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Our longtime grievance against TPLF for Hijacking the Orthodox Church was Proven Correct on Aregawi Berhe’s New book, “A Political History of TPLF”

Our longtime grievance against TPLF for hijacking the Orthodox Church in order to Baptized it to its Marxist-Leninist Ideology is now openly told by the Godfather and former chairman of the TPLF Aregawi Berhe (Berihun)by detailing thoroughly in his new book (A Political History of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (1975-1991), how TPLF was replacing the legitimate and traditional Church service providers, monks, priests, head of the many popular classic monasteries and Ethiopian Church authority by TPLF-minded elements. Starting after TPLF took over the people’s power through the barrel of the gun; many, many, many Ethiopian Orthodox church followers already felt the injustice that this hoodlum party lead by the Fascists and Marxist Albanian of Communist Tigray , that created the religious tension among members of the same faith similar to that of the Italian Fascist colonial policy tried to assimilate colonialist thoughts (church to serve the Fascist or the Marxist requiem instead of serving the government of an orthodox sympathizer ). I will let you now read the document written by Aregawi Berhe- the former TPLF chairman and its Army Commander in chief and its leading founder, how TPLF launched a series conference or “seminars” for parish priests in 1979 to win them over. Such mission was approved and agreed by all the TPLF leaders including the Author of the book Aregawi Berhe- on which such mission was headed by no one other than the two racist and anti Amhara groupies, Gebre-kidan Dest (the above picture shown) the author of “የትግራይ ህዝብ እና የትምክህተኞች ሴራ ከትናንት እስከ ዛሬ” ገብረ ኪዳን ደስታ –a former TNO member, and graduate student of a theology college in Addis Ababa with Sebhat Nega, the “TPLF’s leading man”. In order to get the detail information how TPLF hijacked the Orthodox church to fit to its Marxist Leninist Ideology and policy, I will let you read the document released lately by Aregawi Berhe (to my dismay, I didn’t get that much exiting new document that I was expecting classified secrets of the organization suppose should have been open to the public). Any way, read the following document and give your critique afterwards. Now, it should be clear to all of you out there, that the present havoc disturbing the church system all over the country and abroad in the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian institutions started in 1991 is the extension of the TPLF interference in religious institutions. Now, you know how Aba Paullos came to power in order to serve the fascist Marxist Dedebit policy in Ethiopia. In the following document, you will also learn how TPLF is trying to kill the former Ethiopian national language –(in particular to those of the Orthodox Christian followers) the “Ge’ez” language by replacing it with “Tigringa” (a language spoken by two Million Eritrean and Tigrayan Tribe, as it successfully did carry the onslaught of the Amharic (Ethiopian national language) language to its final death engulfed by 80 different tribal languages each remained in the near future with no common bridge of communication. Now, you know how TPLF was anti Amharic and anti Ge’ez language. It is carrying exactly the mission of destroying ancient and popular languages of the Orthodox Christians (that include Amharic speaking Muslim followers) what its masters from the Italian colonial era taught them and left them to finish the agenda of destroying Ethiopian ancient languages that used to help each Ethiopians communicate in social or market exchanges even in the remotest land of the nation with no much difficulty. No matter if the followers were not listening the language of Ge’ez in the church ceremony, Amhara ,Gurage, Oromo, Tigray, …any Orthodox follower regardless of his ethnic back ground – it touches his/her soul without even followers got the definition. It is god’s soul of music and speech of the sweetest word understood able without speaking the language “Ge’ez”. It is now, Geez, is now at the sward of the TPLF cadres language and culture destroyers. Read the following document from Aregawi Berhe’s book. Getachew Reda Neutralizing’ the Church and Mobilizing Muslims” The Church (A political History of TPLF, page 245) A combination of factors made relation the TPLF and the church difficult. Firstly, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church had been at the center of the villages’ social life for centuries. Weddings and Christenings (baptisms, burial rites and meditation in conflicts between neighbors all took place via the church, and there were substantial numbers of priests in every parish who performed church services. Each household had a priest as its religious “father” who took care of the spiritual life of the family and was called for special life-cycle events to give his blessing. In every community the church was connected to each household in this way. Secondly, the church constituted a link between the people and the state. It had always stood on the side of the past Emperors, who furthered the existence, expansion and unity of the Ethiopian Church. It was organized It was organized hierarchically from the village to the national center and as an embodiment of spiritual and socio-cultural life. The institution of the church had always played a crucial role not only in community life, but also in mediation between rival forces and even between the sate and rebels. The church taught its followers to respect their allegiance to the Ethiopian state and was, in effect, a school for national consciousness, using national symbols such as the flag in all religious and social events. No church ever conducted major ceremonies without hosting the Ethiopian flag-an act also regularly observed in the Ethiopian army. Thirdly, the church was the core legitimizing body for any emperor who ruled over Ethiopia. It had been a traditional in Ethiopia that the emperors had to be anointed in Mariam-Tsion, the Holy Church of Aksum in Tigray. They repaid the support of the church by granting gulti land to monasteries. The monasteries and gadams then claimed at least a fifth of the produce of the gulti land. The local people were also allocated land for the upkeep of the church and priests were compensated for their services. Land was the most important incentive and encouraged many young men to invest time in going to church schools to become priests. All priests in active service in a parish received rim land for their services. The administration of the land and the church was in the hand of a gabaz. The gabaz could be a priest or layman selected by the community and approved by the church. After the collapse of the monarchy and the military takeover of power in 1974, the state-church alliance came to an end. The Dergue proclaimed socialism and nationalized all church land. Abune Tewoflos then the patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, was cornered by the Marxist military regime, the left –wing armed struggles and the national movements, especially the EDU, which was involved in armed resistance in Tigray and Gondor, but nothing ever materialized. The pragmatic TPLF understood the church’s role in village social life and its support for the unity of the country. It also understood against socialism and nationalization of the land as well as against separatism. The church was viewed as a force standing in the way of TPLF but one should although its Marxist ideology called for that. Nevertheless there was no doubt that to subordinate the church to its cause. The TPLF therefore took a series of coordinated steps to neutralize the church’s influence... The first was to uphold the Dergue’s measure of power and frustrated hopes of resurgence among the rightist multi national movement in Tigrai, such as the EDU. The centuries- old economic status of the church was broken and it was forced to enter into new social contracts with its followers. Gulti land was no longer controversial and, as far as the rim was concerned the peasants saw it as a fair compensation for parish priests for their services, the nationalization of rim land met resistance not only from the church but also from the community, During the first phase land of distribution, many localities refused to distribute of rim land. Threaten by mass resistance, the TPLF tolerated the continued ownership of rim land in such localities and in fact used it as a means of justifying its recognition of the importance of the church. The second step was to try and move the socio-economic focus of life from the church to the people’s assemblies. All administrative and social activities were taken over by associations and the baito and even church affairs such as the rights and obligations of the church and its followers fell under the jurisdiction of the assemblies. The capacity of the church to mobilize and influence the people waned. The church lost its status as mediator in conflicts, rights over spiritual and familiar issues because the new political authorities did not support us. Thirdly, the TPLF launched a series of conferences or seminars’ for selected parish priests in 1979 to win them over. The underlying motive of the seminars was to isolate the church in Tigrai from the wider Ethiopian church in order to foster Tigrian nationalism along the lines of the TPLF’s strategy objective. Suppressed Tigraian nationalism was invoked to challenge the dominant Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The initial woreda seminars for priests were conducted by an eloquent TPLF fighter, Gebre-Kidan Desta, a graduate of the Theological College of Addis Ababa University. The themes of the seminars were to replace the Ethiopian church’s authority by a TPLF-minded church and the language in the church with Tigrigna and ultimately, to further Tigraian nationalism and identity. This process involved the mobilization of parish priests and ordinary Christians to isolate them from the church’s national hierarchy. To weaken church authority, an intelligence group was formed under Sibhat Nega to infiltrate the well-established monasteries in Tigray, such as Debre Damo, by planting TPLF members camouflaged as monks and influencing church activities in the interest of the TPLF. In 1987 and 1989, regional and national conferences for priests were organized by the TPLF in liberated territories to reshape the Tigray Church in line with the TPLF’s program. A separate secretariat of the Orthodox Church as formed in the liberated areas of Tigray and was supposed to operate under TPLF guidelines. Particularly, the Ethiopian church was divided in two separate secretariats, one under the regime and the other under the TPLF. Both worked in Tigrai 1990, when the TPLF overran meqele, the capital of Tigray. The regime’s secretariat fled Meqele for Dessie and the secretariat in the liberated territories entered Meqele and operated there until the TPLF seized state power in 1991.//-{Aregawi Berhe political History of the TPLF pp244-246} For further detail information how TPLF was killing, massively arresting, mass kidnapping, killings and intimidating young Deacons and priests and elderly church respected priests, and also how TPLF arrogantly denying their profession by tearing their certificate /credentials/ of graduation provided and blessed by the then legitimate ዐቡነ ዮሐንስ of Tigray Ethiopian Orthodox church administrator. Read more in“The Record That Speaks of Priests and Deacons Abused In Tigray by the TPLF Leaders የትግራይ ድያቆናትንና የቀሳዉስት ዕምባ (ለማስታወሻዎ) የህወሐት ታጋዮች በሰባት ጥይት ድብድበዉ ጫካ ወስደዉ ጣሉኝ” ድያቆን ብርሃነ ገ/ሕይወት//-

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The Brilliant Mind of Our Ancestors!

