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Tecola Hagos Shifting Alliances from Sebagadis Clan to Shum Tembien Clan


Tecola Hagos Shifting Alliances from Sebagadis Clan to Shum Tembien Clan
Tecola Hagos is now in a full swing attacking the Amhara after EAUP leader Eng.Hailu Shawel reignited the struggle back again to its feet labeling him as “mehal safari”. As many of you are by now familiar with his rude mouth and his infantile brain viciously attacking the Pan Ethiopian leaders and patriots as a rabid Dog. You should conclude by now, the man has no sense to execute normal thoughts let alone as a normal professor of philosophy would have reflected.
The fellow is a superfluous. He is feudal, he is racist, he is dull and ignorant of any knowledge of Ethiopian politics, before or even from the time he served the Sibagadis Clan (Sebhat, Syoum……and to the self appointed Attorney for Eritrean in Ethiopia Mr. Meles Zenawi as his personal advisor up to until his present time of shifting his alliance from serving the Sibagadis Clan to the Clan of Shum Tembian Mircha -Mr.Siye Abraha (Siele Abrah), seemed to be hostile all his life against Ethiopian Emperors in particular to the Showan Emperors and still to the same ethnic” (1)Amhara and their children” and “ (2) the Emperors slaves and their children” . He hated them not what he here and there wrote in his hotchpotch political analysis about what he called them “Mehal Safari”, but for taking over power from his ancestors, as himself is “related to the warlords of Tembien, to the Sibagadis Clan, to Tabotus descendants, to Michael of Wollo…..” which he constantly until this current days writes and speaks about the “Mehal Sefari” for competing over power from his feudal ancestors, after Yohannes (his related family through the ShumTembien Miracha as Siye is his blood and bone relative) since Menlik came to power as similar propaganda of that TPLF.
The guy feudal as he is, he is currently engaging in the same manner he followed for years attacking patriots and Pan Ethiopian citizens and scholars like Dr.Mankelkilot Haileselassie who is a scholar at heart and labeled him as MEHAL SEFARI, while he called me also “craze” in his premature /hotchpotch racist commentary under the title “Part Three: Lacrimosa for Ethiopia Hailu Shawel’s Posse By Tecola W. Hagos, November 27, 20. I like to warn this retarded silly to halt where he needed to be before messing with me. It will be a great disaster to his political career if he has one. Until then, I will give him some times to breath and relax to reestablish his normal conscious if he is interested to regain it, if he ever had one. I had been challenging and challenged by so many ethno and feudal elements like him. All failed, some came back and realize how right I was to fight them. Tecola is now shifting with his new Clan to serve them which will be also great embarrassment to his conscious. This man is a standard a classic fool who will not change, no matter what!
Tecola addressed in his comment saying “In a blog, Dr. Mankelkilot Haile Selassie made some wild allegations about my role in the Ethiopian Government in 1991 to 1993. Those who inch their way on narrow ledge of Ethiopian politics ought to refrain from stating as fact rumors and their wild imaginations, for the very hot air they spew will push them into the abyss. In fact it is tragic at his age and experience that Mankelkilot should be throwing such wild allegations about my role in Ethiopia’s complex political life.”
The “blog”, he is referring is my blog. In his article Tecola is foolishly and prematurely intimidating Dr.Mankelkilot and others for his role helping and abiding the leaders of a most dangerous anti Ethiopian mercenary organization called “TPLF”.
Who is this fool trying to intimidate after he done what he did to Ethiopia serving the Sibagadis Clan? (Not to mention what he wished and proposed Ethiopa be ruled by!) – Who is trying to intimidate? Is in him the first person who runs to TPLF to support them in order to topple “what Tecola calls Mengistu Hailemariam” –MEHAL SEFARi (the son of a slave) in order the power of the son of slaves to be shifted to the cleanest monarchs of Tigray and their sons?
This man is not by any means an ordinary person. He is a scholar and with knowledge of International law and a professor Philosophy. He was helping TPLF before they got into power (he admitted in his book). He aught to know better who TPLF was and who he was running to Addis to advice. He was part of the TG (Transitional Governemnt which was the base of all the constitutions and power base as the source gate to fool and hpnotize the entire country. He doesn’t TPLF? He doesn’t know Meles Zenawi? He doesn’t knew Isayas? He doesn’t knew their vision and program as a scholar before he joined to run to Addis as advisor to the Sibagadis Clan??!???!!!?
Did Tecola ever read the visions and commitments to Ethiopa by these clans? Was ever Tecola heard or concerns about the well being of Ethiopia and Ethiopians by this criminal organization? He said “yes” in his book. He had great hope and faith on these criminals before they captured power (seized power by intimidating, toting guns, torturing elders by fire,). He is what professor Negussay Ayele asking many TPLF ignorant, at time connive and “Sibagadis Clan Advocates” like that of Tecola Hagos asking about Meles who Tecola was a personal Advisor
“…… large during his sojourn as EPLF-Eritrean mercenary/shifta? Were there positive writings, verbal pronouncements, agendas and programs with respect to Ethiopia qua Ethiopia in the 1970.s and 1980.s in the Meles/TPLF repertoire? One searches in vain for positive expressions
concerning Ethiopia in the political canons of PM Meles Z. and his TPLF. The reason is as plain as it is easy to apprehend.. By definition, the political education and political culture of EPLF and TPLF was categorically anti-Ethiopia from the get-go. Throughout their sojourn in the bushes, the capos and foot soldiers of patron EPLF and protégé TPLF enunciated nothing positive and
nothing redeeming about Ethiopia. Their mantra at home and abroad was
bashing and thrashing Ethiopia, its people, its history and anything
Ethiopian. The very name Ethiopia was anathema to them and became a buzzword for any and everything evil, demonic or reprehensible. Therefore, its demise was a sine qua non for the .liberation. And the future security of EPLF/Eritrea and TPLF/Tigrai. Since 1975 PM Meles and his fellow shiftas or armed rebels in the TPLF were organized, armed and poised to destroy Ethiopia or at least ensure Tigrai/Eritrean dominance for as long as possible. A subtext of this cabal also called for crushing Amhara political power in the country…….” On the Identity of PM Meles Zenawi And His TPLF Regime In Ethiopia (Negussay Ayele)
Indeed this was what TPLF’s agenda and nature of these clans was. Crashing Amhara. This was exactly why Tecola was also saying “we are strong, we can bottle them up in their own area” read the following what he has to say-
“These (Mahal Sefaris) are a group of individuals easily identifiable coming mostly
from one small area in central Ethiopia along with opportunists from other parts of
Ethiopia. They are our greatest obstacles to us all from achieving political and
economic advancement. We are far more powerful and numerous than the mehal
safaris. We can excise them from power, or bottle them up in their own area of
kingdom and see to it that they do not any more use us to promote their hold on
economic and political power in Ethiopia 2.”
