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The Mini-racists Tribal propaganda A simple response to OBO Arada Shawol

Editor’s note ____ watch out for the hidden snakes in the field of politics! Smash them hard, as hard as you can before their spill their venom at you.

11/14/2009 The Mini-racists Tribal propaganda A simple response to OBO Arada Shawol

By Gasha Kelemu

We tend to trust people who act and think like us, and seem to share common values. Tribal foot soldiers begin with attempts to build rapport and trust. A skilled trickster will not beat you over the head with his idea without first learning what you believe in, and finding common ground. Once he has convinced your subconscious he can be trusted, your defenses drop, and the real fun begins. The trickster tribalist will rely upon known cultural beliefs and or popular themes when crafting his discourse. That is why there is a new class born in Ethiopian society. It is a sell out tribalist class of people who change their color very often to confuse other people. Their art of trickery is still going strong, and is a primary weapon of the sellout class. Most of the rhetoric to which we are subjected by detractors, websites, and so called magazines and radio hosts is not sincere, it is merely propaganda designed to crown their own tribal king in Minilik’s palace. And in all their arguments there is an anti-Amara tone and sentiment to it. Many of these arguments appeal to our emotions and conditioning, and are often effective in convincing people to adopt positions for fallacious, yet attractive but poisonous reasons.

If you hear a paid foot soldier and hidden racist tribal member advocating on behalf of his chosen bosses, do you believe he is anything other than a hired gun, paid to convince you to adopt his boss’s position? Is there anyone left who thinks our so called opposition supporters speak to us from the heart, rather than using carefully chosen, professionally scripted words to obtain our support? Do these paid individuals political brokers, and advertising websites truly have your best interests at heart, or might they simply be telling you what they have been taught you want to hear, so they might get the future share of the loot after they crown tier tribal king? The first step to avoiding the undue influence of paid tricksters is adopting a healthy skepticism toward all forms of rhetoric and advocacy. Assume initially that all statements made by anyone working to sell any product or idea are self-serving and insincere, as this assumption will usually be correct. Especially distrust any attempt to invoke feeling or emotion as part of a sales pitch. Religion, patriotism, country, tribe, ethnicity, etc. are all routinely exploited by skilled tribalists. They tell you most people support their agenda and their chosen person, But you do not have to be “most people.” You are free to see through the facade of these tribalists, and use guidance on your own terms.

Hello OBO Arada Shawol, you too?

Yes indeed “birds of the same feather flock together” but in this case you missed it by a mile the flocks turned out to be different species than the once you mentioned. Isn’t this amazing when Bertukan soldier Yilma Bekele, Berhanu’s new soldier Obo Arada Shawol? Joining hands with Siye’s soldier Tekola Hagos a known racist Amara hater. Bravo to the EMF website for bringing all the anti Amara elements together. But Obo Arada Shawol advocating for Berhanu Nega? And supporting Tekola Hagos’s suggestion for Ethiopia to be colonized by foreigners? What is this world turning into? To say the least, I expected to hear a lot from the above mentioned mini-racists but when I read “Birds of the same feather flock together: the case of Engineer Hailu Shawl” By Obo Arada Shawl on, I was disappointed. I followed Obo Arada showel’s writing and I always consider him as an old comrade who can see things differently than looking at them from a tribal point of view. Not any more, I guess now I have to call you by your name, what is you name? Blood is thicker than water will suffice For all the blubbering out there, I did not respond, but I was enjoying the articulate political surgery done by a good friend of mine Getachew Rreda on those hypocrites so called politicians like Yilma Bekele and Tekola Hagos. But I can’t pass the old Obo Arada Shawol defaults here. He really put himself down to the mud trying to destroy Hailu Shwel for the purpose of supporting Berhanu Nega, a trickster who survival depends on the new stimulus package of 500 backs per person to liberate Ethiopia. Why Obo Arada Sawol why? I don’t get it? From what I read neither a student of economics nor a student of engineering believes what you believe. You wrote “Berhanu Nega (Ph.D) by training and education is an economist and as such he should have dwelt on the benefit side of the equation whereas the infamous engineer Hailu Shawl should have concentrated on cost side of the equation. On hindsight, the engineer was not interested on cost, as we all have probably witnessed while he was working for the DERG. It is no news now that he is ready to serve the TPLF as he did the military junta. I presume he is on the benefit side of the equation very uncharacteristic in the field of Engineering.” What a mess we have here, have you ever heard of engineering Economics? An engineer can not only look for cost and benefit but also asks all the questions, why, and for what purpose.

