritrea is example for my argument. Eritreans are now dying to get the hell out of the “independent/Free Eritrea” from such misery and chose to die in Sahara desert. Those failed Ethiopian elites who preached us “the chapter is close as far as Eritrean independent concerns” the fore, “Accept it” is pathetic. That is what Isyas told us in his last months interview with ER. I say “No!” not yet; the chapter is not closed yet! It is not closed yet for me and my great grand children until we get the story strait! Last week I was reading a new book written by one of the top ELF veteran/diplomat who is now allied himself with EPLF in Asmara, in his book “Temkuro Ab Hagerawi Kalsi Eritrea” (Ali-Mohammed Salih Shum Ali) (The Experience in the struggle for Eritrean Nationalism) saying “as soon as Eritrea got independent it was “Hussni Mubarak” of Egypt who flew to Asmara as the first Statesman to acknowledge the Eritrean independent. Gammal Nasser of Egypt was the also the first leader to encourage and advice the Eritreans students association in Cairo (Banat Street) stating to them “a long struggle is awaiting you and you need to use force to win it”. That sprit (speech) he said gave the establishers of the front serves them as a candle.} Page 21. Sad as always, the Ethiopian elites are now failing miserably again as they did failed on us before. Currently advocating for acknowledgement of Eritrea as independent country seems to be their latest political bible. In my position, we have two choices to acknowledge and leave in misery and attacked by the Arabs and Islamic extremists using the two sea outlets or “fight back” the illegitimate and the injustice done to Ethiopia by the TPLF bandits and their surrogates. Believe it or not, those are the choice you got! Mind you, those who want you to acknowledge such mess are TPLF leaders such as “Seyoum Mesfin, Meles, Zenawi, Sebhat Nega” and “the other failed Ethiopian elites who are in the opposition comp” combined together. The elites are out there preaching such despicable teachings looking excuses for their failed laziness. That is all to it. Otherwise, they should have mobilized the Ethiopians in persistence day in day out bagging the corrupt UN not to acknowledge the illegitimate Eritrean independent and condoned the crime done to Ethiopia, before war out-broke in the coming unspecified future. This is unsolved issue we are dealing. Unfortunately, our elites are preaching the quality of the bandits and highlighting the cruelty of the Ethiopian previous governments and charged them as the only responsible party for Eritrea to go. They elites forgot they were part and parcel of the problem. The elites were principal preachers of nation and nationality rights up to secession. This is fascistic in nature. Of course, we have seen the roll of violence in changing the effect of the situation. If violence and force was the key player for Independence, and if we Ethiopians are blocked from our sea and no justice is reaching us, you mean to tell me to sit and get charged by all enemies surrounding us is the only option if the corrupted UN failed to bring fair justice (though I do not believe or trust on the corrupted UN institution to begin with)? Awareness is the crowning point here Ladies and Gentlemen. Our right is violated, therefore what should one does when his property, his possession, his culture, his existence is in dangerous? You and I know that, Ethiopian urban population from the beginning never trusts elites. They dress like European and speak like European. They are turncoats who have betrayed everything that goes to make up the national heritage. Eritrea is gone. Yes, so what? Such temporary setback should not kill the nationalist spirit. It is exactly why I told you last week that it is this kind of preaching the conspirators want you to repeat what they say after them. That is - “the situation is hapless, the charter is closed- therefore- let us kneel and give up”. This is the echo currently the elites teaching Ethiopians as final solution. I could see how the elite failed to enroll the country as whole in demanding their country back and reinforce their patriotic sentiments. The “let us acknowledge Eritrea independence” of the elites preaching is echo of hopelessness and laziness. They felt themselves dead and suddenly they want us to die with them. The people of Ethiopia have history of resisting colonization. Therefore, the present or the future generation of Ethiopian people must rise up and hold their flag and defend their mother land and revolt for national liberty. If I or you couldn’t do it; some one from the heroic embryonic land will hold his gun one day and defend Ethiopia. We refuse to give up! We refuse to give our hands to colonialists. The slogan “The chapter is closed” is highly exaggerated. Ethiopia is the embryonic of heroes not a land of cowards and mercenaries. The enemy is pursuing us in direct or indirect propagandas and we the uneducated Ethiopians in all walks should doctrines and prepare our mind to resist colonial teachings and any colonial avenues and laws that preach acknowledge the land lock of Ethiopia must be resisted. Most of all and most importantly, you all need to avoid accusing Ethiopia as cause for Eritrea independence and misery. The fronts themselves were worst human right abusers when it comes to treating people with respect. So stop throwing all dirt to Ethiopia as a source for any misery in Eritrea. They too have their own murderers, torturers and mindless thugs and misery creators as well. If as we are told, it was the Ethiopian’s abuse that Eritreans forced them to go away from Ethiopia- as the same talking “we didn’t see them coming back to Ethiopia, because the same (their own) freedom fighters who told them the abuse was reason for them to let them seek independent are now currently in government power brutally abusing them even worst than was Ethiopia blamed. So why is that they can’t come back now when they are in misery and abused by Isayas, but failed to combat him in Sahal in the same hill they fought us to come back to Ethiopia if they believe they were Ethiopians? Simply to find cause for them to go away to accuse Ethiopian administrations’ abuse as principal cause for Eritreans to seek independence is nonsense! They have their own freedom fighters in the government power abusing them worst ever and we didn’t see them claiming they want to be Ethiopians. Ethiopia gave all opportunity in the world, feed, and allows Eritreans every opportunity better themselves than the Ethiopians themselves. This hallucination need to be stop. It is ridiculous! So, stop attacking Ethiopia as an abuser! Stop preaching acknowledging the illegitimate and criminal Eritrea who land-locking-us-to-death!