Tecola Hagos, “Paradigm of Poverty and Humanism: Understanding Ethiopian
Modernity”, July 24, 2003 Washington DC, USA.
The above agitation of bottle them up in their own area of kingdom” is similar as what brother Girma Bekele compared Tecola Hagos’s with that of the similar threat of the EPLF foot soldier the most poisonous fellow Joradn Gebremedhin what he has also to say about the Showa Amhara (what Tecola calls them Sons of slaves and Jordan and Elni Gebray of EPLF calls them “Aeidug” (Donkeys). Similarly what the TPLF foot soldier Memhir Gebrekidan Desta calls the Show Amhara “Ankoberite” similar to those EPLF cadres. Here is Jordan similar to Tecola Hagos threatening and explain their future Ethiopia by saying
History answers this in the negative. The Ankoberite insanity will be tempered by the solidarity of the oppressed masses in New Ethiopia and the working unity of New Ethiopia and independent Eritrea 1.”Jordan Gebre-Medhin, “On the 1993 Referendum in Eritrea”, Ethiopian Review, April 1993. (Jordan was believed to be a contributor to Ethiopian Commentator edited and managed by few Tigrayans like Dr.Hailemariam Abebe producer of Dejen Radio).
Now, their similarity is explained well by brother Girma Bekele whom Tecola Hagos called him the Derg Chuwawa. In fact Ato Girma Bekele never new what Derg is and never was in Ethiopia when Derg was reigning. Tecola simply attacks any one who think has an Amhara name from Showa/Ankoberite (the land and country of Emperor Menlik). Here is what Ato Girma explained the similarity of Tecola and that of the EPLF activist and what their view meant.
“.The first quotation is from EPLF activist (Eritrean national) and one time Editor of
Ethiopian Commentator, a magazine devoted to Amhara bashing. His solution to the
“Ankoberite insanity” was the solidarity of EPLF/TPLF to eliminate the Shewan-
Amhara. By “New Ethiopia” he meant the ethnically divided and fractured county,
according to EPLF/TPLF political program, whereas “independent Eritrea” remains a
unified country where there is no room for ethnic or linguistic division. Tecola Hagos,
the subject of this article, picks up where Jordan left off and prescribes “The Final
Solution” to the Shoan-Amhara problem. The targets of both individuals are Menelik,
Shoan Amharas, by extension King Sahle-Selassie, Emperors Tewodros, Haile Selassie
and the ethnic group they are allegedly identified with.” Ethnocentrism Masqueraded as “Intellectual Inquiry” (By Girma Bekele).
This was what the relative of the Sibagadis and Shum Tembien clan Tecola Hagos think of the Showa Amhar and the anti Ethiopian EPLF activist also had in mind. Both views were agitating to the Ethiopian people to “bottle them up in their area”. Who are these groups Tecola and Jordan preaching to be “bottled up” and surrounded and eliminate? What Tecola calls them The sons and great grand sons of the Slaves and their generations (Ye Showa /Ahiyoch/Baroch/Aiedug/)- Tecola’s code “MEHAL SEFARI”.
Tecola Hagos was trying to go around the bushes to explain to his readers last week what he meant by Mehal Sefari (which others called them “Yemahal Ager/Showa ”. Those who were not following TPLF and their cadres abroad might not have a clue what Tecola is all about. Tecola is going around bushes but he finally made it clear why he was attacking the Showa feudal Emperors. He explained it very clear as what brother Girma quoted him saying after Tecola attacked the Shoan Emperor Sahileselassie for his salve trade after 150 years of his death. Tecola has reason why he is attacking an Emperor who passed away 150 years with out mentioning an iota about his relative Emperor Yohan’s being a slave master and a feudal. Here is what Ato Girma Bekele, said in his above mentioned paper “he singled out Sahle-Selassie as the only leader who practiced slavery in the 1800?” The reason is none other than his hatred of Shoan Amhara. Tecola proves that point:
“It seems the Shoan society of that period was losing its moral grasp, and
more so the leadership more than any other group.” Tecola concludes,
“Because of Sahle Selassie’s slaving activities brought attention and risk to
Ethiopia. After the death of Yohannes IV, those secretive and conspiratorial
groups of royal household retainers mostly descendants of Sahle Selassie’s
“slaves” and domestics became the king makers, and shakers of Ethiopian
politics with devastating results for over one hundred years until they were
temporarily replaced by another breed of conspirators from the same stock of
people: Mengistu Hailemariam and group. They are now engaged in a life and
death struggle with Meles Zenawi’s version of conspiratorial group“5 .
Tecola Hagos, “Paradigm of Poverty And Humanism: Understanding Ethiopian
Modernity”, July 24, 2003 Washington DC, USA. The translation of such statement may escape a casual observer but to Amharas, particularly Shoan Amharas, it is crystal clear that all those who ruled Ethiopia after Yohannes were slaves and descendants of slaves. Therefore one can safely conclude from the foregoing statement that the pure breed of Tigayran leadership was usurped by Shoan Amhara slaves and their descendants. It passes belief that an „educated Tigrean professor“ living in the USA in the 21st century has the effrontery to speak in terms of dichotomizing fellow Ethiopians into slaves and non-slaves. Tecola’s uneducated ancestors could have been forgiven for making such archaic and derogatory remarks. What is ironic such a primitive-minded person has to masquerades as a champion of democracy and equality. Hate speech does not have to be flagged and labeled. It speaks for itself. Tecola’s condescending attitude born out of the drive to compensate for the deeply felt inferiority complex vis a vis the Shoan Amhara is very close to Meles’s assertion about the Tigrean people. For Meles Tigreans are like a gold that has been tested by fire (Werq) whereas non Tigreans are like a mere piece of
cloth (Cherque). Any one who reads Tecola’s passionate denunciation of Shoan natural
provlivity to enslave others is forced to ask the following. How come that Tecola has not
uttered a word about the institution of slavery which was an integral part of Tigrean
society of that time? How come that Tecola who is ostensibly so concerned with the
institution of slavery failed to mention about the Oromo king Aba Jiffar (Menelik’s
contemporary) of Jimma who was the greatest slave trader in the whole empire of
Ethiopia who was on the Ethiopian historical scene many decades after Sahle Selassie?