The Brilliant Mind of Our Ancestors! Getachew Reda above picture is my own uncle "Aba Gebremeskel" whom I saddenly found his picture on the book called Ancient Ethiopia (Axum) by David W. Philipson. He was the head priest of the femous Debre /Bet Pentelewon (Aba Pentelewon monastery) in Axum, where he contstantly harassed by the derg officials and came to Mekele to appeal where he spent about five nights with me and that was the last time I saw him, since his departure back to his monastery to Axum (bet Pentelewon). (My beloved uncle, I just pray to see you and the young DiaKon Gebreyesus (your sister's son) one day where ever you are if you all are alive on earth- I missed so much and cried after saw your picture!!).
Next week, I will come with my critique how TPLF disrespected the monastery of "Waldiba" based on Aregawi Berhe's new book. It is indeed sad! For now please read the briliant mind of our ancestors below.
From Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Ethiopia, the land of mystery, the land of braves, the land of attractive beauty, the land the river that feeds Sudan and Egypt population, a land of powerful and famous kings and Queens, the famous land, the home of the Arc, the land of brilliant painters, artists, arc hectors, mathematicians, musicians, monks, and Saints is now sadly lead and managed by a criminals and left over beggars of the West leading a corrupt generation that might take her to its final demise of hell, if this failed generation don’t stand up from where it failed and start revisiting its ancestors’ history, unitary, bravery and brilliance in order to tackle the current Ethno fascist politics that forced the current generation to trade his ancestral Alphabets for colonialist’s Alphabets (The Latin and the Arabic scripts).I need you to read the following brilliant mind of our ancestors that I brought it for you from the Ethiopian Orthodox web page to see how far we the new generation failed miserabily. Many thanks to those who are struggling to make it alive in this era of local mercenaries where the leaders are suspicious of selling out the sacred Ark of the Covenant to the adversaries, where the TPLF neo colonialist cadres preaching openly for the demise of our ancestors brilliant mind, language and hard work that made us unique and proud this far, this long! The following wisdom and genius of our ancestors should proud all Ethiopians Muslim or Christians.
Church Teachings • The AlphabetNumeralsReading and Writing • The Creation and Laws of God • The five Mysteries • Liturgical Music • The Ge'ez Language and Kine (Poetry) • Interpretation of the Scriptures • Abushahir (arithmetic) • Religious Art 1(a) The Alphabet According to the beliefs of our Church, it was the era of Henos that had witnessed the inception of the alphabet. Hence was a faithful and righteous servant of God. He was rewarded for his honest work through a divine gift of the alphabet so that this would serve him as an instrument for codifying the laws. That is, the heavens opened their gates to him and the scriptures were revealed to him. From then onwards, he had used the alphabet as a medium of literature. The script was named 'fidel', meaning writing. There are 26 letters in the Ge'ez alphabet. All our ancient books and works of literature have been preserved in the Ge'ez language. Originally, the Ge'ez alphabet did not have vowel sounds but only consonant ones. for instance, one would only write the consonants to convey the sound of a word, with the reader guessing how O sound it. Until the introduction of Christianity into Ethiopia, this system of writing had been in general use, according to historical documents. The initiative for modernizing the Ge'ez alphabet by creating vowel sounds was taken by Abba Frementius or Kasate Berhan Selama and other Ethiopian scholars. By doing so they won a niche in the hall of fame in Ethiopia. The ancient Ethiopian script was written from A to P without the addition of any signs to indicate the vowel sounds. The revised alphabet is the one being still used in this country and starts with H and ends with P. The consonant sounds like hebrew alphabet have small signs appended to their feet or sides indicating how they should read to provide a certain vowel sound. the Ethiopian vowel sounds are known as kaib, salis, rabi, hamis, sadis and sabi. The Ge'ez alphabet is known as such because it was originally made up at only consonants. Until the 12 th century, all writing were being undertaken in these Ge'ez consonants. However, with the expansion of Amharic, manuscripts also began to be written in this language. Since then they were being known as Amharic alphabets because Ge'ez books, which were rare, were beyond the comprehension of the general reading public. The Amharic consonant has seven vowel forms. the Ge'ez and the Amharic letters are not pure in character. There are four sounds of alien origin in the Ge'ez language. In the Amharic language, there are 18 of these. (b) Abughida The abughida is a simple scheme under which children are taught reading and writing more quickly. Under this scheme of alphabetization, the various letter to be learned are mixed up in such a way as to teach the various combinations with vowels with ease. The consonants of the alphabet are read sideways and downwards in combination with the vowels in such a way that children grasp the idea of reading more easily. 2. Numerals Ethiopian numerals were devised very long ago. These numerals have been existing contemporaneous with the alphabet for thousands of years. Many nations in the world are currently using the Arabic numbers. However, the Ethiopian people have not only their own alphabet but also their own numerals to this very day. Children learn these numbers along with the alphabet. 3. Reading and writing (a) Reading The following are the books that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is using for teaching reading: • Alphabet of the Apostles (Epistle of John) • Epistle of the Apostles (In Praise of the Lord) • The Gospel of John • The Book of Solomon • The Book of Sirak • The Psalims of David The Alphabet of the Apostles and the Epistle of the Apostles are learned by children after completing the Abughida. These are used as media of instruction following the completion of the alphabet in its various forms. The Alphabet of the Apostles and the Epistle of the Apostles are both self-sufficient books for teaching literacy. School-children are instructed in differentiating between the various forms and shapes of the letters of the alphabet. This is followed with the normal reading of books. According to the instructions of Yohannis Afework, one should teach children first the books of Solomon and Sirak and the Psalms of David. (b) Learning Writing The art of Calligraphy is a great profession among Ethiopians. As soon as children learn the alphabet, they also receive instructions in calligraphy. Handwriting is one instructions given by teachers in church schools. These teachers take particular care in providing these instructions in such a way that the artistic forms of the letters of the alphabet are preserved. The system of writing is as listed hereunder:- • Arist: This is open space on top of the page • Hidag: These are the margins of books • Ghilet: This is the empty space at the end of the book • Hilef: This is the middle of the page • Hawult: This is the space between columns • Amd: This is the column • Sirak: This is the binding line • Msmak: This is the edge of the book • Mahisen:This is the space between letters • Hisin: This is the space within a letter • Mesmer: This is the line of wiring • Colour: This is the shape • Lik Reading: This is the word in the writing There are also several others. At the same time also writing must obey certain etymological dictates. There are, for instance, three h's, two s's, two a's, two explosive t's and others. These have all their proper uses according to the original sound of the Ge'ez language now lost in Amharic. If these are not carefully used they can change the content and thus teachers give proper attention in their instructions. 