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Herre is the Article per your Inquiry

Here is the Article per your inquiry
ByGetachew Reda
The Above Pictures are all Abraham Yayeh’s taken from the EPLF Hiwyet magazine from Asmara while he was interviewed by the magazine editors live in Asmara [October 2000 edition#14]Dear Readers: this article response to Abraham Yayeh was written in 2005 and posted on As you know, his articles were rejected by opposition media for years. His last article that triggered this article was posted on in 2005. To our surprise, now days, again recently, he is allowed to post his racist and divisive anti Amhara propaganda on the paper calling itself “Ethiopia Zare” after the editor noticed Abraham Yayeh praising the Ginbot 7 group and the young lady Birtukan Mediksa (here we again, getting Abraham Yayeh as their new propagandist!).
Many people emailed me to repost this article and here per your request, I am posting it again to let others who never read this article get the chance to read it. Though this one is edited and a bit different than the original one. I encourage all readers to read the previous article attached below at the end, but a revised article.
Here, I will make you start reading some quotes from our Tigrayan society taken interview by our Tigrayan intellectuals’ and published as a book. I believe this will help my readers how far our society in Tigray are far behind as the rest of other feudalistic society, ruled by ethnocentric feudal rulers of our time calling themselves “TPLF”.
"What is interesting here is that neither the Italians nor the Turks, Egyptians or Mahdists are mentioned here as historical enemies by majority of the informants (82.1%) start and end with the Amhara Shoa. It is the Amhara (Shoa) who come to the minds of Tigrayans when they think of their enemies in history. (Alemseged Abbay –Identity Jilted page 154) <.(18)
Amhara!...always Amhara! The Showans always intrigue against us. They always want to hurt us. Their chauvinism has put us where we are today. Let God help us be more patient and tolerant than they are (haleqa sequar)
(Such statements are clear references to “atavistic hatreds” and ancestral enmities” (19)The potency of the atavistic hatreds and ancestral enmities was shown by answers given to the question of whether respondents feared being treated by Amhara doctors. 64.3% of the Tigrayan civilians categorically said they do not trust Amhara doctors. The anti Amhara feelings of most of the Kebessa (the High –lands in Eritrea) informants are a lot milder than those of Tigrayans. One 85 years- old informant would not trust Amhara Doctors. (Identity Jilted)and said < (21)Interview with Haleqa SeQuar
Oh no! I would not trust them...I have heard that the Amhara doctors have eliminated many educated Tigrayans. I prefer to be treated by a white doctor…The Amhara are really mean-spirited. They do not have guts but when it comes to evil deeds, they are good at them…Let God punish them for their atrocities.
[This man is one of the most prominent priests in Axum. I do not know what occurred to him, as far as I know, his children were my friends and one of them was my class mate and close friend all are educated, and decent children. I am just wondering, what would his kids say (if they are not TPLF supporters now at present time and they are still the decent and disciplined kids as they were when I knew them during childhood time) after they hear their father engaging in such state of mind as a priest who should teach love to those who engaged with hate? It is amazing world!]
State atrocities during the war gave the Tigrayan people the perception that every Amhara was an accomplice and doctors as long as they were Amhara, were not to be trusted….( Identity Jilted Page 155). Since current anxieties are based on wounds from the past, Tigrayans put their grievances in historical perspective and see a pattern (Identity Jilted).
<> (14) (Interview with Abebe Tetemeke (48), May 7, 1994. AxumWe have had historical enmity with them. The Amhara will never rest until they completely subdue Tigrayans as Hutu see the Tutsi as inherently oppressive, (15) (Rene lemarchen, Burundi: Cambridge University 1994.p.xiv) so do Tigrayans see the Amhara as inherently intriguers and manipulators. When asked who their historical enemies are, one elder bitterly answered: (16) (Interview belay Kassa- Axum)
Shoa! Shoa! Shoa! [They are] cruel, mean, satanic. Shoa? Give me a break! None –believers in God. Mean…They are cruel. Cruel! Cruel! Cruel!...When I was in Gore[South Western Ethiopia in the 1970s, for instance, I knew a Showan Amhara…From the moment he came to know that I was a Tigrayan, he completely stopped talking to me They go three steps backward when they know you are a Tigrauyan and act as if they do not know you. Cruelty? Showan cruelty, my goodness, you cannot imagine!>>(
As I pointed out earlier, says Alemseged Abbay (the author of Identity Jilted), the response of the kebessa people that they do not fear being seen by Amhara doctor………Old wounds in Tigray are recalled more easily than the in Eritrea, which was not under the Amhara rule for most of the century.(Alemseged Abbay- page 165) Italic mine.