Or is the institution of slavery the exclusive trade of Amharas?” asked Ato Girma Bekele to get an answer from Tecola a clan member of the Shum Tembien Mircha and Sibagadis Clan who is currently shifting his position from serving the Sibagadis Clan to the Shum Tembien Clan inside TPLF which was really bizarre power struggle between these two powerful Clans of Tigray which started in the jungle of Tigray camouflaged liberation fighters. In his own word tecola already stated in his book (Democratization?) “The only novelty this time is the substitution of the old order by their grandsons and sons who spew radical ideologies. The duplication of the past feudal structure in the current power structure of the TPLF is so faithfully duplicated that it is absolutely incredible that the members of the TPLF are not talking about it openly.”
Now we Know, why Siye is adamant to take power from his opponent (the Sibagadis Clan) after fitting himself inside the collective fools party called UDJ. That reminded many of us from Tigray to what was going on inside the Tigray Jungle in those past years after Siye (the Shum Tembien Clan) was almost decided to create his own fighters to fight back the Sibagadis Clan who were taking large power inside TPLF. …… Brother Tecola, please! Who is fooling whom? Stay Tune.
Part Two to be continue………… Getachew Reda www,

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Response to Neamin Zeleke

Voices From Pens of Patriots Around the Glob
(Websites Response to the confused and Destructive Neamin Zeleke)
From the Editor- I hope Neamin and his likes stop their illusion.(
I would like to state that all views expressed in this email in response to Ato Neamin's email are mine and mine alone and as such I shall take full responsibility. Selam Ato Neamin, I hope this finds you well. I am in receipt of your response. I am sorry for the late reply. Even the holidays can tie us down. I would like to begin and state to you that both of us can debate ad infinitum on the characters of individuals who have played decisive roles for the success and failure of Kinijit, or further back with other unions.
But as I have said before to others that it would get us nowhere other then to pull hairs. It is suffice to say from my point of view though that after all these years of turmoil of shifting alliances, and political maneuvering the only party who showed up to the finish line with a principled document representing the values of Kinijit was none other then AEUP. None brought anything to the table and none recognized the efforts of AEUP for holding on firm to their negotiating points. So in this constant dance of political jostling AEUP did what AEUP had to do; self preserve. For the experience of Kinijit had taught them a lesson – be more cautious where you step in these shifting sands while still looking ahead. AEUP observed correctly that it is better to look within and work to strengthen their constituents then to waste their energies forming alliances with parties that may not share their core values. As to the position of adding more fire power to the negotiating table – when nobody else had any pre-conditions to begin with, is a non-argument. All were ready to go ahead until AEUP showed up at the table with their Senemegbar, and all the dynamics changed. Now AEUP is the culprit for trying to make good with us. You see AEUP realized one thing; that the value of the Code of Conduct was to the extent that it got them closer to their most valuable asset - their voting constituents and nothing more. They know as well as EPRDF that the document that they both signed is not even worth the paper it is written on. From the perspective of the other parties they also understood that the most valuable asset they have is the Senemegbar – a document which cannot be negotiated or traded with in order to form a coalition block. Moreover AEUP have understood that the ultimate arbitrators of power are we the people who will express it at the voting pole and that the sooner they start on it and prepare with a single mind the better they are of. They are already ahead of the game. The Senemegbar that they brought to the negotiating table can become their campaign platform. It needs refinement with additional reforms and rights the people shall ask as they move around the nation on their campaign trail.
This is why I believe the Senemegbar document that they brought to table is a far greater document then the code they signed. For what that document represents to the people is a pledge – a promise to deliver and thus carries more weight. As time will tell in the next few months this shall become more evident as all the noise dies down and people realize they have given the code of conduct more due then it deserved. AEUP has made a strategic but well thought out decision that it is best to lean on a document of their own making of which they have full control then rely on constant shifting alliances that would demand more out of them then what they will get from the alliance itself. It comes from the experience of trying and it has taught them well - better hedge now, be cautious, believe in your strength and be patient and work on your message. And it is their message that will make the difference. WHAT BINDS US As I have pointed out the most important document produced for these rounds of negotiations is NOT the signed Code of conduct, which I don't even give it the light of day. But in fact I will argue in our struggle for democracy, freedom and the rule of law it is none other then AEUP's Senemegbar – Our Document of Freedom. This document built from the blood, tears, suffering and pain of all those who died, or imprisoned or exiled has within it the seeds to our liberty and the foundation for a better constitution reflecting our true nature. That document although designed for the negotiations was also a pledge and promise by AEUP to us the people. AEUP has given us the rough draft.
All we the people have to do is refine this document by demanding more rights and privileges to be included in it if AEUP wishes our votes. Such as: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, and farmlands, against unreasonable seizures, shall not be violated. That all power not delegated by the people to the government belongs and is reserved to the people. That the caretakers of our government shall recognize that we the people shall form a union that reflects our values and that government shall not interfere with that Union we hold sacred. That government recognizes that their power comes from the good will of the people who have chosen them to be the caretakers of that Union we hold sacred. And that power shall be taken back by peaceful means at a given time if the people so desire. That government shall remain always accountable to the people by respecting the rule of law. And that government shall promise to limit itself within and place itself under our new constitution. That our fundamental rights are not inalienable (given by man) but that they are unalienable (given by God/Nature and therefore absolute and can never be taken away) We shall demand from AEUP more land reforms both in the urban areas as well as the country to maintain the rights of the urban dwellers and our farmers if they wish our vote. More reform in labor laws, more reform in trade unions, more reforms to limit and check the power of government over the people, more reforms on the stewardship of the wealth of our natural resources that will reflect the best interest of our people.
