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The Cozy Relation of Obama Administration with the Robber Barons of TPLF

The Cozy Relation of Obama Administration with the Robber Barons of TPLF
This month, many of you might have read the news that the Obama administration is now signaling its intention to keep Ethiopia as a key strategic partner in many agendas, despite the robber barons and criminal gangs of the “TPLF/EPRDF” guerrilla forces still in power for the last 18 years with the help of the “barrel of the gun” with the support of the Arabs, Europeans and Americans. Sadly, the Americans knew that these criminals have tortured many, many thousands of thousands of Ethiopians, killing so many life, causing many displacements, land locking Ethiopia, ethnic conflicts and most of all, they robbed the nation’s wealth by controlling the market that made these elites the most important financial dynasty in Ethiopia, perhaps even in Africa by using their financial empire as a tool to subdue the nation’s people under their order. Many of us knew that these killers, torturers and money bagger pigs are disgrace to Ethiopia. Obama being familiar with the record of the these jungle Czars, he is now telling you the fools out there, who were bluffing and talking in your Pal-Talks and websites too much about how he is going to be a positive friend of Ethiopa and with all the jargons you present and the poems that goes with it to made us believe “he is been the messiah waited for so long to rescue Ethiopia from repression, by denying financial assistance to the TPLF cartels. I know for sure, you made me all sick and nauseating when I was hearing such at the time of such hoopla. His Deputy Secretary of State Jacob Lew is now telling you “The deep relationship between the United States and Ethiopia is based on a number of shared values, shared concerns…”, “The strategic relationship remains a very important one, and we value it. I think it is mutually valued by the government of Ethiopia and the government of the United States.” “So I think we look to a future where we will be able to continue to work together not on just fighting common forces in the world that we think are a threat to each of us, but on a broader agenda where we can make a lasting difference in the quality of life in the life of the Ethiopian people, and by analogy people in many other countries to which we provide foreign assistance”. Let me also add one more from the other newly assigned diplomat Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Mr. Johnnie Carson, who acknowledged during an exclusive interview with the VOA Amharic service reporter Tizita Belachew, “the close working relationship the U.S. government enjoys with the administration of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi”. Carson said “the United States supports the current Ethiopian government “because” they overthrew the worst dictator in Africa, Mengistu Haile Mariam, and “enacted political reforms allowing opposition parties and civil liberties”. However, he said democratization is slowing down recently in Ethiopia. Assistant secretary of state for Africa (Emphasis added). He also said “We will want to talk to the Ethiopian government about opening political space, strengthening institutions, having greater involvement of civil society and more respect for the rights of individual in the economic and political sphere.” You see, he is telling us to thank TPLF exactly what Meles Zenawi demanded a thanks respnse from Ethiopians for freeing the country from Mengistu Hailemariam.
This reminded me the response of Dr.maru Gobena for such silly demand. I will quote Dr.Maru Gobena' should be abundantly clear that asking Ethiopians to be thankful to the ruling party for freeing them from Mengistu’s rule is more or less the same as asking the people of Iraq to be thankful to the Bush administration for invading their country, killing a good portion of the population, making their country a permanent battlefield of opposing groups and destroying their infrastructure in an irreparable fashion, and of course meanwhile for freeing them from the prolonged oppression of Saddam Hussein. To be honest to my Ethiopian compatriots, if I were the President Gorge W. Bush, I would not have had the courage to ask the people of Iraq to be thankful to the United States of America for what the United States did for or to them, to their country and to the future of their children. The same is true with regard of the ruling party of Ethiopia and its cadres. If I were the leader of the current ruling party of Ethiopia, I would not have dared to come up with such absurd demands as asking that Ethiopians should be thankful for what TPLF did to Ethiopia as a nation, its unity, its territorial integrity and culture, and indeed to its people. But it’s politics that determines and regulates both peace and war, and without which none of us can live! " "
