Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Who Gave Yamamoto the License to be the Peace Maker Between Eritrea and Ethiopia? ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)

Who Gave Yamamoto the License to be the Peace Maker Between Eritrea and Ethiopia?
ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)

Who is Yamamoto? He is Japanese American. He is a diplomat (Republican). He was an Ambassador to Ethiopia and other African and Asian countries. Presently I think he is a “Deputy Secretary of State for Africa affairs”.
Any person with normal mind will not argue with me that these innocent people are the cause for the peace not to prevail. No, these are not the people who caused problems; it is the elites in power ruling Ethiopia and Eritrea causing problems among Eritreans and Ethiopians to kill each other. You can see here on this photo how these God people welcome anyone to their home with warm and respect as one human family.   So, I say, we need to remove first the elites causing the problem who are still in power for many years killing people. Then focus to get the common people to come together solving to discuss their issues.  

Speaking about the title in this commentary, I should have change the title from “Who gave Yamamoto the license to be the peace maker between Eritrea and Ethiopia” to “Who invited/call/ Yamamoto to create peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia?” In terms of the first title, U.S or its powerful allies never asked a license from nobody to do anything they wish (carta blanca) to the people of this planet. This is because, they are the most powerful countries on this earth who are computing God’s position in taking children and pregnant women’s life by raining tons of bombs from sky in to the middle of the crowded urban cities as if they are licensed to do so. Therefore, the first title is out of question whether or not we questioned it. The second title is what we should ask. “Who invited/call/ Yamamoto to create peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia?” 

I believe people have the right to ask and know the truth when people are not fully comprehend about specific issue it involved them. Don’t you believe so? I have been insulted and accused for asking too many questions by several back warded political opposition groups. A good example of these groups are the Wallelign Mekonnen cults (EPRP, TPLF,EPLF,OLF) who are lacking basic knowledge of not knowing that ‘people have the right to ask, to know any of their policy including their activity when one does not understand them. Surprisingly, the more I ask and challenge those groups, I learn many things by asking questions. In fact the more I ask I came to know that the instructors of these groups did not know too much. Here they were trying to teach us and still stick to their old failed politics regardless they lack an answer to our questions.  So, hence therefore, in order to learn what the US is doing in Eritrea and in Ethiopia Africans have the right to ask their new activities. By asking we learn the truth. And as God of Ethiopia said it rightly so “you shall know the truth, the whole truth and the truth shall set you free”. Set you from what?- from fear and ignorance. 

In order to know nothing but the whole truth, we have the right to ask “what is Yamamoto doing again this time in Eritrea and in Ethiopia?”

We can suggest, but no one for sure can answer such question or know except the US itself. I do not even think both thuggish groups (TPLF/EPLF) crowned themselves above God knew it either why he is visiting them this time again. At any rate, I do not have the faith or the believe that the US or Yamamoto is qualified to solve such deep seated problem between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Reason for my position is clear when you see the record of Yamamoto (US) towards the Ethiopian people.

 Even Obama the guy who Africans particularly Ethiopians accepted him as a beacon of hope when he was elected to be the president of the most powerful nation on earth hugging him with painful cry with a thick tears dropping like an ice ball from their desperate eyes in the hope he will chastised the present Fascist group who ruled Ethiopia for the last 27 years, end up disappointed Ethiopians by praising their repressor as “Democratic government elected by the people of Ethiopia”.

I am not going to go to his nonsense to disprove him how the government came to power and how it declared a winner with 100% vote from a country where the people revolt for a system change right after it declared a winner, just few months of Obama approval for the government.
So, Yamamoto’s presently shuttling between Eritrea and Ethiopia is a strange phenomenon that no citizens of both people knew why he is in such mission when the Ethiopians are on revolution against the system which Yamamoto (Obama) defended it as democratic and allay.