To demand reforms that will make us united further as a nation while still respecting our differences. We shall place such demands of rights and reform that even Meles will vote for us. For that document will represent the rights of ALL ETHIOPIANS. We have but six months to fine tune this document. For AEUP will come knocking at our door asking us for our votes and we shall be prepared to give our demands to them in exchange for those votes. We the people shall place our faith and trust in that document we shall add to and not in the frailties of man. It is this document that shall binds us not coalitions. Paid for by the blood of those who have gone before us. And discharge in full by those who still remain to fulfill the dream. What makes the United States work is not the unity of parties or the demand by their people that their leaders be one. What unites this great nation is their constitution – not man but a document. For the founding fathers of this nation realized the weakness and temptations of man and how he can abuse it when given the chance. OUR PATH TO FREEDOM We shall demand that AEUP take this document and us to the promised day, that day when we shall all go out in force united under this document we shall add to that represents we the people and do battle in every village, hamlet, town and city where there shall stand a voting station and vote one more time as we did in 2005 and claim back what was rightfully ours in the beginning. The strength of our resolve, unity of purpose and determination to end tyranny shall carry us to win with that document in our hands.
It is most wonderful that the Almighty in his grace and bountiful mercy has heard our prayer one more time to do battle. That in his finite wisdom has made the battle field so clear of purpose. For there are no clouds of distraction of other would be parties that are here tomorrow gone the next day with shifting principles and alliances. On one side stand the forces of oppression, tyranny, ethnic strife and division. On the other side we the people standing on this Document of freedom. So we should ask for those liberation fronts within Ethiopia that have been forced to raise arms and shed blood for your freedom, that they stand down and do not deny we the people that day of reckoning. That instead they man the voting stations so none is cheated of his/her right. For those would be liberation fronts in foreign lands we hear your promises but are the wiser. We know that you cannot deliver because what we demand is greater then what you can ever give to us. We shall not be persuaded. For those who are EPRDF/TPLF supporters out of fear, know that we are fighting for your rights to. Know that these documents shall contain within them your freedoms. THE PROBLEMS WE FACE We have to understand this, that once EPRDF/TPLF and their foreign handlers realize the might, size, determination, and unity of purpose coming to the voting stations with that document we shall add to pledged to us by AEUP in exchange for our vote in our hand, they shall make every effort to break our will and give cause for AEUP to leave the battlefield through breach of contract. But we will insist that they remain there to the end. For we need them to take us to the voting stations. Their foreign handlers are already at work through the foreign media. With the recent picture of Eng. Hailu signing with Meles freshly printed in our minds they have deluged us with negative news of our nation on almost a daily basis. A case in point Geoffrey York's well timed article of Nov. 7th, which produced the exact effect desired. How? For those Ethiopians distant from politics who read these articles a sense of disbelief and hopelessness weighs in. For those who are deep in the struggle to vent and mis-direct their anger on Eng. Hailu and AEUP, demanding AEUP to leave the agreement, creating sever division within the rank and file and the supporters in the Diaspora.
The western media and their handlers are playing a purposeful reverse psychology so subtle and fine that we fell for it immediately. But we should learn from these lessons and be aware what the purpose and intentions are. To further weaken us into despair by thinking our leaders have sold us out. It is not to say that those problems do not exist. We just have to put them within context and use them as further fuel to go to the voting poles. Yet we shall not be dissuaded. OUR RESOLVE Until that fateful day we shall abide by the law of land. We shall demand as lawful citizens that AEUP carry that document that represents the rights of all our people , and stand firm with whatever hardship may be fall us or them. We shall demand that they do not leave the stage without our mandate behind them. That mandate shall be given when we as a people united over this document shall go to the voting stations as we did in 2005 and from there take over as a people by our power to vote. The agent of our divorce will be none other then EPRDF/TPLF themselves. For we the people united shall make them break the contract by our vote. The stronger we unit the greater they capitulate. I submit to you that the two choices after that day for EPRDF/TPLF is either to accept defeat and step aside graciously – which shall be absolutely impossible and therefore as expected to remain in power by force. Either way they shall break the contract that was forced upon us to sign with them – that worthless document – Their code of conduct. By the act of breaking their promise we the people will give notice to them that they have breached the contract. That by breaching it we shall no longer be bound by it. That under the most sacred fundamental right of a person and a people – the right for self preservation that we shall take our destiny in our own hands and give the mandate to AEUP to walk away and fall back on the document that we had forged together with them during the election campaign. EPRDF/TPLF as a habit may fall back to violence, but their foreign handlers will see to it that this time it shall not happen. For there is to much at stake. Huge amounts of investments and capital have been poured to acquire our lands and build the infrastructure to exploit and extract our nation's wealth. And there is one thing that capital fears more then anything else – Uncertainty. If we as a people are united as one as we were in 2005 there is no way we can loose this time round.
But that unity depends on each and every one of us and requires our full attention for the next six months. DEMOCRACY Understand that the power of AEUP comes only from the ballot and nothing else. Without that in their hand we are all doomed. That mandate can only be given to them by we the people the ultimate arbitrators of power at the voting poles. Know that the more we are united under that document the greater the capitulation of EPRDF/TPLF. It is our strength in numbers, unity of purpose and defiance that will make the difference. Ato Neamin and for all those of you Ethiopians who have had misgivings and concerns about AEUP, know that all your concerns recognized and still standing. Put them aside just this one time, and place your faith in the document that shall come forth that we as a people shall produce to free ourselves. Let us take a page from our rich history when our forefathers put all there issues aside to meet an immediate and imminent danger and won their honor in the fields of Adwa . Let us not deny ourselves our moment of glory that rightfully belongs to our generation. Let it be said by our children and future generations yet to come that we heard the calling and discharged our duties at the voting poles throughout the land of our great nation; in the villages, hamlets, cities and towns, and we did battle once more and won our freedom that has been denied us since the time that we have searched for democracy. For this is the greatest lesson about democracy. The power of we the people cannot be delegated or transferred to a liberation front, a party or a dictator or a coalition. That it cannot be negotiated or traded at a table by anyone. That it is the most sacred responsibility of each citizen realized through the discharge of that duty at the voting pole. We shall head there with the full knowledge that what was taken from us at the negotiations table shall be returned to us in full effect. It is us and only us who can free ourselves. Let it be known to everyone that this is not about warming seats. What is at stake is the shaping of the consciousness of our nation. EPRDF/TPLF knows it and those runners passing by the palace now it when they chanted "6 more months".