Indeed Dr.Maru. You said it all. Sad as it is, A black diplomat form United States asigned to such imporant position, who should suppose to know better than the rest about his native “Africa”, seems to be the same phony like the rest before him. This diplomat might even worst ignorant in the African politics according to his reasons why his country America is supporting the cartels of TPLF who walk through a pool of bloodbath killing innocent citizens in that 17 years of jungle tyranny with no accountability so far. We will keep his ignorance from reviling it to those families of ours who were tortured by a flame of figs and woods of fire by these thugs in their last 17 years of their jungle tyranny not to make them more frustrated while they still hope one day justice will reveal. It is known for all of you out there, when it comes to betraying Ethiopia, American government purposely assigned mediocre diplomats (what they called them third/fourth rated diplomats like that of pathetic lady called “Jendayie Frazer” who had a cozy and tighter relation with the TPLF cartels in Addis Ababa. I am sure you will not forget her words when she defended the Agazi dead squads who wounded thousands, killed over some 200 demonstrators in one day stroke. Where else could you find some ignorant State department employees sent to encourage such mess except in Africa where Imperialists use Africa as their guinea ping Lab? Now, you recall my article as well Prof. Aleme Eshete’s article posted here in and, on which we expressed our concerns and suspicious nature of the American Imperialism government towards Ethiopia regardless Obam comes to power or not. Few emotionalists (Blind Bee) threw some insults towards us as a comment sent to our emails arguing why we are so much of a critique and suspicious of Obama. They told us “we never agree with anything”. The bluffing of Obam to deny assistance to African tyrants was simply a lie to fool the fools who never get tired being fooled by the sweet talker. Now, you know, and retrieve your insults away from us! In a similar fashion, when Ethiopian voted for Obama, there was so much media hypes and enthusiastic in the hope that he will be better than the rest of his predecessors when it comes to Ethiopian affairs. Wholly Cow! Not only he was similar to his predecessors, but also dangerous to the Ethiopian survival if he keeps continued looking a cozy relation as his Deputy Ass. Secretary of State told the world that he is going to work in the future with the TPLF cartels –quote “on a broader agenda where we can make a lasting difference in the quality of life in the life of the Ethiopian people, and by analogy people in many other countries to which the we provide foreign assistance”. End of quote. Did you hear that? This imperialist nature is still functioning with its adventure and supremacy to boasting to advance the quality of life of the Ethiopian people, and many other countries to which they provide foreign assistance, when it can’t even feed its own people when rich States like California is now going through financial hardship writing contractors and workers a check called “IOU” that can’t be chased until October 2009! Read “California’s Budget Meltdown” San Jose Mercury news, July2, 2009. And yet, these adventurists are going in the same Imperialist nature that America walked in the past records of history, by starving its own population, giving away Millions of Dollars for governments who murder their own citizens in order the U.S. system to control those tyrants under their New World Order as their pets. It is that sickness of desire to keep the tyrants of Africa as their pets that we heard them asserting they will continue to have “broader” relation with these cartels in Addis Abba providing the support they need to a kill our families. That s why they are telling you to tolerate their “golden puppet” Meles Zenawi who is a CIA given gift to the “bare feet” Ethiopans with his “ slow pas of Democracy” who murdered so many lives and incarcerated thousands and thousands without any accountability of law. And that is fine with the Cow Boy Americans for the CIA boy to murder children and elderly indiscriminately and get away with it for so long (not to mention what his criminal gangs did to the population in Tigray (including torturing elders with “burning wood-fire”) while they were in the jungle as guerillas. Not to mention, their thug leader calling himself PM, physically participating in poisoning some 70 war captives with cyanide poison and killed them all in seconds, in a cruel way of execution one can’t imagine such will be done in Tigray jungles).Mercy! Talk about cruelty! Oh! We already know that many Ethiopians are concerned and frustrated over misshaping in our nation. Those who are fortunate to detect TPLF’s treachery on time are now openly talking