4. Church Music (Zema) Definition: Music (Zema) can be defined as pleasant sound that is mellifluous. In other words, music is the art of combining vocal and instrumental sounds to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of feeling. there is a tonal expression between two high-pitched and low-pitched sounds. If the tone is clear, this could be written down and indicated with a sing or a musical notation. Generally speaking, therefore, a church musical incantation is a song of praise and voice of joy. Music was created contemporaneously with the angles. That is why Yared - the father of Ethiopian church music gives priority to music above everything else in his book entitled Ariam. Music is not only of pre-eminent importance but it is also great in the depth of feeling it expresses. This has been adequately explained by St. Yared by saying that all the angles of heaven sang the songs of praise to His resurrection. church music became a subject being taught in religious schools beginning from the sixth century of the Christina era. This first happened in 550 A.D. during the reign of Emperor Gabr-Meskel and the composer of the music was St. Yared himself. Music is a divine gift that both humans and animals achieve for expressing their feelings. Human beings in particular have been constantly improving their musical expression both for joy and sorrow with the assistance of various instruments. Music is inextricably bound up with nature. For this reason, it is only true to say that there are no people on earth who possess no music of their own. Besides going to the service of the church in songs of praise, music expresses a gamut of human feelings for joy and sorrow on various occasions. There are spiritual and temporal forms of music in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. They are not only different in name but also in the services they render. Spiritual music is the one being staged by the clergy both inside and outside churches on various religious occasions and church anniversaries. These musical performances are in praise of god in imitation of the angels who render their own devotional services to the almighty. St. Atnatewos the evangelist had put this more succinctly by saying that there are those who sing in praise of the Lord in this book (number 5). This shows to what extent music is of great significance not only among people on earth but also among angles in high heaven. There is also what is known as secular or popular music. This sort of music is being performed on special occasions in different places. For example, there are wedding music, harvest music, threshing music and others. The instruments being used for playing both spiritual and temporal music are the following. • Drums 7. Krar (form of guitar) • Sistra 8. Harp (bagana) • Staff (prayer stick) 9. Flute • Masenko (form of violin) 10. Lute (inzira) • bugle (meleket) 11. Cymbal (arganon) • Piple (embilta) All the musical instruments enumerated above have been created and/or modified by scholars of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. This is, therefore, a matter of pride both to the Church and the society at large. Musical Notations There are pentatomic notations of the disposal of Ethiopian church music. Fundamentally speaking, a symbol is utilized for typifying representing and recalling something, in accordance with the dictionary definition. That is to say that they are being used not only in Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church schools but also in many parts of the world. One is talking here of symbols in terms of music, interpretation, reading and others. In accordance with the system existent under the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, there are symbols of music, symbols of interpretation and symbols of reading. For this reason, there are self-sufficient musical notations for religious chants of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in praise of God no matter whether this be for expressing joy or sorrow. This national heritage can be considered to be the quintessence of art developed locally. Forms of Church Music There are three types of Ethiopian church music. These are knwn as Ge'ez, Izil and Iraray. Ge'ez music is named after the Father, Izil after the Son and Iraray after the Holy Spirit. Ge'ez conveys the meaning of strength. It is being named after the father to show his spiritual strength. Izil means invulnerable. It is named after the Son because of his spiritual under supreme trials and tribulations. Iraray conveys the meaning of kindness. It is the Holy Sprit that mollifies the hear of man. Varieties of Church Music There are five in number. • Digua Tsoma Digua • Miraf • Zimare (Chnting) • Mewasit • Musical Liturgy 1. Digua The term Digua relates to the name of the books of music. This music was composed and sung by St. Yared in 550 A.D. Fundamentally, Digua embraces the songs of praise and sorrow and is divided into three part: Digua Yohannis, Astemiro, Fasika. Tsoma Digua Tsoma Digua is an integral element of Digua that serves the fasting season. It was first classed together with Astemiro in Digua. However, something radical happened to it in the 14 th century. It is said that under the leadership of Abba Ghiorghis of Gastcha, the scholars of Debre-Egziabiher and Debre Negudgad took it out of the Astemiro and placed it under a department of its own. During the Lenten season, Tsoma Digua is being observed in prayer and in song on the basis of the hour of the day, the day of the week and the week of the mongh. 2. Miiraf The Miiraf chant is divided into two sections. The Chant is for everyday purpose and for a time of fasting. (a) For every day purposes This chant is in force on a weekly basis and whenever religious holiday justify it. (b) The Miiraf of Fasting This is observed on Fridays and a few other prayer days. The foundation of both happens to be the Psalms of David and digua or Tsoma Digua. The lessons are studied by heart, unlike the Digua or Tsoma Digua. 3. Zimare (Music) Zemare means a song of communal praise and prayer. This is one of the five forms of church music sung when mass is being said. It follows the mystery of the mass. The form of the mass is Ge'ez and is sung in accordance with Izil. 4. Mewasiit This form of music is reserved for occasions when requiem mass is being said. For the rest, this form of church music is for special occasions related to the observances of Sundays and those of anniversaries regarding our Lord, Our Lady, Saints and others. Mewasiit was composed along with the music by the great Ethiopian scholar, St. Yared. School-children are being taught this form of music by their instructors when they are receiving their lessons. Those who perfect the musical art graduate in Zur Amba Monastery, Gaint province, Southern Gondar diocese. 5. Liturgical Music Although books of liturgical music were published regularly by various churches scholars, the source of the music is St. Yared. Education regarding the liturgy of the church was being given together with Mewasit from the time of St. Yared in Zur Amba. People were then also graduating from that very place. In due course of time, however, this had undergone some change. The source of education in this field was for a long time now the monastery of Selelkula. However, since the time of Emperor Menelik another addition had been made and students in church liturgy were graduating since then from Debre Abbay too. This was achieved through the instrumentality of master Gabre-Selassie. He himself had first gone to school at Selelkula. He was a great cantor. This had helped a great deal in the choice of the place to serve as academy of music. The incantation of the music for mass is - like chanting and Mewasit - somewhat different from others. It is also longer in character. St. Yared has given us 14 musical compositions. These are the following:- • Kidasse Hawariat (in praise of the apostles) • Kidasse Igzi (in praise of the Lord) • Yohannis Wolde-Neguedguad • Hiriakos (in praise of Mary) • Selestu Miit • Atnatewos • Bassilios • St. Ghorghorios alias Bassilios • St. Epiphanos • St. Yohannis Afework • St. Kerilos • St. Diuoiskoros • St. Yacob of Sirug • St. Ghorghorios of Armania The following liturgy is observed before the mass is celebrated:- • General Liturgy • Kidan (testament) • Liton • Mestebekuh • Zeineghis (enthronement) These forms of church liturgy that differ in the form of incantation were all composed by St. Yared. At the same time also Abba Ghorghorios of Gastcha had happened to be the spiritual son of St. Yared, whose works were inspired by the great master. This great scholar had also composed several chants known as Saetat (hourly) to be sung at night and by day. These compositions differ slightly in their musical forms. However, they are no different from Digua and the liturgy of mass. Sources for St. Yared's Music • Old Testament • New Testament • Books of Scholars • Books of Monks • Literary works and others The foregoing constitute the foundation for the church music composed by St. Yared. The lyrics were composed in such a way as to conform to the music so that there would be no fundamental change in the original structure of the liturgy. They were not certainly whimsical in character but divine revelations. Aquaquam Something different from pure liturgical music is aquaquam conducted with the assistance of staffs (prayer sticks), sistra and drums. This form of religious musical performance is known as music of Mahlet, which is of ancient origin handed down to us as a heritage of St. Yared, who is the originator of the form. There are historical and graphical illustrations of the fact that he was practicing it for praising God. The Ge'ez Language and Qine (a) The Ge'ez Language It is to be remembered that following the collapse of the tower of Babylon people had begun to speak different tongues and to use different alphabets. That had marked the creation of nations, tribes and clans with conflicting tongues. At first the Ge'ez language was no different from Sabean. Inscriptions preserved on rocks and monuments