As I have said history is on the move either we work together and unite to win or we shall fail divided. So I ask each and everyone of you AEUP has shown you the Senemegbar, what would you add to give them your vote? OUR DECLARATION In the course of a nations history rich such as ours from times ancient there are periods on occasion marked with great triumphs and tragedies. Fortunate is a generation to face such an event once. Even more fortunate is a generation to face it twice for it speaks of their resolve and fortitude to make that which had gone wrong right again. As we move forth in our quest to meet the challenge facing us prudence dictates that we establish the foundation by which we claim to meet the test. Let it be known that We the Ethiopians find great joy in our Union .
That this Union has been blessed by the Supreme Creator. That as diverse as we are we recognizing that which is self evident claim that all men are born and created equal. That we find the common bonds that tie us together as a people of different cultures, races, religions and languages is far greater then any differences forced upon us. That the recognition of individual rights is that which puts us on equal footing. That our fundamental rights are Unalienable. That the land bequeathed to us by our ancestors is a Sacred Trust that we shall bestow upon future generations yet to come without lien or debt.
With this clean spirit of mind and purpose we solemnly swear to seek a Constitution that best represents what we cherish and value most – Our Union. And that Government we create shall know it is the caretaker of our sacred Union , and that the power bestowed on it comes only from the Constitution of the People, by the People, for the People. ke-Akberot Abayneh--- On Tue, 11/24/09, Alemayehu Lakew wrote:From: Alemayehu Lakew Subject: Fwd: Code of Conduct ageement and other issues- Respose to Ato AbaynehTo: EEDN@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COMDate: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 6:58 AM========> EEDN: A Home Away from Home <======== Welcome to Our Community, and Please also Visit Our Website: ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Date: Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 9:45 AMSubject: Code of Conduct ageement and other issues- Respose to Ato AbaynehTo: Selam Dear Alex:Please foward this one to EEDN.====================================Selam Ato Abayneh:My apology for the delay in responding to your query. It had been very hectic few days, juggling many things. Anyway, I do not have any illusion that that minority dictatorships like the TPLF will ever give up political power through peaceful means only. Even if defeated at the polls it would not do so, it will not give up all its economic, political, and military domination of Ethiopia it has amassed during the past 18 years. There are too much at stake for the TPLF, its ethnic supporters and their cronies from other ethnic groups. However, I do not oppose those that opted to wage their struggle through the peaceful method of struggle so long as they genuinely promote the establishment of real multi-party democracy, and the rule of law, and equality of all citizens and ethnic groups in our country to replace the dictatorship of the TPLF/ERPDF and the hegemony and domination of an elite of a minority ethnic group and their surrogates from other ethnic groups in all realms of Ethiopia’s national life.
In other words, as long as these opposition forces struggle peacefully and legally with a view of democratizing Ethiopia as opposed having an end to shilly-shally in order just to get crumbs and increase their seats in the so-called lame duck parliament by the “good will” of the ruling party and serve it as junior partners of the status quo.In this regard, Ato Hailu Shawel has betrayed the loftiest goals of the democratic movement, in whose banner thousands gave the ultimate including those who followed him and believed in him in 2005. Betrayal is the name I give it for giving in to water down and secondary document that does not meet the criteria to hold free, fair and credible elections in Ethiopia. Therefore the movement towards a democratic Ethiopia has been forced to take a step backwards as the ruling party is using him--and that of the so-called “third way” “critical supporters” like Lidetu and Ayele Chamiso, the very men who betrayed Ato Hailu and the rest of Knijit leaders when they were thrown in prison-to tell the international community that now it has made an agreement with opposition forces. Ato Hailu Shawel has found it better to agree with Woyane in the hope of carving his own little political space and concerned only about his political future and at best that of his organization at the expense of the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians hungry for rule of law, democracy and respect for human rights, their empowerment in the political and economic life of their country. Let us recall that Ethiopians supported Kinjit and its leaders during 2005 due to its forceful demands, and clear alternatives to Woyane and its promise to deliver democracy and rule of law for the people of Ethiopia. It was not the persona of Hailu, Lidetu, Berhanu etc that did the magic of what was then called “Sunami”. It was their unified and unifying message and the vision that did the magic. It was not even the details of the program that people rallied behind.
I doubt if the majority of Ethiopians even read much of it. Instead it was Kinjit’s clear and simple message of change and alternative to the ruling party that won it a widespread support throughout Ethiopia. As astute observers aptly said it was a “protest” support and vote by an electorate that wanted real change and saw kinjit at its rightful agent.Ato Hailu , by signing this lame document, has compromised the strategic objective of those who even struggle via peaceful means, i.e. the widening of the democratic space in order to hold free and fair elections by forcing the ruling party to give serious concessions. The only way that the ruling party could be forced to come to the negotiating table is if done by creating a super majority support among the people of Ethiopia and bringing to fold all opposition forces to a minimum common agenda. If he can make an agreement with the Woyane with whom he has an oceanic gulf, at least as he made it clear in the public declarations of AEUP objectives itself, why can’t he agree with other opposition groups in order to increase their bargaining power not only to attain the bargaining muscle and political clout for entire group but also for each of the players within the group. At the end of the day the more the democratic space and real democratic political order materialzie, the more all players benefit to compete freely once the playing field is leveled. In addition, the absences of these demands, the lack of even the gesture to negotiate about the release of all political prisoners is another tragic, callous and immoral act. One cannot talk of struggling against dictatorship when he or she clearly knows that political prisoners, m irrespective of their affiliation, are political prisoners including his former colleague, Judge Birtuakn Medkesa. As MLK said injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! The story of the Jew, Socialists, Catholic, etc during the Nazi era come to mind. Neg Bene comes to mind. Where then is the moral leadership that is expected of opposition leaders under conditions of dictatorship? Is leadership simply about calculating their moves to benefit them and their organizations? Ato Hailu discussed only about AEUP’s political prisoners. Even then I am not sure how many of them are released, if ever the harassment has stopped. But we would not even know as he said that the “EPRDF does not like it when we make too much noise; we find it better to write letters and follow up their case” (his interview on the Reporter). Tomorrow the TPLF/EPRDF tells him to stop writing the letters and then he would do so, if we take his logic. Where does it stop? What can we call such an organization that abandons its own methods of exposing human rights abuses, even those enshrined in the so-called constitution under whose ambit it claims to operate?