to resist the thievery of these thugs in power tirelessly. But, those who are not fortunate to realize the beast nature of the TPLF cartels late are now feeling some thing is wrong, drastically wrong, but because of the confusion some media pets who serve the thugs for money and gift, the frustrated citizens can’t quite put their fingers on it what exactly went wrong. If one follows the TPLF media prepared by their “house pets”, you will understand how they shamelessly tried keeping you away from discovering what they are masters are doing. We also know that the thugs recruit ill informed inexperienced “youth” inside the media and control these “media pets” in a different shape and form and have the big guns of the mass media at their disposal to confuse the already confused population more to its worst confusion by praising the World Bank, America and others any time they throw million Dollars in to the hands of these thugs to show us how the Woyane Tigray Cartels are supported and loved by America and the world Bank (no shame at all!). One should not be so furious at the TPLF “House pet’ media. They are just doing their job as any pet recreates and licks at his owner hand. What made me feel nauseated is when some Ethiopian educated sectors followed the confused American leftists propaganda (worst than the despicable Republicans’) crowd repeating the slogan Obama! Obama! Obama! Similarly just as most women followed fashions. Obama is there to execute the Supremacist America’s agenda “support the tyrant on behalf of the Americans”. Obama is no better than the rest of the Nixon, Bush carter and the rest of the anti Ethiopian pigs who were disrupting the sovereignty of Ethiopia by training and supporting these forest thugs to kill our people. It is a painful digit to count the number of problems our Ethiopia is trapped in. Yes, our problems are ourselves. But, a principal player of all the conspiracy executed against Ethiopia was masterminded by America, Israel, Arab and Europeans. Americans selectively trained and recruited elements from TPLF and EPLF and OLF to destroy Ethiopia. Any time these thugs killed human life in Ethiopia- the U.S. & the European governments showered them a new fund in the form of aid. As soon as they killed hundreds of demonstrators, you will observe the puppet-officers of the thugs in Addis fly for U.S to begin a tour of business under the mission “a new trade relation”. Any time the cartels repressed the voice of the people, American x-presidents or European presidents gets invited as guests and flew to Ethiopia and expressed their warm relation with thugs who are repressing the voice of the people. Numbers, I mean huge numbers of members of TPLF death squad and their security and spy officers, colonels, high ranking guerilla commanders of TPLF who killed so many lives in town and in villages are still allowed to stay in America. Some are in business tour name, some in the name of scholarship, some for medical reasons as cover up. What are they doing here? They are here to spy Ethiopians, they here to murder those who expose their crime! American government knows this well. This thugs and killers are all wet socked blood tainted hands allowed by the U.S. government support to continue their higher education in this country after they tortured and killed our families. Why? Because they made Americans happy for killing Ethiopia and destroying its language, culture and land locking it on behalf of the Arabs, Americans and Israel. Exactly what Americans & the cursed Arab kings wish to see Ethiopia landlocked. No other puppet in Ethiopia will come to serve the CIA and the Arabs as the cartels of Weyane Tigray did serve. Never! That is the reason why still the Obama administration wants “broader” relation with the thugs in Addis. I am not writing this just because I want to curse these thugs. This is for real! There is no doubt, that there are members of TPLF who are CIA recruited agents who simply are doing what the Arabs, the CIA and the Mosad of Israel wanted them to do. If you have been following news about the Arc of Covenant how the TPLF CIA agent with a General rank in the TPLF circle, cooperated in taking out the Ark from Axum when after the CIA, Mosad and Arab agents in Ethiopia (the cover name “TPLF and EPLF”) won the war against Ethiopia, Israel sent in a group of commandos from the tribe of Levi and the carried the Ark onto a plane and back to Israel in 1991” (read full story from World Net Daily). Is the story right or not is not the question. It is to that extent, these thugs are even disrespected and by foreign news papers and media not as a respected patriotic Ethiopian government group, but as “thugs” who sell their mother country for foreigners to stay in power to control society under their order. If these robber barons couldn’t have been mercenary thugs, would any one, any media in