Let me tell you about engineers. Engineers are planners and builders. They are also problem solvers, managers and decision makers. An Engineering economist draws upon the accumulated knowledge of engineering and economics to identify alternative uses of limited recourses and to select the preferred course of action. It can lead to sub-optimization a condition in winch a solution satisfies tactical objectives. Thus, an engineer’s evaluation relies on mathematical models and cost of data, but judgment and experience are pivotal inputs. Of course I agree with you about Berhanu’s stand on benefits side only. He benefited by being a friend of Meles Zenawi and Tamrat Laynie (another Amara hater who ordered the killing of innocent Amaras in the south), Berhanu benefited by replacing distinguished professors from Addis Ababa University. Berhanu benefited from running his business with Weyanie in Addis Ababa to the expense of innocent merchants. You want me to give you how an Engineer think of cost and benefit? Hailu Shawel was on a horse back going allover Ethiopia to organize peasants while Berhanu was conspiring with Weyanie in Hilton and Sheraton hotels. You will see the benefit of the Engineer’s work in due time. You shouldn’t have mentioned the following statement while we are alive “.. ...... ... .... ...... ..” For god’s sake we are not dead yet. “In the same manner Berhanu is not seeking after benefit but after cost. Maybe his early involvement in EPRA had influenced him, I cannot say for sure. In other words both individuals do not synchronized their inner selfishness with their outward education, training and experience. I have the hunch that economist Berhanu is seeking for social/economic justice practiced in EU (European Union) while residing in US and engineer Hailu is hungry for the American economic system while serving the EU. What an aberration! In our world, it seems that we are unable to relate cost with benefit. Who can salvage Eathiopians without the knowledge of engineers and economists (EE)?” from your previous writings I thought you were a member of EPRP/EPRA I was wrong. If

you think Berhanu learned from EPRA then you are a lost soul.

I have a friend of mine with me who was a guard in EPRA’s jail guarding the kehadi Berhanu Nega. Berhanu was jailed because of his crime against the rule of the party, he was trying to collaborate with Derg caught red handed. I am surprised you didn’t know this or like I said before blood is thicker than water? Hello, I repeat again because we do not shout out there it doesn’t mean we are all dead. EPRP/EPRA was the soul of many do not bundle it with a kehadi Berhanu Nega. By the way back to your cost benefit analysis, Obo Arada Showel said “Berhanu (the Economist) is greater than Hailu (the Engineer) by staying away from the so-called elections. Benefit should be greater than Cost i.e. B > C for Berhanu to participate in the election process. As perceived by the economist, Berhanu, as it stands now, the cost is much bigger than the benefit i.e. C > B.” wrong again, Berhanu is working with Eritrea to benefit Weyanie and himself. Unlesspeople are blind Berhanu’s plan is written on the wall, I still can hear him saying “I am not fighting for any Amara” is that mean he is fighting for Ethiopia less Amara? Isn’t that a TPLFgrand plan he is advocating from Asmara? Which is it doc? Please go find your fool. Let’s talkabout your blunder about CBA. Sir to my knowledge, an Engineer is a lot better suited for cost benefit analysis than an economist; you are hearing this from the horse’s mouth. In terms ofBerhanu Nega it needs not the cost benefit analysis, we the people of Ethiopia require for him to have a sinking fund factor to protect ourselves. For give me if I am not going to spend time

analyzing the sinking fund factor it should be you job to educate yourself. In cost and benefit

analysis you forget to mention one of the most important elements, that is timing, which is the

most important factor of all engineering design. Which one of them uses timing wisely? Hailu

Shawel or Berhanu the arada? I am surprised when you accuse Hailu Showel for not reading about “The Prince, by Machiavelli” have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?

Don’t you think Hailu Shawel is living in Ethiopia under the Machiavellian rule? I can’t say that about your Berhanu who stays further and further out of Ethiopia. I don’t know why you guys are jumping on Hailu Shawel now? Unless their is a hidden hate for the wrongly perceived Amara behind Hailu Shawel, (He is not even an Amara per se) a few months ago you guys claimed of Hailu Shawel as a dead politician writing his obituary and now all of a sudden you are expecting him to follow your orders. Aren’t you a confused bunch? And again how does Obo Aarada Showel know Hailu Sshwel’s calculation of cost benefit analysis? Did he met Hailu Shawel and get the result? I want to know the CBA factor so I can join him on bashing Hailu Shawel. Please Folks, this is not politics this is hate against Amara pure and simple. What does Berhanu Nega, Andargachew Yilma Bekele, Tekola Hagos and others more have in common? They are all Amara haters. When he supported the idea of A psychopath named Tekola Hagos who want us to be colonized by foreigners so we can be civilized or Yilma Bekele who want us to sit idle until his queen Bertukan come out of jail and free us, or our friend Obo Arada Shawol who want us to follow a pathological liar and a chameleon Berhanu Nega over Hailu Shawol. All this to me is clear, that is people have a hidden agenda other than the face value they try to make us believe, and that is

“Amara hating”, nothing more or less.

Good Day

Gasha Kelemu

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