prove this beyond any grain of doubt. The Ge'ez language was originally spoken by the generation belonging to the grandchild of Abraham, Yacob, and had entered Ethiopia through the port of Bebel-el-Mandeb. Ge'ez ia a Semitic language. The word Ge'ez means 'original'. This originality refers to the combination of consonants with the vowels. Its originality as the first language alludes to the fact that following the destruction of Babylon, it was the most important Semitic tongue spoken first by Adam. It is to be recalled that the Semites were inter-marrying with the Cushitic people and had succeeded in inheriting their kingdom under the name of the Agazians. The country they had conquered through a process of cultural and ethnic assimilation had begun to be known as the Nation of Agziit. This had witnessed the progressive flowering of Ge'ez until the 12 th century when it eventually assumed a national status. It was in the 12 th century that Amharic began to rear up its head for the first time. However, to that day, Amharic has not been a working language in palaces and churches. It was only the language of a particular nationality that was serving as a lingua franca. For instance, prayers were not being said in churches in Amharic. Neither were praises being sung to God in that language. Church liturgies were not going on in Amharic. Secondly, the administration was not being carried out in Amharic; neither was justice being dispensed in this language. The history of kings was not being recorded in Amharic. Therefore, all the relics of antiquity in the form of books and works of art belonging to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church found either here or abroad are all written in the Ge'ez language. Today, Ge'ez assumes the character of the private property of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. The Old Testament, the New Testament and scholarly works were all first translated into Ge'ez. This ancient language provides also the medium for addressing prayers and praises to God. It is common knowledge that Ge'ez is known as an ancient language in Ethiopia. Both in palaces and in public places it had served as a medium of communication. People had been also recording their temporal and spiritual values through the intermediary of this ancient language for centuries on end. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is a living testimony of this immutable fact of life. Scholars both here and abroad testify also to the truth behind this statement. Fundamentally speaking, Ge'ez is a language with its own particular characteristics capable of conveying different messages with one word alone. There are many people who aspire to carry out meticulous research into ancient Ethiopian history. Such a healthy aspiration can only be fully realized when one is well versed in the Ge'ez language. At the same time also Ge'ez is rich in a vocabulary that can be of great service to the resent technological development of the country. This is to say that Ge'ez can considerably enrich the language that we are at present using. In other words, why go all the way to the West, indeed, for borrowing certain words when they are already plentifully available at home? That is to say that we can take pride in oru own heritage. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church teaches Ge'ex together with Kine (Poetry) after giving instructions in church music. What one learns first in Ge'ez grammar is known as 'Ghis'. Before delving into the intricate field of literary self-expression through Kine, the student makes a thorough study of Ge'ez grammar. (b) Qine (poetry) Qine is a potent figure of speech for expressing feelings. There are different kinds of kine for example:- Qine Debtera, Qine Mahlet and Musho. Through these forms of Qine one can express religious sentiments of joy or grief. Ancient people, particularly Jews, were praising their Lord through the mysterious words provided by the poetry of Qine. In particular, this was being practised by the prophet David who was imploring others to do also likewise. Later, the outstanding Ethiopian scholar, St. Yared; has said much the same thing with respect to addressing a song of praise in Qine to the Lord. The originator of Qine is, undoubtedly, St. Yared. However, beginning in the 14 th century, scholars like Hawira, Menkera, Iskindir, Piskandra, Abidira, Deke-Estifa Twenty and Yohannis Gebilawi had been the masters of the various poetic forms of Qine like 'Wax and Gold'. All of these were an expression of divine mystery in a hidden language. The poetry, mystery and linguistic excellence of Kine are so popular in the country that many Ethiopians learn them and become proficient in the art. History tells us that Ethiopian rulers, including the late Emperor Haile-Selassie, were some of the students of Kine. Art in Ethiopia What we say Ethiopian art includes creative works like painting and sculpture. Ethiopian artistic achievements in the field of painting and sculpture, which have been systematically developing over the years, ware ample tribute to the cultural development of the Ethiopian people and the ancient history of the country and below some of the achievements in this field are listed. Monolithic Churches In times of yore, learned leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church had been proficient in the refined art of hewing huge buildings our of rocks in hills and mountains. At their service were masons and artisans who were gifted in carrying out such artistic tasks at the behest of church leaders. Thus, obelisks and churches built out of a single stone were fashioned out of rocks as a highly refined work of art. It is with wonderment that one contemplates today these awe-inspiring works of art. When one considers the fact that most of the monumental structures were put up over 2,000 years ago, it is inevitable for one's mind to be plunged in an ocean of further confusion. There are hundreds of rock-hewn churches and temples in Ethiopia. One can, for instance, cite the cases of rock-hewn churches in Tigrai, Wollo, Showa, Gondar and Gojjam. Architecture The beautiful rock-hewn churches mentioned above are embellished with the cross the durable symbol of Christianity and other works of decorative art. To comprehend this more thoroughly, one should read the book entitled "the Ethiopian Cross". Over and above this, there are also numerous other architectural heritages in the life of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. (c) Paintings Most churches in Ethiopia have murals and stained glass windows of great artistic quality. These paintings are illuminated with the lives of saints - like Our Lord, the Virgin Mary, the Angels, the Apostles, the Saints and the various martyrs. This is to commemorate the good works of the various religious figures in the service of humanity. It is also to keep the memories of their works constantly in our mind and to provide some sort of a pictorial religious education to the public. At the same time also manuscripts are decorated with paintings and rubrics placed in various strategic places in books. Great Ethiopian artists have been at the service of the Ethiopian people for centuries on end since the advent of Christianity in the country. The works of ancient Ethiopian church artists were not confined solely to the painting of the pictures of Our Lord, the Virgin Mary, Saints, Martyrs and others. They were also portraying the cultural life of the Ethiopian people both in joy and in sorrow. The victories, patriotic deeds, cultural values, the destitution and the triumphs of the people were being also depicted and preserved for posterity in traditional paintings. This form of art was being perfected in Ethiopia for centuries on end. Even today, it is undergoing a higher stage of development. There is a saying in Ethiopia that what the father has preserved is of great use to the son. Our worthy forefathers have handed down to us a worthy heritage of church music, religious literature, poetry, architecture, paintings and others. Adequate education is being provided today on these immortal heritages by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. For this, thanks be to the Almighty who is the source of all power, knowledge and art.