This last point brings us to the heart of the matter. The constitution is told to be the supreme law of the land. But the TPLF/EPRDF has trampled on it time and again, violating each and every article for the past 16 years since its adoption. There is no reason to expect that, the agreement, a mini version along with few purported benefit to a "privileged" opposition groups, could not be violated by the TPLF. What is also sad, as others in this forum pointed out, is the fact that he did not even demand half of the 8 point preconditions that the Kinjit he himself chaired, presented to the Woyane during the massive fraud by the ruling party following election 2005. Not only that, the damage goes further, the agreement he entered into with the regime and the two parties, has blunted the attempt by Mederk to get at least better concessions as they have made known that a free and fair election cannot be held while the ruling TPLF/EPRDF controls the Election board and appoints the 200, 00 election works at 40, 000 polling stations. They have also demanded rule of law and the release of all political prisoners. Personally I never had much respect nor never expected much from Ato Hailu Shawel since 2003. This was the time when he decided to leave UEDF (coalition of 15 political parties) without solid reasons. He left just ten days after his delegates Maj. Getachew, VP, the late Dr. Meknnen Bishaw Sec. General, made a public statement that they would play a great role in strengthening UEDF. He lied in a statement he made public while the real issue was that he was unhappy due to the fact that conference held for seven days did not elect him as a chairman in his absence. Had he been at the all party conference he would have been elected. But he gave the lame excuse that he was sick , to Shaw up in DC in just about a week to start dismantling UEDF and pull out AEUP.Since then I reached a conclusion that the man is not amenable to political compromise among opposition forces and one who is capable of handling contradictions in far sighted and statmenaly manner as our struggle demands from those who claim to be leaders of the struggle.
That is why I have been saying at time here in EEDN that he is the prime culprit for Kinjit’s split. Even when the problem of Kinjit surfaced, several elder groups genuinely tired to make a peace between him and the rest of Knijit leadership. I know that he was the one who obdurately refused to make peace. He even refused to respond to messages and phone calls from those who tried to reach and talk to him about reconciling to save Kinjit from the impending collapse. As well known, the split of Kinjit too as heavy toll on the hope and aspiration of several millions of Ethiopians for change and freedom. I know these stories in details for fact because most of them came from his own close colleagues who tried their best and in good faith. From close observation of his political steps, his behavior political speaking, etc, Ato Hailu cannot come even close model of a democratic political leadership needed for post TPLF Ethiopia. Tragic indeed, that he has the heart to turn around now seat, negotiate, and agree on a non-essentail document to bring about a genuine change and democracy for Ethiopia. Indeed, he had the stomach to shake hands with a dictator whose hands are drenched with the blood of thousands without getting substantial concessions to hold free and fair elections in Ethiopia. This act says much about the character behind the mask of the person of Ato Hailu. The face grows to fit the mask is no more. The emperor is naked as far as I am concerned. If our struggle was for raw political power and under a condition where there is a democratic system, I can understand and go along with the view that each party can act and calculate to maximize its position vis a vi other players on the political landscape. But when it is done under a dictatorship when our central demand is to win our freedom, dignity, equality dined to us Ethiopians by the TPLF dictatorship, it becomes a cynical pursuit at the expense of the broader struggle of the Ethiopian people for genuinely democratic and free Ethiopia, even when done by those to bring about change via peaceful means. Let us leave all the past evil and wrongs that the TPLF has wrought on Ethiopia and our people. Just think of all those teenagers, mothers, elders, and men and women, who were savagely gunned down after 2005 by Agazi Nazi forces under Meles Zenawi’s direct command. All the bloody massacre against an unarmed protesters and non-protesters alike and whose innocence was proved by the report made public thanks to the couragous move of the Enquiry Commission Meles himself appointed.
Think of all those tens of thousands who were tortured and abused in gruesome prisons after the 2005 elections. They were subjected for inhumane treatment so that individuals and political organizations can calculate how to maximize their individual and organizational power, parliamentary seats and, privilege (as they called for in the agreement that will establish exclusive club that has many entitlements at the expense of many other parties, by itself goes against principles of a democratic political order)This is why I see a great moral bankruptcy of leadership under the current Ethiopian condition where our people are under the yoke of a corrupt ethnic dictatorship that will leave no stone unturned , no tactic unused, no cleaver games from being played to perpetuate its hold on to state power by all and any means.I wrote this in haste and without exhausting the points I hand in mind. I will be writing on these and related issues at length for a broader readership in few days. For now the aforementioned points should suffice to give you what my opinion is.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD) November 21, 2009
Note from the Editore:
The following comment was sent to comment page Dr.Mankelkilot Haileselassie as a reaction to the different opinions posted on diffrenet webistes as well and here in our web log. Unfortunately, the commnet page can't allow long written views, therefore, I decided to post his excellent timely view, advice on the current situation and the available-solution-to tacle-the-current-difficulties-in-the-country.