the glob narrate a story of such a heavy mercenary crime for King Haileselassie or Mengistu or any of the previous kings in such disrespecting way of depiction be it the story right or wrong? It is very clear for all to see that the Bush Jr. Ethiopia was infested of all kind of mercenaries from Pentecost preachers who are allowed to abuse small children with no parents or government to protect them (see the video posted on on the right side of the page on the Audio/video section). Children have been a pry for homosexual predators, which were suppose to be NGO helping the “poor”. Under the support and recognition of TPLF as a government of Ethiopia American presidents hailed the divided and rule apartheid policy that forced Ethiopian citizen to administrate on language base administration. American presidents hailed TPLF for forcing Ethiopians write and learn in Latin and Arabic by abandoning the native Amharic as the national language and the native G’e’ez alphabet - the only script Africa known in its entire history. Youngsters are currently chewing Chat in Tigray and elsewhere where Chat was never known in our millennia history. Why? Each American diplomats and European diplomats including the pathetic World Bank hailed TPLF cartels for robbing the nation’s capital and controlling the land and the farm including the central bank through which no strong army could have managed to control a nation for so long as TPLF did it, unless, controls the central bank of the nation along trade business, industries and heavy equipments as main distributer, exporter importer. These thugs have one foot in the bank, one foot in the army. The American and European and the Arab financiers surely set up their own man in charge of TPLF and in charge of the Executive power of the Ethiopian system the shameless mercenary Meles Zenawi. That makes the life of Ethiopians harder, crude and misery. American leaders want to see Ethiopia suffer by tyrants, mindless thugs. There is reason behind the conspiracy why Americans, Europeans are cooperating in destroying Ethiopia. Ethiopians are made to pay back what our ancestors did to the fascists invaders from Italia in Adua this time under these mercenary cartels calling themselves “TPLF/EPLF/OLF and all the rest of the jungle thugs who get exacted smelling human blood as their cologne/perfume who are really socked dry and wet with human blood from their head to toe” are the real proxy tools for Americana and the Europeans who are doing their job on behalf. The Americans, Arabs & Europeans chimes, Japan you name it “All” are now in full control of Ethiopia. It is not secret for the last 18 years that these criminals are openly and secretly working for the big brothers in America and Europe and for the Petroleum kings and princes of the Arabia deserts directly and indirectly to ruin Ethiopia, which they already did a painful damage by land locking the nation which Italy, Turks, Arabs and Egypt tried so many times, but failed to landlocked Ethiopia. The ethnic cleansing, and the religion conflict surfaced to the open eye doesn’t require a scholar mind to figure out what went wrong to Ethiopia. The nation is under a proxy government that works for outsiders. After seeing the post –election mass killings by Agazi it is still shocking for many us to see Obama government allowing one of the leader of TPLF cartels “Mr. Sebhat Nega” to come to America to carry his spy mission. It is a strange world we are in! Americans never value human life when it comes to judge their pets in Africa. Isn’t it? It is not their fault. It is the mediocre Ethiopian Lawyers and scholars that failed on us. They should have collect financial support from us and from NGO and file a law suit against these thugs who burn our family to their death with fires and bullets. So much crime, many seems didn’t give attention! It is amazing now when you think of the phony strength of these thugs roaming around America as heroes after controlling 80 Million populations. Many were made to believe these criminals get the guns from the Derg Army when they were fighting Ethiopia. We were wrong. Many of their logistic support, gun, money, Advice and satellite spy information were supplied by the same governments who now talking about relation with these phony elements clearly ““work together not on just fighting common forces in the world that we think are a threat to each of us, but on a broader agenda where we can make a lasting difference in the quality of life in the life of the Ethiopian people, and by analogy people in many other countries to which we provide foreign assistance”. This “phrase” of “common force of enemy” is not new word. At the time of the Derg “Communism socialism” was taken as the “common force of enemy”. To remove that common force of enemy, they had to arm and trained the anti Ethiopian forces EPLF/TPLF/OLF and the rest on which