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አንድ ሊቅ እንደገለጹት “ወደ ስልጣን የመጣዉ ሁሉ የሰንደቃላማን መልክ መቀያየር ብሔራዊ መዝሙር መለወጥ፤ የክፍለ -ሃገሮችን ያስተዳድር መዋቅር ማዘዋወር፤ታሪክ ማጥፋት፤ራስን ማንንት መገንባት ፤ማዳላት፤ ተንኮልን መጎንጎን እና በሕዝብ እየማሉ ሕዝብን መበደል...”ጥቂቶቹ የመጥፎ አስተዳደር ምልክቶች እንደሆኑ ገልጸዉ ነበር። ወያነ ትግራይ ወደ ሥልጣን ከመጣበት ቀን ጀምሮ ያስተዳዳር ብቃቱ እጅግ ደካማ ከመሆኑ የተነሳ በዉጭ ሃይሎች ሴራ እየተመከረ እና እየተረዳ የአገሪቱን ህልዉና አደጋ ላይ ስለጣላት፡ በዚህ ሕዝቡ በመቆጣቱ የተነሳ ተቃዉሞዉን በማሰማት ወያኔ/ኢሕአዴግ እንደ “የዉጭ ሃይሎች ቅጥረኛ” ያገር ጠላት በመታየቱ፤ ተቃዉሞዉን ለማርገብ ፣ሕዝቡን ፀጥ ለበጥ አድርጎ ለመግዛት እንዲቻለዉ የተጠቀመበት መሳሪያ “ዱላ”-እንደነሆነ ሁላችን የምናዉቀዉ ነዉ። ሰሞኑን በጎንደር ክፍለሃገር በኢንጂኔር ሃይሉ ሻዉል የሚመራ የ “መኢአድ” ድርጅት አደራጆች ከፍተኛ የድብደባ ግፍ በፋሺስቱ ወያነ ትግራይ መንግሥት “ብርጭቆ አጣቢዎች” እና “ቡቹሎች” እንደደረሰባቸዉ ዜናዎች ያስረዳሉ። ከማንኛቸዉም ድርጅቶች በላይ ወያኔ የሚፈራዉ እና በኩፉ ዓይን የሚያየዉ ቢኖር “መ ኢኣድ”ን እንደሆነ የፖለቲካ ታዛቢዎች የምታዉቁት ሃቅ ነዉ። መ ኢኣድ ድርጅቱን በስፋት በሃገሪቱ ዉስጥ ባሉት ገጠሮች እና ከተሞች በስፋት እና በፍጥነት ጽ/ቤቶቹን በመክፈት እና በማጠናከር ሥራ ላይ መሆኑን እንደታወቀ፤ የወያኔ መሪዎች ባለፈዉ ምርጫ የሃይሉ ሻዉል”-ድርጅት እና ጥንካሬ በብቃት ስላየዉ፤ ዛሬ ያንኑ የድርጅቱ ሕዝብን ባንድነት የማሰለፉ ብቃት መልሶ እየደገመዉ ስለተመለከተ፤ ወያነ በዚህ ምክንያት ኩፉኛ ተደናግጦ የለመደዉን ወረበላ ልማዱ በ“መኢኣድ” ድርጅት አባሎች እና አደራጆች ላይ “ዱላ” እየሰነዘረ መሆኑን ታዉቋል። ሰሞኑን የወያነ ትግራይ “ጀስታፖ” ወረበላ ታጣቂዎች በጎንደር ክፍለ ሃገር ዉስጥ የመ ኢአድ አደራጅ አባል ከፍተኛ ደብደባ ተፈጽሞባቸዉ ባሁኑ ሰዓት ሕይወታቸዉ በአደጋ ላይ ይገኛል። “ዞን”-እያለ በጌቶቹ ቋንቋ ያገሪቷን መስተዳደር የሚጠራዉን በደቡብ ጎንደር-“ዞን’-የመኢአድ ስራ አስፈጻሚ አባል እና የድርጅት ጉዳይ ሓላፊ የሆኑት አቶ “ዋለልኝ መንግሥት” የተባሉት ከደቡብ ጎንደር ጽ/ቤት ታዘዉ የደራ ሓሙሲትን ወረዳ ለማደራጀት እአንደተሰማሩ በወያኔ/ኢሕአዴግ ታጣቂዎች እና በፖሊሶች እጅ ከፍተኛ የሆነ ድብደባ ተፈጽሞባቸዉ ባሁኑ ጊዜ በጽኑ ቆስለዉ እየተሰቃዩ እንደሆነ ተገልጿል። አቶ ዋለልኝ ድብደባ ከተፈጸመባቸዉ በሗላ እርዳታ በማያገኙበት ሁኔታ በመጣላቸዉ ምክንያት፣ በድበድባዉ ምክንያት ብዙ ደም ስለፈሰሰባቸዉ ጉዳታቸዉ ተባብሷል። በመሳሪያ አፈሙዝ “ጭንቅላታቸዉ” በፈንከቱ “ባፍንጫቸዉ በኩል ብዙ ደም ፈሷቸዋል።”በተጨማሪም በደረሰባቸዉ ድብደባ የመተንፈሻ አካላቸዉ በመጎዳቱ መቆም እና መንቀሳቀስ እንደማይችሉ የተላለፉት ዜናዎቹ ያስረዳሉ። አቶ ዋልልኝ ከወደቁበት ቦታ በሞት ጣር ሲሰቃዩ ያገኝዋቸዉ ያካባቢዉ ኗሪዎች ከሞት ሊታገዳቸዉ እና እርዳታ ሊያደርግላቸዉ በመቻሉ ወደ መኖርያ ቤታቸዉ ወደ ደብረ ታቦር ከተማ በማድረስ ተባብሯቸዋል። ባሁን ወቅት እኚህ ዜጋ ወደ ከፍተኛ ሕክምና ወደ ባሕር ዳር ተወስደዉ በመ ኢአድ ድጋፍ ድርጅት ጽ/ቤት አባላት በኩል ድጋፍ እየተደረገላቸዉ ሕክምና ላይ እንዳሉ ተነገሯል። ከዚህ ሌላ ደግሞ በእዛዉ በጎንደር ዓለም ሰጋ አካባቢ የመ ኢአድ እንቅስቃሴ ለማስተጓጎል ሲባል ብዛት ያላቸዉ የወያኔ “ጄስታፖ”ታጣቂ ሃይሎች በአካባቢዉ በማሰማራት ማታ ማታ ኗሪዉን በማስፈራራት ሰላም እንደነሱትም ታዉቋል። ያካባቢዉ ገጠር ወጣቶችም እየደረሰባቸዉ ካለዉ ድንጋጤና ሽብር ዉጥረት ለመላቀቅ ሲሉ ወደ ተለያዩ ከቶም እየሸሹ እንደሆኑ ናቸዉ። ይህ የወጣቶች ከመኖርያ መንደሮቻቻዉ ወደ ሌሎች መተሞች እና ክፈላተሃገሮች መሸሽ የደርግን ጊዜ ስርዓት እየተደገመ እንደሆነ ያስታዉሰናል። ተያይዞም ከዚህ በፊት “ተጠባባቂ ሃይል” በሚል ስም ወታደራዊ ማስልጠና ተቋም ገብተዉ የነበሩ ባሁኑ ጊዜ ከነ ሙሉ ትጥቃቸዉ በደቡብ ጎንድር 12ወረዳዎች ዉስጥ ተሰማርተዉ በመ ኢአድ ላይ ማስፈራራትና ዛቻ እየሰነዘሩ እንደሆኑ ታዉቋል። ማስፈራቱም ቱኩረት ያደረገዉ አባላቱ ከ “መ ኢ አ ድ”-የማይወጡ ከሆነ ፤ “በአሸባሪነት” በመከሰስ ለእስር እንደሚዳረጉ እና የሚጠብቃቸዉ ዕድልም “ሞት” መሆኑን በመግለጽ እንደሚዝቱባቸዉ ሪፖርቶቹ ይገልጻሉ። ባጠቃላይ በሚፈጸመዉ ማስፈራራት እና ዛቻ ዉጥረት መፈጠሩ እና ኗሪዉ ተረጋግቶ የዕለት ተለት ስራዉን ለማከናወን እየተቸገረ እንደሆነ የደቡብ ጎንደር የአንድነት ጋዜጦች ያብራራሉ። ባልታጠቀ ሕዝብ ላይ የወያነ ትግራይ ወረበላ ታጣቂ “ጄስታፖዎች”-እየደረሱበት ያለዉን ግፍ የሚያመላክተን “ጎጃም”ዉስጥ ጅበላ (ሞተራ አምባ)-ላይ መሽገዉ አጼ ዮሓንስን የተዋጉዋቸዉን ንጉሥ ተክለሃይማኖት ማሸነፍ ሲያቅታቸዉ ጊዜ የንዴታቸዉ ብዛት አጼ ዮሃንስ በሕዝቡ ላይ አሰቃቂ ብትር እንዳሳረፉባቸዉ በአጼ ዬሐንስ ታጣቂዎች ልብሷን ልብሷን የተገፈፈች እና ከብቶቿ የተነዱባት አንዲት የጎጃም ሴት “በላይኛዉ ጌታ በባልንጀራዎ በቅዱስ ሚካኤል በጋሻ ጃግረዎ በጽላተ ሙሴ በነጭ አበዛዎ ጎጃምን ይማሩት ፈሪም አንልዎ።” ያለቺዉን ግጥም አስታወሰን።የትግሉ ምጣድ እየጋለ ፀሃይዋም እየበረታች በሄደች ቁጥር በግራ ቀኝ ሙቀቱ እየወበቀዉ ያለዉ ወያኔ እየተደናገጠ መሆኑን ከላይ ያየነዉ አመላካች የመደናገጡ ምልክት ነዉ።የጀረምን ጄስታፖዎች ዜጎችን በመደብደብ አና በማሸበር ሥልጣን ቢቆጣጠሩም ይዘዉት የነበረዉን ዱላ እና የተመኩበት ወረባላ የጀስታፖ ቡድን ከዘላለማዊ ዉድቀታቸዉ ሊያድናቸዉ አልቻለም። ወያነ ዱላ ያዘም አልያዘም ከሕዝቡ ልቦና የተተፋ በነብሰ እና በሃገር ጥፋት የፈጸሙ ግለሰቦች የሚመራ ቡድን በመሆኑ ዉድቀቱ አይቀሬ ነዉ። ኢትዮጵያዊነት ያሸንፋል!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do not Acknowledge the Eritrean Independent.It is Illegal

Do not Acknowledge Eritrean Independent! It is Illegal! Getachew Reda I am still puzzled by the mind of the majority of the Ethiopian elites who should have known better and coordinate the Ethio-Eritrea historical/political and kinship relation set the record right to its proper file. But, I guess not. I have read two top famous distinguished Ethiopians writings this week regarding the Ethio-Eritrean issue and relation. One article was written by Major Dawit and the other by my favorite the famous Tobia senior journalist brother Hassan Umer Abdela. Major Dawit is a great soldier and experienced diplomat, and also charming and fair judgment (since we encountered each other by accident in one place while he visited Tigray in the old time). Both writers are well informed distinguished Ethiopians when it comes to the Eritrean and Ethiopian issue. Having said this, I found it difficult to believe that, both seems to acknowledge the Eritrean the Eritrean problem/independence was caused mainly by Ethiopian governments mistreating Eritreans apart than any other Ethiopian citizens. Especially the roll of the brutal Ethiopian Army and the mistreating of the population in Eritrea. Especially, Major Dawit’s article is demanding Eritrean independent to be acknowledged as “legitimate” free country is unacceptable. Therefore, accusing Ethiopians as abusers and causing or opening the gate for Eritrea to be secede or demanding and preaching Ethiopians to acknowledge Eritrea’s freedom of independent, - both theory are not coherent in terms of looking if the aim was to look the injustice made to Ethiopia. I say “nonsense!’ I know that, I am one of the members who are elected by the public in San Jose, what they called it “Tea Committee” as a starting point to create Eritrean and Ethiopian community relation into a brotherly and sisterly atmosphere in order to divert the present animosity created by TPLF and EPLF leaders. But, that does not mean, I acknowledge the Eritrean independent, since the independent was not legitimate. Therefore, I will advocate any Ethiopia to get its own sea ports back by any means necessary now or in the future as long as Eritrea insists the sea ports to be kept and taken by force to be owned and managed by Eritrea. I have great respect for the two distinguished gentlemen, but, the independent of Eritrea didn’t achieved by perusing the Legal or historical Avenue. It did by means of force and conspiracy. As long as this key issue remains unresolved, it will be resisted and solved by great children of ours. And should not accept such injustice and criminality in which violates my accessorial historical struggle and as well the blood and bone of the gallant Ethiopian army’s blood and bon spread all over Eritrean Mountains and sea. I am I going to be called “the old guard or neftenga”, if that is the what they want to call me “go a head right on!” but, that doesn’t going to change my position from teaching the coming generation to increase their awareness that Eritrean sea ports (if the people didn’t want to be Ethiopians- that fine with me too) belongs to the Ethiopians as well. There is no contamination here, between faked history and natural history. The elites already failed on us for so many years by acknowledging the contaminated history that is been fabricated in Sahal mountain and in Cairo and as well in Dedebit in Sheraro Tigray. Many seemed to blame the king and the Derg for causing the Eritrean problem. I say, “Yes”, but not the cause. They did exacerbate the situation by administrate the people in a cruel hand, but COMMON! The mistreatment, the killings was not limited to Eritreans alone. It was leveled equally to all Ethiopians as well! I have my old book coming out in Tigring to be republished again, that many Eritreans who read it couldn’t believe that there was worst red terror in Tigray/Mekele than in Asmara. It was that particular reason why TPLF/EPLF/ELF got so many young Eritreans and Tigrayans fled to the rural jungle than to die or tortured in the urban areas. There seems to ask “what cause the Eritrean revolution to abrupt”. The cause can’t be thrown into one direction “Ethiopia’s bad administration” it has many causes and complex issues! One shouldn’t even bother to ask why. One need to ask is- is the snatching of the sea ports legal? Is land locking Ethiopia legal? These issues must come first before we go and look for a mystery cause. Some already told us they are Arabs not Habesha! So why looking reason for the cause to begin with? If one betrayed his identity, no matter what Ethiopian governments would have done- it might not change the mind of the group who are already telling us “I am not black but white Arab”. It is that simple. The two bandits (EPLF? ELF) were not also better than the Ethiopian Derg when it comes treating and administrating justice to their people. For me, both are bandits, criminals and mercenaries. Therefore, Ethiopians should not ask why Eritreans want to call themselves different people different country. They quit from engaging the truth and wanted to be abused by another abuser. So, they wet to the jungle and got what they were dreaming. We say, to them “there you go!” See you in Asmara changed to another misery again! It is obvious, no matter how bad your government mistreats you, you do not abandon your identity because, abandoning or isolation or secession never guaranty quality life. Eritrea is example for my argument. Eritreans are now dying to get the hell out of the “independent/Free Eritrea” from such misery and chose to die in Sahara desert. Those failed Ethiopian elites who preached us “the chapter is close as far as Eritrean independent concerns” the fore, “Accept it” is pathetic. That is what Isyas told us in his last months interview with ER. I say “No!” not yet; the chapter is not closed yet! It is not closed yet for me and my great grand children until we get the story strait! Last week I was reading a new book written by one of the top ELF veteran/diplomat who is now allied himself with EPLF in Asmara, in his book “Temkuro Ab Hagerawi Kalsi Eritrea” (Ali-Mohammed Salih Shum Ali) (The Experience in the struggle for Eritrean Nationalism) saying “as soon as Eritrea got independent it was “Hussni Mubarak” of Egypt who flew to Asmara as the first Statesman to acknowledge the Eritrean independent. Gammal Nasser of Egypt was the also the first leader to encourage and advice the Eritreans students association in Cairo (Banat Street) stating to them “a long struggle is awaiting you and you need to use force to win it”. That sprit (speech) he said gave the establishers of the front serves them as a candle.