Sunday, November 1, 2009

Group that failed to convert its wishes to reality By Getachew Reda Ask the Diaspora opposition what they want to see be achieved in Ethiopia. You will hear them saying “I want Meles/TPLF go”. And you ask them back with a question “who do you want wish remove Meles?” You want to remove him yourself by being in Ethiopia where Meles lives or you want “Hailu Shaul” the man who is now in the front page challenging Meles that you are running from? He/she will go to silence from answering it. You ask wonder yourself why he /she don’t even want to say “I will go to Ethiopia and face the evil Meles. That won’t hurt, but to your surprise, he/she will target Hailu Shaul unfairly with a huge spray of fire hose to destroy his name and his dignity, labeling him TPLF/Meles tool. Who are these cowards tide up with fantasy emotions while hiding in a comfort and safe zone here in America and Europe targeting AEUP? It is obvious, that these are coward elements who declined themselves to put their shoe on his shoe. Or to walk the walk he walks. But found easy to blame Hailu Shaul in the internet and Pal Talk websites where they do not have to face Agazi, but holding can of Beers on their table earphone and speaker on their drunken mouth all night and day long. This three days news that is coming out from their hiding spots “Pal Talk and Websites and radio talk show is that the news that Hailu Shaul signed code of ethics for the upcoming election with the ruling elements seen as “betrayal to the Ethiopian people”. Such ridiculous condemnation is coming not from genuine minds, but as I said from group of “phony figures” and “cowards” who refuse to go to the jungle to hold a gun to remove Meles as they repeatedly for years bluffing their mouth or groups running out of the hell of Ethiopia recently. They black mailed the name of AEUP as TPLF tool, because they knew they get red handed distorting and lying to themselves for years living in comfort zones, refusing to do some jungle activities (as their mouth talks in the Pal Talks” to remove Meles. They even did nothing to release their Bertukan either by negotiation or by gun! But, what the hell are they doing since Bertukan is arrested? Escalation of Talks and phony bluffing and Candle holding only”!!!!!!! They are indeed phony money! Good for a look and talks! My question to all the phony talkers who blame and attack AEUP living in a comfort zone is “If you do not like what Hailu and his AEUP party is doing, who hold you from going to the forest and fight the party /system you want to remove? You have been sitting and talking for the last five years (least), what do you do bright eyed young men and women in a well pressed suit? May be you think we do not know many of you when you talk on the internet. But , we know majority of are enjoying rich food and strong drink talking politics, throwing articles here and there attacking Hailu Shaul and his party comrades while he is facing the fire/heat. When good living is mixed with lack of sleep (talking on radio show or Pal Talk/ writing articles) the combination is lethal That is why you think AEUP is passive cooperator to TPLF while putting yourself as if you are active in politics, but in reality you all talkers in the Diaspora world are literally perished by cocktail of lies every years. Some of you who are admirers and flirters with Shabia/EPLF are now openly became sales men for EPLF’s distortion and myth. All that phony bravery talks in Pal Talks and internet websites, you still have the nerve to attack and degrade Hailu Shaul and his comrades and their party for trying their best they could to solve the fighting field you all left behind, running to hide in the Diaspora world. My advice is, all you people have to is, “drop the shame you are in and all will be well”. You can’t afford to be called “Groups that failed to convert its wishes to reality”. You have got to do better than that!