I am not here to talk about the sadly hypnotized Eritrean population’s life who are totally faked to be who they are when they are not who they claimed to be who sadly are fooled by their distorted elites who are habitually addicted to the politics of lies, distortion, hate,  denial and fabrication, well trained by their Italian colonizers how to hate themselves by a faking new identity and self lionizing fiction resulted with unexpected and unimaginable suffering with the entire population and their elites end up leaving their “fake Eritrea”; astonishingly immigrated back to Ethiopia where they declared Ethiopia as their enemy and a colonizer!! As one Eritrean commentator wrote it correctly “it will be no exaggeration to state that Eritrean elites as a whole have been more a liability than an asset; did more harm than good to Eritrea”.

 So, therefore, I am not going to talk about those who called themselves “Eritreans” who so many years engaged in politics of fabricating a new identity with self inflicted suffering unnecessary. It is their business, not our business any more how to rescue their life from such fictitious identity in order to find their true identity if they want to stop being a laughable stock in front of the world. They become a laughable stock, but sad history to see the entire Eritrean distorted elites and their mass population running away from the land they call it “free” and oddly beg to come back to the land they threw a stone to it not to come back again accusing her as their “colonizer”.

So, hence, I am interested to talk about my beloved sweet Ethiopia, a God’s country where all kind of local thugs are currently for the last 27 years abusing her wealth, their Gestapo security apparatus all over the country is brutally torturing, raping, kidnapping, murdering, intimidating her citizens with no accountability.  The lawless thugs seating in power are supported and encouraged to such abuse by no one other than by the Americans. Americans have been involved in Africa since the 1960 producing dictators after dictators at the end run away from us leaving us with thugs and terrorists. They produced such groups in Libya, Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia and other places. Strangely right after they helped them to control power, they called Eritrea and Ethiopian thuggish government leaders as the new generation leaders of Africa guaranteed to bring hope and good governance. Unfortunately, they do that in Libya by removing the nationalist Gadhafi who reverse Libya from desert to heavenly land with free housing, health and free education for all citizens and replaced him by lawless thugs who turned Libya the land of free market for slaves to be bought and sold. Shame on you America!  

Let us Come back to discuss about Ambassador Yamamoto’s rerecord towards Ethiopia.

Yamamoto’s record was a distractive record for the Ethiopian people when one checks his speeches and arguments he did in Congressional hearing (Ethiopia After Meles) against Ethiopians complaining for supporting TPLF not to mention his nauseating meddling during the Ethiopian election (The Kinijit era election- when he was an Ambassador to Ethiopia in Addis).

After looking such record one may ask ‘Does really Yamamoto qualified to create peace among both people or he has some hidden agenda that is not yet examined by political and diplomatic researchers is a question one should ask? We ask such, because, we know that Yamamoto and his group such as Ambassador Genday Fressor, Susan Rice and others were in the campaign of effort to register Eritrea (its tyrannical and criminal elements) in the terrorist list.

  In 2004 the FBI rash into one of the Eritrean government branch in the US camouflaged  as community office or some kind of revenue income office for the regime and ransacked the office and confiscated one million Dollars (according to one of the regime’s puppet report). Generally speaking when it was dealing with the thugs in Eritrea, the US followed the right action, even though, it was in theory only with no damage to the Eritrean mafia group responsible for suffocating the Eritrean people as its slave. The question now is, how in the world Yamamoto went to Eritrea to talk to a group registered as a terrorist country equivalent with other countries in the UN file who with evident caught support the Islamic court Shek Sherif and later Alshabab.

Worst of all Isayas Afewerki a man who had a firm connection with the Russian illegal arm dealer by the name Victor Bout known as “The Merchant of Death” 8 years ago who was sentenced 25 years for such crime in the US court of justice. Isayas had said to have a secret meeting with Victor in Libya, Sudan. Abudabi, in Eritrea Massawa (the report indicated both had secret meetings more than three times). Such secret was said exposed during his captivation by Mossad and CIA intelligent efforts.

Major Victor Bout who at the time owned four cargo planes (wealth obtained from his parents) first started a legal arm shipment transportation business supported by his KGB associates. Then, gradually grew into the a global illegal arm shipments. Victor Bout was sentenced 25 years in prison for participating in the business of shipping illegal arms, diamonds, drugs, Uranium, and Mercury transporting from country to another country.