} Page 21. Sad as always, the Ethiopian elites are now failing miserably again as they did failed on us before. Currently advocating for acknowledgement of Eritrea as independent country seems to be their latest political bible. In my position, we have two choices to acknowledge and leave in misery and attacked by the Arabs and Islamic extremists using the two sea outlets or “fight back” the illegitimate and the injustice done to Ethiopia by the TPLF bandits and their surrogates. Believe it or not, those are the choice you got! Mind you, those who want you to acknowledge such mess are TPLF leaders such as “Seyoum Mesfin, Meles, Zenawi, Sebhat Nega” and “the other failed Ethiopian elites who are in the opposition comp” combined together. The elites are out there preaching such despicable teachings looking excuses for their failed laziness. That is all to it. Otherwise, they should have mobilized the Ethiopians in persistence day in day out bagging the corrupt UN not to acknowledge the illegitimate Eritrean independent and condoned the crime done to Ethiopia, before war out-broke in the coming unspecified future. This is unsolved issue we are dealing. Unfortunately, our elites are preaching the quality of the bandits and highlighting the cruelty of the Ethiopian previous governments and charged them as the only responsible party for Eritrea to go. They elites forgot they were part and parcel of the problem. The elites were principal preachers of nation and nationality rights up to secession. This is fascistic in nature. Of course, we have seen the roll of violence in changing the effect of the situation. If violence and force was the key player for Independence, and if we Ethiopians are blocked from our sea and no justice is reaching us, you mean to tell me to sit and get charged by all enemies surrounding us is the only option if the corrupted UN failed to bring fair justice (though I do not believe or trust on the corrupted UN institution to begin with)? Awareness is the crowning point here Ladies and Gentlemen. Our right is violated, therefore what should one does when his property, his possession, his culture, his existence is in dangerous? You and I know that, Ethiopian urban population from the beginning never trusts elites. They dress like European and speak like European. They are turncoats who have betrayed everything that goes to make up the national heritage. Eritrea is gone. Yes, so what? Such temporary setback should not kill the nationalist spirit. It is exactly why I told you last week that it is this kind of preaching the conspirators want you to repeat what they say after them. That is - “the situation is hapless, the charter is closed- therefore- let us kneel and give up”. This is the echo currently the elites teaching Ethiopians as final solution. I could see how the elite failed to enroll the country as whole in demanding their country back and reinforce their patriotic sentiments. The “let us acknowledge Eritrea independence” of the elites preaching is echo of hopelessness and laziness. They felt themselves dead and suddenly they want us to die with them. The people of Ethiopia have history of resisting colonization. Therefore, the present or the future generation of Ethiopian people must rise up and hold their flag and defend their mother land and revolt for national liberty. If I or you couldn’t do it; some one from the heroic embryonic land will hold his gun one day and defend Ethiopia. We refuse to give up! We refuse to give our hands to colonialists. The slogan “The chapter is closed” is highly exaggerated. Ethiopia is the embryonic of heroes not a land of cowards and mercenaries. The enemy is pursuing us in direct or indirect propagandas and we the uneducated Ethiopians in all walks should doctrines and prepare our mind to resist colonial teachings and any colonial avenues and laws that preach acknowledge the land lock of Ethiopia must be resisted. Most of all and most importantly, you all need to avoid accusing Ethiopia as cause for Eritrea independence and misery. The fronts themselves were worst human right abusers when it comes to treating people with respect. So stop throwing all dirt to Ethiopia as a source for any misery in Eritrea. They too have their own murderers, torturers and mindless thugs and misery creators as well. If as we are told, it was the Ethiopian’s abuse that Eritreans forced them to go away from Ethiopia- as the same talking “we didn’t see them coming back to Ethiopia, because the same (their own) freedom fighters who told them the abuse was reason for them to let them seek independent are now currently in government power brutally abusing them even worst than was Ethiopia blamed. So why is that they can’t come back now when they are in misery and abused by Isayas, but failed to combat him in Sahal in the same hill they fought us to come back to Ethiopia if they believe they were Ethiopians? Simply to find cause for them to go away to accuse Ethiopian administrations’ abuse as principal cause for Eritreans to seek independence is nonsense! They have their own freedom fighters in the government power abusing them worst ever and we didn’t see them claiming they want to be Ethiopians. Ethiopia gave all opportunity in the world, feed, and allows Eritreans every opportunity better themselves than the Ethiopians themselves. This hallucination need to be stop. It is ridiculous! So, stop attacking Ethiopia as an abuser! Stop preaching acknowledging the illegitimate and criminal Eritrea who land-locking-us-to-death!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Cozy Relation of Obama Administration with the Robber Barons of TPLF

The Cozy Relation of Obama Administration with the Robber Barons of TPLF
This month, many of you might have read the news that the Obama administration is now signaling its intention to keep Ethiopia as a key strategic partner in many agendas, despite the robber barons and criminal gangs of the “TPLF/EPRDF” guerrilla forces still in power for the last 18 years with the help of the “barrel of the gun” with the support of the Arabs, Europeans and Americans. Sadly, the Americans knew that these criminals have tortured many, many thousands of thousands of Ethiopians, killing so many life, causing many displacements, land locking Ethiopia, ethnic conflicts and most of all, they robbed the nation’s wealth by controlling the market that made these elites the most important financial dynasty in Ethiopia, perhaps even in Africa by using their financial empire as a tool to subdue the nation’s people under their order. Many of us knew that these killers, torturers and money bagger pigs are disgrace to Ethiopia. Obama being familiar with the record of the these jungle Czars, he is now telling you the fools out there, who were bluffing and talking in your Pal-Talks and websites too much about how he is going to be a positive friend of Ethiopa and with all the jargons you present and the poems that goes with it to made us believe “he is been the messiah waited for so long to rescue Ethiopia from repression, by denying financial assistance to the TPLF cartels. I know for sure, you made me all sick and nauseating when I was hearing such at the time of such hoopla. His Deputy Secretary of State Jacob Lew is now telling you “The deep relationship between the United States and Ethiopia is based on a number of shared values, shared concerns…”, “The strategic relationship remains a very important one, and we value it. I think it is mutually valued by the government of Ethiopia and the government of the United States.” “So I think we look to a future where we will be able to continue to work together not on just fighting common forces in the world that we think are a threat to each of us, but on a broader agenda where we can make a lasting difference in the quality of life in the life of the Ethiopian people, and by analogy people in many other countries to which we provide foreign assistance”. Let me also add one more from the other newly assigned diplomat Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Mr. Johnnie Carson, who acknowledged during an exclusive interview with the VOA Amharic service reporter Tizita Belachew, “the close working relationship the U.S. government enjoys with the administration of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi”. Carson said “the United States supports the current Ethiopian government “because” they overthrew the worst dictator in Africa, Mengistu Haile Mariam, and “enacted political reforms allowing opposition parties and civil liberties”. However, he said democratization is slowing down recently in Ethiopia. Assistant secretary of state for Africa (Emphasis added). He also said “We will want to talk to the Ethiopian government about opening political space, strengthening institutions, having greater involvement of civil society and more respect for the rights of individual in the economic and political sphere.” You see, he is telling us to thank TPLF exactly what Meles Zenawi demanded a thanks respnse from Ethiopians for freeing the country from Mengistu Hailemariam.