here is his comment. Read:-
Think about it. Of all the people, Tecola Hagos, who was the advisor of TPLF’s leadership, is challenging the political, perhaps, as well as the moral integrity of Eng. Hailu Shawel, the president of All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP). Eng. Hailu shawel was the major role player in organizing the most effective and efficient party that handedly beat Meles Zenawi and his collaborators in the election of May 15, 2005. Tecola Hagos, instead of analyzing the signed document went after the individual who performed so well in the election of May 15, 2005. In addition to that achievement, he is a strong nationalist, defender of Ethiopian sovereignty, who also defended the green-yellow-red flag of Ethiopia to the hilt. By his own admission, Tecola Hagos was advising TPLF’s leadership from 1991 to 1993. Now. Here are the most revealing questions for Tecola Hagos. Was he aware of : a) the massacre of thousands of young, old, and babies carried on the back of their mothers at Hausin market; and, b) capitalizing on the misery caused by the famine of 1977, by selling the dead and dying, skinny-hungry, young and old, and skinny babies sucking the breast of their dead or dying mothers, that made the TPLF leadership millionaires, money soaked with blood. And, c) was Tecola Hagos aware of the three criteria used by TPLF’s leadership when recruiting fighters? To refresh his memory, the paraphrased criteria were, a) believing and accepting the independence of Eritrea, b) accepting the independence of Tigry, and c) accepting that Amaras are the avowed enemies who brought all the miseries upon Tigry people. He cannot deny, at least the knowledge, if not him being one of the participants, of the above information when he was assuming the advisory position. Then the follow up question for Tecola Hagos would be: what was the relationship between TPLF’s leadership and him before 1991? Without a very strong relationship between the two, and, intimate knowledge of each other, they would have not positioned him at the advisory level. One can reasonably assume that the duration between 1991 and 1993 was extremely important, where inputs were needed, to systematically lay down the detailed process for implementing, a) Ethiopia’s division along ethnic and language lines, b) the creation of regions where the division along ethnic and language lines would be effected, c) the insertion of article "39" in the constitution, and d) above all, how the party’s program, namely, the revolutionary democracy, aught to be implemented to the letter. The insertion of article "39" is, in my opinion, to constitutionalize items "a" and "b" above, as well as, the result of the three of the recruiting criteria mentioned above. One can see that his input was needed at the time when the foundation for TPLF leadership’s future detailed activities were being laid down. Tecaola Hagos, the provider of that input, during that time, was part and parcel of the above itemized destructive processes. Now he is a fallen human being who was denied the luxury of intimate relationship. This lone ranger was chewed and told to leave the stage. Given the above facts, he has no moral or political standing to involve in any political process of Ethiopian society whom he tried to destroy. To be involved, first he has to apologize to Ethiopian people, openly. Or, confess what he did during the years between 1991 and 1993. Coming back to what prompted me to write this article, at least, it would have been an intellectually proper thing to do for Tecola Hagos, first to critically analyze the sighed document in terms of whether it would benefit the Ethiopian society or not, and then critically criticize Eng. Hailu Shawel for signing a document that he (Tecola Hagos) found it deficient. Instead of pointing out to specific deficiencies of the signed document, if found, he laymanishly, if you will, dismissed it by saying, "…which is a meaningless document." For the kind of individual like him, this kind of generalized statement is intolerable, in fact, it is evading the core issue--that is exactly what he did-- when specifically numbered items are provided to refer to. He also tried to save his skin by telling what we have already known, thanks to those brave Ethiopians from among his colleagues. He even tries to kind of expose the "game play" that he claimed he had observed. How he quickly forgets the "game play," to use his own term, that he was part and parcel of, in the years between 1991 and 1993, and, I might daringly add, before 1991. Hence, Dr. Tecola, what about the "game play" you were part and parcel of, in the years between 1991 and 1993? Think deeper. The "game play" that Meles and his collaborators are executing now are the "game play" coordinated and organized by your advisor-ship, that took place, at least between 1991 and 1993. In my opinion, there is the potential for him to be included in the genocide and treason committed by Meles Zenai and his collaborators against Ethiopian people and the country Ethiopia itself, respectively. Now, the most serious question for him to answer is, where, when and how would he match the activities of Eng. Hailu Shawel to the scheme of things that he collaborated with Meles and his collaborators, that started and developed in the forest of Ethiopia? Which is a separate crime by itself for using Ethiopia’s forest to incubate and hatch out forces against itself. Do you see how your criticism of Eng. Hailu Shawel, including the premise of your argument, becoming absolutely irrelevant? THE CASE OF AEUP AND ENG. HAILU SHAWEL The move taken by Eng. Hailu Shawel, unexpectedly, went deep down to the core of an established traditional way of political struggle of the Ethiopian opposition forces particularly in the diaspora. He broke the culture of traditional struggle that pinned down the Ethiopian opposition forces to a tunnel-visioned type of political struggle. His party took an individualized independent and decisive action. By doing so, a) the rest of the opposition forces were left where they are sitting, unaware of what is being unfolding in front of their eyes; b) personally, he showed mature and far-seeing leadership qualities that are lacking in the current opposition political leaders. How about looking into this leadership qualities in relation to his business growth? Without going into detail, he achieved the level of the business he has by providing disciplined and decisive decisions followed by actions. Could one see the decisions and the actions he was and still taking to be the reflection of the experience he accumulated during the process of his business buildup? Do you see the thrust of my point? Please note this. Particularly those opposition forces in the Diaspora are becoming irrelevant and obsolete in the Ethiopian political process. Say, after 10 years, or even five years, to be in the same position as they are now is concretizing the irrelevancy and slowly but surely entering the process of being obsolete. I think they have to come to grips with this reality and remedy themselves before it is too late. The remedy could be entering Ethiopia, how to enter is their responsibility, and start communicating with the society face to face, directly. Here, the issue is not when but how to do it. How to do it is up to them. The answer for when to do it, is, a long overdue issue. As time goes by, the Diaspora political parties, it seems to me, are seen to be like sitting on the fence, by simply churning out press releases after press releases. They aught to be held accountable. AEUP has demonstrated the potential for administering Ethiopia. By signing the document, with full understanding of what shallow, irresponsible and opportunist thinkers would say about him and AEUP, he showed the courage and determination of All Ethiopian Unity Party to lead the struggle. Considering the routine political activities of the opposition forces we have been witnessing for the last nineteen years, his move could be considered a revolutionary one. However, AEUP has to realize it is only on paper, yet. And it is only the beginning of grueling and demanding struggle. What if what are on the papers of signed document would not be implemented as it is clearly stated there? What if Meles Zenawi and his collaborators did not accept the final outcome of the election 2010, as it did in 2005? Just to mention two of the major ones. Is AEUP going to sit quietly and accept or is AEUP going to hand over the responsibility to the people of Ethiopia who are ready to defend and protect their rights, provided AEUP is going to lead them. It has to be clear from the outset, that, no more backdoor dealings with Meles Zenawi as it was done immediately after the election of May 15, 2005. AEUP, has to simultaneously, while intensively organizing itself for the election, prepare the society for any adverse outcome, that could be triggered by Meles Zenawi and his collaborators.. Finally, in my opinion, it appears, the struggle to empower the people of Ethiopia is focused to rest on the shoulder of AEUP. It is the responsibility of AEUP to take the charge including bringing those opposition forces determined to lead with sacrifice, together, and beat Meles Zenawi and his collaborators in the election of 2010. In Ethiopia, today, the political ground is fertile to accept the seed and grow it, and grow it fast, as long as the farmer is there to do it. All Ethiopian Unity Party has to stop relying on the so called Ethiopian constitution, to come to its rescue, for there is no Ethiopian constitution in Ethiopia. There is only TPLF’s political program called the revolutionary democracy. The leadership of TPLF is following this program to the letter. Therefore it is very important for AEUP to stick to the internationally recognized signed document as the frame of reference for any eventualities, not the constitution. Above all, totally depending on the people of Ethiopia for it is the ultimate source of power, as opposed to the enormous power of the regime.. THE CASE OF MULTI FACETED POLITICAL STRUGGLE Almost all of the proponents of this type of struggle are the opposition political parties in Diaspora. It is the latest invention, a systematic scheme, designed to extend the political life of their parties. In my opinion, it is a scheme replacing HIBRET. HIBRET is simply mentioned as a cover. Please note this. No one would be able to challenge and pin down these proponents on any one branch of this multi-faceted-struggle, for it is deliberately fabricated to make the struggle vague. It is also a scheme to tap into the potential financial resources of the community, to survive and to stretch their opportunistic political life. I argue that, particularly these are the ones, including their supporters, who vehemently dismiss Eng. Hailu Shael’s move as non productive and against the traditional way of struggle. "Tebaberu woinim tesebaberu." This slogan, through time has turned into a rotten political culture that destroyed the spirit of struggle that we inherited from our for-fathers. It has become the cover for mediocre, sentimentalist political organizations, that infected the stronger ones. The stronger ones through time lost their immunity to this infection and flowed along. I think we have to accept this subtle dangerous reality. The proponents of this deliberately vague strategy would not sit and see while their invented method of struggle is being shattered by AEUP. They have to fight it out to the hilt for it is their survival. It is very important to critically observe these proponents of the multi-faceted- political-struggle. Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD) November 21, 2009 //-/-/

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Hopelessly Outdated Elite

see for yourself if som eof the past agreemnts in the past election had precondition honored or not. (Sample posted with signaotrs;-) and copare the then and now.