finally managed to landlocked the nation in order the Israel and Americans to re-control the red sea zone then controlled by the Russians. It is the same game repeated itself during Obama’s administration explaining to the world why the U.S. is supporting and wanted to have a cozy love relation with robber barons of TPLF elites and wanted to “provide foreign assistance”. When asked- “why?” Their response was “make quality of life of the Ethiopian people”. Do you hear that? Unless one has a different agenda, how could it be possible to make quality of life of the Ethiopia people when American government can’t even provide basic medical coverage to its veterans? To its people who are socked deep with tens of thousands of Dollars of Dept from lack of insurance? American government can’t even offer a tent to the new homeless citizens who lost their home due to the robber barons and cheaters conspiracy. We live here, we are Americans. Who are they lying to? Sad! It such exact scenario why I oppose the Obama nonsense when its own new administrative officials are still living in the old world of lie. How could it be possible for America to bring a quality life to Ethiopia when its own citizens are infested by drug gangs who controlled the life, and the daily movement of the entire population of this country? People scared to open their mouth, people, women, children scared to walk certain street in day light time even to do their laundry from door to the next door if it is a bad hood . The neighborhood gangs and bullies, seems to win the system successfully. It is obvious, the system is not functioning well to keep the life of citizen’s safety or to use the Ass. Secretary’s word “Quality Life”. Robber barons, bankers, “money thrust” preachers many of these pigs going extra mile to make a few Dollars while their cities are infested by conspiratorial gangs. Many cities are infested by young gun bullies and drug dealers and school drop outs whose brain failed to understand this complex world. They threaten any one who violates their territories. In other words, America is a failed sate! Where is American government when you need it the most? Why are they going to other world to keep peace and fight terrorists while local gang terrorists kept the citizen’s life in fear? Doesn’t Obama administration officials have a little sense of shame when they said they are out there to “give the Ethiopian people a quality life”? Finally, after reading this, some of you brothers and sisters will bemoan the fact that the situation is hopeless. This is of course what the cartels and their surrogates want you to do. The conspiracy can be defeated. The conspirators are no omnipotent. They are human beings. If you crack them of course they will bleed so bad with great pain and run away from power. It is true the robber barons running the Ethiopian government are supported by super powers from east to west. It is true they have high finances and mass media to confuse the population. The conspiracy controls every thing but you. You and I are their Achilles heel if each of us willing to fight TPLF with no fear to expose them who they are. There is American proverb that I love “Quitters never win, and winners never quit. We need million Ethiopians who are not quitters, more over we have the will to win! You need to tell the spade a spade as they say. Stand up and challenge these phony thugs and their masters tighter than before. Thanks- Getachew Reda


Anonymous said...

Dear Getachew Reda,

As always you are in my heart.

I love your straight-to-the-point way of dealings that nailed down frivolous, self-righteous, crooked so called scholars. In my humblest view, a dozen of them even not worth as an ordinary farmer in many respects.
They queue up with the largest scoop on the first line when the national cake is dispensed and lags behind when there is a national call that counts for a bit of sacrifice.
We gave up on them to say the least. It is already become a tradition of Ethiopian scholars to betray their nation without the slightest shame.
I think Ethiopia will be better off without them if attempts to bring up a new generation of scholars which are not spoiled by such clumsy role models.

No question about it, that a country without scholars is sick, but a country with fat corrupt scholars is dead. The bad news is yours and mine nation - Ethiopia falls under the later tragic category.

There is a growing consensus among the breadth and width of Ethiopian society that Ethiopia shall bypass current useless scholars if aspires to achieve its past glory by energizing peasants, workers, merchants, students and other section of the society whose potential ever since had been underutilized.

I always appreciate you for telling spade is spade.

Your respectful compatriot
O. Ujilu

Getachew Reda said...

From the editor Getachew Reda-
Dear O.Ujilu, I love you more!