This reminded me the response of Dr.maru Gobena for such silly demand. I will quote Dr.Maru Gobena' should be abundantly clear that asking Ethiopians to be thankful to the ruling party for freeing them from Mengistu’s rule is more or less the same as asking the people of Iraq to be thankful to the Bush administration for invading their country, killing a good portion of the population, making their country a permanent battlefield of opposing groups and destroying their infrastructure in an irreparable fashion, and of course meanwhile for freeing them from the prolonged oppression of Saddam Hussein. To be honest to my Ethiopian compatriots, if I were the President Gorge W. Bush, I would not have had the courage to ask the people of Iraq to be thankful to the United States of America for what the United States did for or to them, to their country and to the future of their children. The same is true with regard of the ruling party of Ethiopia and its cadres. If I were the leader of the current ruling party of Ethiopia, I would not have dared to come up with such absurd demands as asking that Ethiopians should be thankful for what TPLF did to Ethiopia as a nation, its unity, its territorial integrity and culture, and indeed to its people. But it’s politics that determines and regulates both peace and war, and without which none of us can live! " "
Indeed Dr.Maru. You said it all. Sad as it is, A black diplomat form United States asigned to such imporant position, who should suppose to know better than the rest about his native “Africa”, seems to be the same phony like the rest before him. This diplomat might even worst ignorant in the African politics according to his reasons why his country America is supporting the cartels of TPLF who walk through a pool of bloodbath killing innocent citizens in that 17 years of jungle tyranny with no accountability so far. We will keep his ignorance from reviling it to those families of ours who were tortured by a flame of figs and woods of fire by these thugs in their last 17 years of their jungle tyranny not to make them more frustrated while they still hope one day justice will reveal. It is known for all of you out there, when it comes to betraying Ethiopia, American government purposely assigned mediocre diplomats (what they called them third/fourth rated diplomats like that of pathetic lady called “Jendayie Frazer” who had a cozy and tighter relation with the TPLF cartels in Addis Ababa. I am sure you will not forget her words when she defended the Agazi dead squads who wounded thousands, killed over some 200 demonstrators in one day stroke. Where else could you find some ignorant State department employees sent to encourage such mess except in Africa where Imperialists use Africa as their guinea ping Lab? Now, you recall my article as well Prof. Aleme Eshete’s article posted here in and, on which we expressed our concerns and suspicious nature of the American Imperialism government towards Ethiopia regardless Obam comes to power or not. Few emotionalists (Blind Bee) threw some insults towards us as a comment sent to our emails arguing why we are so much of a critique and suspicious of Obama. They told us “we never agree with anything”. The bluffing of Obam to deny assistance to African tyrants was simply a lie to fool the fools who never get tired being fooled by the sweet talker. Now, you know, and retrieve your insults away from us! In a similar fashion, when Ethiopian voted for Obama, there was so much media hypes and enthusiastic in the hope that he will be better than the rest of his predecessors when it comes to Ethiopian affairs. Wholly Cow! Not only he was similar to his predecessors, but also dangerous to the Ethiopian survival if he keeps continued looking a cozy relation as his Deputy Ass. Secretary of State told the world that he is going to work in the future with the TPLF cartels –quote “on a broader agenda where we can make a lasting difference in the quality of life in the life of the Ethiopian people, and by analogy people in many other countries to which the we provide foreign assistance”. End of quote. Did you hear that? This imperialist nature is still functioning with its adventure and supremacy to boasting to advance the quality of life of the Ethiopian people, and many other countries to which they provide foreign assistance, when it can’t even feed its own people when rich States like California is now going through financial hardship writing contractors and workers a check called “IOU” that can’t be chased until October 2009! Read “California’s Budget Meltdown” San Jose Mercury news, July2, 2009. And yet, these adventurists are going in the same Imperialist nature that America walked in the past records of history, by starving its own population, giving away Millions of Dollars for governments who murder their own citizens in order the U.S. system to control those tyrants under their New World Order as their pets. It is that sickness of desire to keep the tyrants of Africa as their pets that we heard them asserting they will continue to have “broader” relation with these cartels in Addis Abba providing the support they need to a kill our families. That s why they are telling you to tolerate their “golden puppet” Meles Zenawi who is a CIA given gift to the “bare feet” Ethiopans with his “ slow pas of Democracy” who murdered so many lives and incarcerated thousands and thousands without any accountability of law. And that is fine with the Cow Boy Americans for the CIA boy to murder children and elderly indiscriminately and get away with it for so long (not to mention what his criminal gangs did to the population in Tigray (including torturing elders with “burning wood-fire”) while they were in the jungle as guerillas. Not to mention, their thug leader calling himself PM, physically participating in poisoning some 70 war captives with cyanide poison and killed them all in seconds, in a cruel way of execution one can’t imagine such will be done in Tigray jungles).Mercy! Talk about cruelty! Oh! We already know that many Ethiopians are concerned and frustrated over misshaping in our nation. Those who are fortunate to detect TPLF’s treachery on time are now openly talking to resist the thievery of these thugs in power tirelessly. But, those who are not fortunate to realize the beast nature of the TPLF cartels late are now feeling some thing is wrong, drastically wrong, but because of the confusion some media pets who serve the thugs for money and gift, the frustrated citizens can’t quite put their fingers on it what exactly went wrong. If one follows the TPLF media prepared by their “house pets”, you will understand how they shamelessly tried keeping you away from discovering what they are masters are doing. We also know that the thugs recruit ill informed inexperienced “youth” inside the media and control these “media pets” in a different shape and form and have the big guns of the mass media at their disposal to confuse the already confused population more to its worst confusion by praising the World Bank, America and others any time they throw million Dollars in to the hands of these thugs to show us how the Woyane Tigray Cartels are supported and loved by America and the world Bank (no shame at all!). One should not be so furious at the TPLF “House pet’ media. They are just doing their job as any pet recreates and licks at his owner hand. What made me feel nauseated is when some Ethiopian educated sectors followed the confused American leftists propaganda (worst than the despicable Republicans’) crowd repeating the slogan Obama! Obama! Obama! Similarly just as most women followed fashions. Obama is there to execute the Supremacist America’s agenda “support the tyrant on behalf of the Americans”. Obama is no better than the rest of the Nixon, Bush carter and the rest of the anti Ethiopian pigs who were disrupting the sovereignty of Ethiopia by training and supporting these forest thugs to kill our people. It is a painful digit to count the number of problems our Ethiopia is trapped in. Yes, our problems are ourselves. But, a principal player of all the conspiracy executed against Ethiopia was masterminded by America, Israel, Arab and Europeans. Americans selectively trained and recruited elements from TPLF and EPLF and OLF to destroy Ethiopia. Any time these thugs killed human life in Ethiopia- the U.S. & the European governments showered them a new fund in the form of aid. As soon as they killed hundreds of demonstrators, you will observe the puppet-officers of the thugs in Addis fly for U.S to begin a tour of business under the mission “a new trade relation”. Any time the cartels repressed the voice of the people, American x-presidents or European presidents gets invited as guests and flew to Ethiopia and expressed their warm relation with thugs who are repressing the voice of the people. Numbers, I mean huge numbers of members of TPLF death squad and their security and spy officers, colonels, high ranking guerilla commanders of TPLF who killed so many lives in town and in villages are still allowed to stay in America. Some are in business tour name, some in the name of scholarship, some for medical reasons as cover up. What are they doing here? They are here to spy Ethiopians, they here to murder those who expose their crime! American government knows this well. This thugs and killers are all wet socked blood tainted hands allowed by the U.S. government support to continue their higher education in this country after they tortured and killed our families. Why? Because they made Americans happy for killing Ethiopia and destroying its language, culture and land locking it on behalf of the Arabs, Americans and Israel. Exactly what