Hopelessly Outdated Elite Getachew Reda
The Diaspora opposition is unfortunately leaded and driven in to emotions by few disgruntled elites who never contacted in person or speak to each other except through the articles they threw on the internet web. These elites are talented in hypnotized their readers and have millions of armies of internet readers , to the extent you can sensed their readers started to speak out their emotions after they finished their reading on the given forum what they felt inside them including wanting to slaughtering the entire given ethnic population from anger and frustration. Their articles are composed of philosophy, law, humanity, coated sugary with patriotic and nationalistic propaganda echoing everything should have been so bright and smooth if their assertion, commentaries and advices on their paper could have been implemented as a solution for the country they left behind. Their readers get emotion and quirkily react as a drunken soul started to repeat what they read on the web. Recently, this election issue is definitely, bringing so many distorted minds of the elite in to the open air as ever before unexpectedly fastest than ever. Hailu Shawel of the AEUP is now currently their number one target of the distorted elites who are living in comfort in the Diaspora teaching University students, some are foreign advisors, bankers and so on. These elites are entirely fraudulent when they started to talk about Ethiopia and its people. They are living here with comfort: we now that; many of them if not all of them do not want to go to Ethiopia and redirect what they write and preach here on the internet. One will ask why they do not want to go back and implement what they preach and write on paper. It is simply easy to find their root cause for not wanting to go back to the people they left them behind. They live in self deceit and betrayal. They are faker and fraud. It is not Hailu Shawel who is living in denial. They are! Not Hailu! Trust me, I live with many of the elites many years here in the Diaspora- I have studied many of them. They are too arrogant to see themselves and their own performance. Their commentary begin in page one and continued for 10 entire pages talking how Shawel or how Gebremariam or how Letemariam should have done with Meles for election detaching themselves from the action! Let me repeat it: - by removing them selves FROM THE ACTION! Many of the elites- for example brother Professor Messay Kebede came with an article “ Much Ado About Nothing!” posted on the so called” EMF”, Abugida and the like Mujahadden look alike web sites stating the agreement between Hailu and Meles is “fishy indeed”. Let me quote him for you: “This act of sabotage suggests, according to some articles, a prior agreement with the Meles regime promising Hailu a post in the future government in exchange for his contribution in dividing and weakening the opposition. I am not yet ready to endorse this kind of analysis, though I admit that the agreement looks fishy indeed”. ( Mesay Kebede). You see writing fiction and passing it as fact is the elites’ “Red Alert” obsession. The news of handshaking with Meles is already made as bad news as it is, and the elite should not have to make it up all the way to come up with such obsession of accusation. One to be credible needs to suggest what to add on the said agreement instead of accusing (fishy, betrayal, coward, power monger….) the person in the front line dedicating his time, his family life, his own luxury, dignity, for the sake of the country living in the country, walking in every hills and villages, talking to villagers in the cold and hot remote lands of the country taking risk. Simply. It is not fair. Elites are to dummy and they are easily rash to react with harsh judgments. The elite in the Diaspora need to start take accountability. Life here is easier than the life in Ethiopia. We are infected with myth and self denial with out putting ourselves in the said battle filed. What are we doing here? Factionalism is eating our unity. Why is that the elite failed to unite these dispersed, misinformed, emotional community and put its mouth in to action the way the elite trying loudly to guide AEUP from thousand miles away? Hailu and his party fought on till we got where we are today. It is our turn in the Diaspora take accountability and do what we preach Hailu Should have done instead of CHAW_CHAW (the Amharic CHA CHata) Let us be fair: the Diaspora elite is hopelessly out of date! And indeed harmless too! The Diaspora elite need to take their warm life out of here and do the job Block by Block walking from village to village if you do not like what the AEUP leaders are accomplishing. Is it hard to move out of U.S and Europe, Canada and Australia and go to Ethiopia and take over Hailu Shaule’s place and guide the population in to WACHWACH (CAHA CHATA) revolution and get Meles Zenawi/TPLF out there in a minute without shaking Meles Zenawi’s hand? Is it hard for you Dr.Elite/Mr.Ealite, professor elite, Weyzero/Weizerit elite, Ambassador elite, media elite….. to move out from U.S/London..and go back home? “Yes indeed! You can’t stand drinking muddy water while teaching the villager how to vote and who to vote after you used to drink Soda and wine in DC and Dallas restaurants. Painful, isn’t it? No question! Take extra pain with them/ with the villagers in Ethiopia and then you have all rights to open your mouth/AEUP. What does people’s power mean to you if you are watering your garden every evening your puppy playing, tripping with the water hose in the Courteous Europe and America where you love to live for years with out forming a single armed guerrilla or even a united opposition. Indeed, the Ethiopian elite (many of them) here in the Diaspora is a fakery and full of fiction teller, hopelessly outdated, arrogant, detached from reality, refused to check itself simply kept marching on, its privates swinging to the breeze. Blind/plain folly! //-