 To Asia (Tami Tigers- in Cirilanka) –Middle East (Palestine) Latin America (Brazil-Colombia- to those engaged with illegal drug trading business - exchange for armaments) and Africa (first he based in Angola,- distribute the shipments to those countries with conflict like  Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Liberia. Isayas of Eritrea was said to be linked with Victor Bout (The Merchant of Death) in the illegal activist of armaments, diamond and drug (Hashish) shipments.

It was vastly reported that Isayas was involved with such man during the shipment of Ethiopian captive soldiers and some Eritrean opposition prisoners and army fighters to assist the Congo (Laurent Cabila’s guerrilla fighters). The captive Ethiopians and some Eritrean opposition prisoners of course were shipped to Congo to participate in the illegal digging of Diamond and other minerals. All Ethiopians and Eritreans shipped as slaves to dig the diamond in Congo were all secretly executed in Congo after they completed the mission in order to protect the secret from exposed.

When they transported them to Congo, they were transported by the Ethiopian Airline (civilian Airline transportation) from Eritrea (I already reported that in my blog in detailed about it, also how his agent General Taame (nick name Mekele- the fellow who tried to kill Mengistu in Zimbabwe- who is now the head supervisor of Ginbot 7 in Eritrea)  was involved in the illegal red sea/Indian sea/ with the Somali pirates and involving in the dumping of Iranian nuclear spoils into to the red sea- which was at the time a hot issue reported the main Eritrean opposition medias, on which I also translated the Tigringa written documents in to Amharic).

So, the Americans knowing all this reports and crimes all this time, suddenly, decided, Isyas is no more terrorist or he was innocent? If he was indeed innocent, then Americans should apologized him and pay him compensation if they think he was free of all the allegations said all this years by the UN and the US diplomats and  other reports.

What Yamamoto or US should do first is take Isayas to the world court for the Human rights crime he did for all those years. The UN already registered him as Human Rights abuser besides some international terrorism crime. How is that now Yamamoto trying to create peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia when both thugs failed to create peace with in their won people?

Which attention should comes first? The people or the thugs who abused and terrorized the people most need attention? What significant fruit will it bring when the people inside them are abused and leaving their lands in millions of them immigrated to all the corners of the world? How can the U.S bring peace to Eritrea and Ethiopia when the two ruling parties in Eritrea and Ethiopia refused to transfer power to other competitive leaders and decided to firmly hold their power from leaving office for the last 49 (for Eritrea- under EPLF since 1969 as guerrilla) ----- and for the Ethiopians 44 years since 1975 (17 years as guerrilla) and 27 years since  1991 as government) –

My question to Yamamoto and others that I want to ask is- how and how is the peace of the people conceder less important than the peace and relation of the two thuggish leadership?  As long as these power hungers refuse to leave power to the people, no matter how Yamamoto or other mediocre meddlers tried to create peace among the two rival thugs, peace will never prevail in those lands. You first have to remove these thugs before anything, and restore peace in the mid of citizen first in order to recoup the wounded mid of the citizens, and go from therefore to see how peace can be established among the two people which by itself could be a huge task to prevent another war again by compromising and compensating what was lost for Ethiopia during the last 27 years of conspiracy done against the sovereignty of Ethiopia.

Truly speaking, I have a problem with those like of the Yamamoto’s mission and also of those none governmental Eritrean and Ethiopian communities who created a mushroom of organizations Ethiopia and in the Diaspora under the name “Ethio-Eritrea friendship” also other dozens of names and organizations, simply jabbering to bring peace among the two people when the people are not the source of the problem.  I appreciated their intended purposes, but that is not going to bring an iota of change as long as they failed to focus first to remove the two groups ruling Ethiopia and Eritrea who are the major problem for the peace not to prevail inside the life of each citizens.

I will conclude with this Obama speech posted on You Tube , so Yamamoto will hear to Obama’s speech in Addis (African Union hall), if dictators who refused to leave power can bring peace to themselves or the people who they control as their slaves.

 President Obama to the kinds of Isayas Afeworki


ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian Semay)