Americans & the cursed Arab kings wish to see Ethiopia landlocked. No other puppet in Ethiopia will come to serve the CIA and the Arabs as the cartels of Weyane Tigray did serve. Never! That is the reason why still the Obama administration wants “broader” relation with the thugs in Addis. I am not writing this just because I want to curse these thugs. This is for real! There is no doubt, that there are members of TPLF who are CIA recruited agents who simply are doing what the Arabs, the CIA and the Mosad of Israel wanted them to do. If you have been following news about the Arc of Covenant how the TPLF CIA agent with a General rank in the TPLF circle, cooperated in taking out the Ark from Axum when after the CIA, Mosad and Arab agents in Ethiopia (the cover name “TPLF and EPLF”) won the war against Ethiopia, Israel sent in a group of commandos from the tribe of Levi and the carried the Ark onto a plane and back to Israel in 1991” (read full story from World Net Daily). Is the story right or not is not the question. It is to that extent, these thugs are even disrespected and by foreign news papers and media not as a respected patriotic Ethiopian government group, but as “thugs” who sell their mother country for foreigners to stay in power to control society under their order. If these robber barons couldn’t have been mercenary thugs, would any one, any media in the glob narrate a story of such a heavy mercenary crime for King Haileselassie or Mengistu or any of the previous kings in such disrespecting way of depiction be it the story right or wrong? It is very clear for all to see that the Bush Jr. Ethiopia was infested of all kind of mercenaries from Pentecost preachers who are allowed to abuse small children with no parents or government to protect them (see the video posted on on the right side of the page on the Audio/video section). Children have been a pry for homosexual predators, which were suppose to be NGO helping the “poor”. Under the support and recognition of TPLF as a government of Ethiopia American presidents hailed the divided and rule apartheid policy that forced Ethiopian citizen to administrate on language base administration. American presidents hailed TPLF for forcing Ethiopians write and learn in Latin and Arabic by abandoning the native Amharic as the national language and the native G’e’ez alphabet - the only script Africa known in its entire history. Youngsters are currently chewing Chat in Tigray and elsewhere where Chat was never known in our millennia history. Why? Each American diplomats and European diplomats including the pathetic World Bank hailed TPLF cartels for robbing the nation’s capital and controlling the land and the farm including the central bank through which no strong army could have managed to control a nation for so long as TPLF did it, unless, controls the central bank of the nation along trade business, industries and heavy equipments as main distributer, exporter importer. These thugs have one foot in the bank, one foot in the army. The American and European and the Arab financiers surely set up their own man in charge of TPLF and in charge of the Executive power of the Ethiopian system the shameless mercenary Meles Zenawi. That makes the life of Ethiopians harder, crude and misery. American leaders want to see Ethiopia suffer by tyrants, mindless thugs. There is reason behind the conspiracy why Americans, Europeans are cooperating in destroying Ethiopia. Ethiopians are made to pay back what our ancestors did to the fascists invaders from Italia in Adua this time under these mercenary cartels calling themselves “TPLF/EPLF/OLF and all the rest of the jungle thugs who get exacted smelling human blood as their cologne/perfume who are really socked dry and wet with human blood from their head to toe” are the real proxy tools for Americana and the Europeans who are doing their job on behalf. The Americans, Arabs & Europeans chimes, Japan you name it “All” are now in full control of Ethiopia. It is not secret for the last 18 years that these criminals are openly and secretly working for the big brothers in America and Europe and for the Petroleum kings and princes of the Arabia deserts directly and indirectly to ruin Ethiopia, which they already did a painful damage by land locking the nation which Italy, Turks, Arabs and Egypt tried so many times, but failed to landlocked Ethiopia. The ethnic cleansing, and the religion conflict surfaced to the open eye doesn’t require a scholar mind to figure out what went wrong to Ethiopia. The nation is under a proxy government that works for outsiders. After seeing the post –election mass killings by Agazi it is still shocking for many us to see Obama government allowing one of the leader of TPLF cartels “Mr. Sebhat Nega” to come to America to carry his spy mission. It is a strange world we are in! Americans never value human life when it comes to judge their pets in Africa. Isn’t it? It is not their fault. It is the mediocre Ethiopian Lawyers and scholars that failed on us. They should have collect financial support from us and from NGO and file a law suit against these thugs who burn our family to their death with fires and bullets. So much crime, many seems didn’t give attention! It is amazing now when you think of the phony strength of these thugs roaming around America as heroes after controlling 80 Million populations. Many were made to believe these criminals get the guns from the Derg Army when they were fighting Ethiopia. We were wrong. Many of their logistic support, gun, money, Advice and satellite spy information were supplied by the same governments who now talking about relation with these phony elements clearly ““work together not on just fighting common forces in the world that we think are a threat to each of us, but on a broader agenda where we can make a lasting difference in the quality of life in the life of the Ethiopian people, and by analogy people in many other countries to which we provide foreign assistance”. This “phrase” of “common force of enemy” is not new word. At the time of the Derg “Communism socialism” was taken as the “common force of enemy”. To remove that common force of enemy, they had to arm and trained the anti Ethiopian forces EPLF/TPLF/OLF and the rest on which finally managed to landlocked the nation in order the Israel and Americans to re-control the red sea zone then controlled by the Russians. It is the same game repeated itself during Obama’s administration explaining to the world why the U.S. is supporting and wanted to have a cozy love relation with robber barons of TPLF elites and wanted to “provide foreign assistance”. When asked- “why?” Their response was “make quality of life of the Ethiopian people”. Do you hear that? Unless one has a different agenda, how could it be possible to make quality of life of the Ethiopia people when American government can’t even provide basic medical coverage to its veterans? To its people who are socked deep with tens of thousands of Dollars of Dept from lack of insurance? American government can’t even offer a tent to the new homeless citizens who lost their home due to the robber barons and cheaters conspiracy. We live here, we are Americans. Who are they lying to? Sad! It such exact scenario why I oppose the Obama nonsense when its own new administrative officials are still living in the old world of lie. How could it be possible for America to bring a quality life to Ethiopia when its own citizens are infested by drug gangs who controlled the life, and the daily movement of the entire population of this country? People scared to open their mouth, people, women, children scared to walk certain street in day light time even to do their laundry from door to the next door if it is a bad hood . The neighborhood gangs and bullies, seems to win the system successfully. It is obvious, the system is not functioning well to keep the life of citizen’s safety or to use the Ass. Secretary’s word “Quality Life”. Robber barons, bankers, “money thrust” preachers many of these pigs going extra mile to make a few Dollars while their cities are infested by conspiratorial gangs. Many cities are infested by young gun bullies and drug dealers and school drop outs whose brain failed to understand this complex world. They threaten any one who violates their territories. In other words, America is a failed sate! Where is American government when you need it the most? Why are they going to other world to keep peace and fight terrorists while local gang terrorists kept the citizen’s life in fear? Doesn’t Obama administration officials have a little sense of shame when they said they are out there to “give the Ethiopian people a quality life”? Finally, after reading this, some of you brothers and sisters will bemoan the fact that the situation is hopeless. This is of course what the cartels and their surrogates want you to do. The conspiracy can be defeated. The conspirators are no omnipotent. They are human beings. If you crack them of course they will bleed so bad with great pain and run away from power. It is true the robber barons running the Ethiopian government are supported by super powers from east to west. It is true they have high finances and mass media to confuse the population. The conspiracy controls every thing but you. You and I are their Achilles heel if each of us willing to fight TPLF with no fear to expose them who they are. There is American proverb that I love “Quitters never win, and winners never quit. We need million Ethiopians who are not quitters, more over we have the will to win! You need to tell the spade a spade as they say. Stand up and challenge these phony thugs and their masters tighter than before. Thanks- Getachew Reda