Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Never share a foxhole with anyone less brave than yourself.

Never share a foxhole with anyone less brave than yourself. Getachew Reda www.Ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com Well, well, well. Now the upcoming election in Ethiopia is near, only one genuine, strong and most organized opposition party is standing clear and ready to combat the criminal junta that is been ruling a proud nation for the last 18 years with an iron hand. The AEUDP is the most feared by TPLF. This party and its leaders not are only feared by the ruling party, but also by the sitting duck calling themselves “opposition”. Many of the opposition with their handful supporters that are now in the game of attacking AEUP for signing an agreement of the rule of conduct with the ruling military junta of the TPLF government have no choice but to give a lame excuse not to combat the enemy and its supporter face to face. The hidden reality they forgot living under the TPLF criminal system is, anything you do can get you killed, including nothing. We knew some of these opposition leaders from their past record that they are not reliable leaders. We do not need to go further to elaborate who those individuals are. It is a wise and brilliant decision for the AEUP leaders decided not to create a united front with those who run away from the struggle for lame excuses. It is been proven by many brave war leaders not to share a combat zones with cowards and weak fighter than you are. The very first rule of combat is “never share a foxhole with anyone less brave than you”. If you do, he will be the first one to kill your fighting spirit. Coming to the Diaspora opposition:-
It is clearly proven, many opposition elements living in the Diaspora as we know been living in a fantasy world. They were been demanding some one to do the fight on behalf of them, while they wanted to be the analysts of the combat. It is amazing that the opposition is full of dangerous amateurs manipulating the Diaspora opposition to go wild and attack the strongest and reliable opposition remained in the country. The Diaspora opposition and their monotonous distorted media wanted every opposition in the country to be control under their Head Quarter (if they have HQ at all). It is not going that way. If the talkers and fantasy combat warriors wanted the opposition in the country to be under their will, all they need to do is they too have to move their HQ to the country and leave living the Diaspora behind and accomplish their agenda and plan and desire. Other than that, any error, any fault, any dissatisfaction that might occur during the election or after the election can’t be blamed on AEUP, but on yourself. Some one might ask “why?” – Here is simple answer- for every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism. Do not sit on your sofa and be critique of some one, while you can get up and be in the battle field and do it the way you wanted it. It is obvious in a combat zone failure occurred when the General is watching. That is exactly what is happening in the Diaspora opposition world. There are dangerous amateurs love to watch a battle, without leading or involved in the battle. No battle plan survives without facing the enemy face to face in the land where the enemy is based. I am truly disappointed by the Diaspora opposition targeting a target that shouldn’t be their primary target. But, there is nothing more satisfying that having someone takes a shot at you, and miss. That is exactly what is happening. TPLF, OLF, EPLF, including many amateur opposition propaganda shooters shot many times at AEUP and missed! Still shoots, still missed, and missed! I have a full trust and confidence that AEUP will win the majority vote in Ethiopia better than any one in the country and in its history ever. It showed in the last election its capability and strength and it will again repeat its confidence leading the nation into democratic and-Ethiopian-nationalism of the future bright era //- http://www.ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

"No battle plan survives without facing the enemy face to face in the land where the enemy is based"

Hello Getachew.

I couldn't have said it better. this good for nothing so called opposition are wildly accusing AEUP before they see any thing. All they want is the status-quo to continue as it is. They want to call themselves opposition for ever without tangible result. As for me I can tell if AEUP is on the right track or not by the result of the next election. Because every party has its own agenda and AEUP was negotiating for the coming show down. Nothing wrong with what AEUP did to make this bandas scream except it hit their nerve by showing up as a challenger to Weyanie. Diaspora wariors as you know are fighting for weyanie's survival as lame opposition, that is why they bust Kinijit in 2005 and crown arada Birhanu and mideksa on the throne. This time they can't fool anyone but themselves. The thing is their empire collapsed in front of them and they can't do anything about it and they actually are cornered. Now, they have no moral ground to critisize anyone let alone AEUP. If AEUP faulted people like you and I are the first to criticize it but in this case AEUP is doing the right thing to expose the sham weyanie bandas. we will wait and see the outcome.
I can not tell you how much I appreciate your contribution for Ethiopia. keep up the good work.

Gasha kelemu

Mekonnen said...

"It showed in the last election its capability and strength and it will again repeat its confidence leading the nation into democratic and-Ethiopian-nationalism of the future bright era"

Getachew, with the above conclusiion, what you are saying is Hailu Shawel's AEUP is gonna win the election and TPLF is going to be removed from power...what a wishfull analysis..be for real man.

Getachew Reda said...

From the Editor (Ethiopian Seamy)
Dear Mekonne:
Thanks for your feedback. Yes. What do you think is the purpose of any opposition party participating in an election? To win. Isn’t it? What would you say if your party is going to participate in this upcoming election? Wouldn't you say, "We are going to win"? When an athlete is in a truck filed to run, his motto is to win and he will say, “I will defeat them”. His supporters will also say, “he/she will take the winning line”. Right? None says, I will be defeated before he /she get in into the race I know TPLF tyranny before you explained it to me.

I hope you to know my deep knowledge of the regime. So, no matter the system is going to cheat as it did before, still the majority voters are going not for the government but for EAUP. I am talking the reality and heart and desire of the Ethiopian people. I am showing you here that Ethiopians like to change the government. If you think TPLF/EPRDFF is a winner by fraud, no one dispute that, even a child will say that. But, does TPLF make it a winner? No. The heart and the mind of the people are to remove the ruling party. Let us agree with this. But don't tell me if your party participates, it will win over EAUP? Who is your party any ways?

Finally, I like to tell you that no matter how much legal jargons wanted to be added in the bilateral agreement of the parties, (even if the issues you wanted to be added that you said are absent presently in the agreements) it is not going to change the nature of the tyrants. It will still break the rules. No one is saying the government is a nice reliable guy. We are saying the government is “a nice guy, not a reliable nice guy”. I hope you know the differences between those two words. The nice guys treat you nicely as long as things are going their way. Reliable nice guys treat you nicely even when things are bad. They still stick with you no matter what, so you stick with them no matter what. Thanks for visiting www.Ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

selame ato getachew
have u follow up the event in geremany our pearl athelate was beten by the spain athelate and faile in front of best gudge the winer with 1500 is given the one which saled her selef to quatarethiopians,yes she was in the front truck ,yes she was going to win unfortunately like 97 election she was beatn to death,taken by the red cross ambulans //