Finally, let me say something about the first Weyane which was manipulated by TPLF cadres and some Tigrayans as it was a revolution for democratic demand. I believe there was some bitterness against the system due to local ruler’s repression and the practice of ruthless injustices that was implemented against the peasants (society at large). But, the main leaders of the revolution/Weyane were not indeed the people who were demanding justice to prevail. The leaders were power mongers, outlaws, abusive and repressive local high ranking feudal who in the first place were the cause of the bitterness and corruption.<<>gray where the Weyane insurgency was brewing. Living in Asmara prior to his exile, Haile Selassie Gugsa was also blamed by the Emperor for inciting the insurgency (143) deputy chief political officer, Nairobi. October, 1994- war Office 230-160). Indeed, he used to disseminate the propaganda that upon his return he would rule over an independent Tigray. And some Weyane leaders fought for his cause. (144) Gebru Tareke; Ethiopia: power and Protest) Haile Selassie Gsider Gugsa’s channel of communication appears to have been real. at Kinfe and Degiat Teferi Tedla were his men (146) Among the leaders of the Weyane. (Wajrat problem described by an informant in Addis Ababa, considered reliable,’’ October 21, 1941 War Office 230-16). In fact one of the deputy leaders of the Weyane was believed to be his own son. (147) report from British legation, #13 October- November 1943, p.6 Foreign Office 371-41467. Even the mere perception he was in touch with the Weyane must have been an adequate energizing force during the insurgency.
The Emperor was therefore worried and requested the British to stop Haile Selassie Gugsa from communicating with the outside world (“This request was understandable, as it was reported that he [Haile Selassie Gugsa] was in contact with the Emperor’s enemies”. How ever, an order of ban from the office of Winston Churchill forbade him from communicating with outside (145). In Any case, the absence of the two hereditary rulers (here it is talking about Haile Selassie Gugsa & Ras Seyoum) of Tigray from power was effectively manipulated as rallying-cry by the disgruntled feudal gentry who, as will be discussed later, opposed the loss of their regional autonomy. (Alemseged Abbay Identity jilted page (51).
This is the real picture of the first Weyane that TPLF efficiently, but shamefully manipulated it to divert the cause to its present manipulation of anti Amhara propaganda, similar as was reflected by many of the first Weyane rebels at that time also currently to our surprise, some old combatants of the first Weyane who are currently elder age, who had anti Amhara sentiment then and now , and who are presently recruited as members of the present TPLF foaming Anti Amhara hate (when you listen to their interview on TPLF radio, you will hear them talking “how the “Amhara” comes that mountain and that hill …. Sharpening their TPLF trained tongue.
That was how first Weyane was lead and manipulated by feudal tyrants and mercenaries to divert the peasant’s bitterness to their cause (the feudal leaders), which also currently history repeated itself and showed us how the current TPLF mercenary leaders and individuals who harbored Amhara hate like that of Abraha Yayeh manipulating the people’s revolution to address their own hate agenda and power hunger.Any one who didn’t read the following previous article in response to the confused, racist, untrustworthy and connive old man known as “Abraham Yayeh”; -
here follows.
MELKAM NIBAB!Abraham Yayeh Turned to be Traitor as Gugsa did in 1935
By Getachew Reda
(San Jose, California)October 02, 2005
Let the buyer be aware! -would be the other headline that I need to stress along my headline. We have been talking a long time and agreed that our Ethiopia is held hostage at the hand of the Banda/mercenaries gangs from Tigray/Eritrea to land lock a nation of 70,000,000 people in it executed in the name of the “People of Tigray”.No one should be confused that these groups calling themselves “TPLF/EPLF” were still are supported by the Arabs, Americans and British to land lock and destabilize an ancient country and ancient people in a very blatant way.
Many of us who were closely watching the conspiracy and read the history of diplomatic relation and hatred towards Ethiopia by the above mentioned countries/individual government officials were not a bit surprise to see them supporting Meles of TPLF or Isayas of Eritrean Gangs for destroying, murdering and destabilizing the people of Ethiopia (to both Islam and Christian followers in it). They are still ignoring the injustice applied by the mercenary regime against the people of that ancient land and act as arbitrator urging the opposition to participate with the murderers whom their hands are stained wet and spoiled with human blood visible as fresh as we speak to preserve the “imitating democracy”.
It is now the duty of each of us to reject and resist the conspirators and mercenary’s agenda firmer as ever. History is repeating against us all over again. And it is time to stand up in unison to expose these national criminals to the God of Ethiopia, the only remain judge she got left to appeal- the God that always stick with her, when enemies encircled her to chock her. “Free at last” is our motto and Ethiopia will be free at last as it did by in the past.
Never, bowed and give up, no mater how their enemies are strong and connive. We shall over come!As many of you read Abraham Yayeh’s 19 or so pages of betrayal, divisive and racist message, pretending as if he had a decent issue addressing the Ethiopian opposition under the head line “GilTs Debdabe-Open letter) to the people of Tigray and to the opposition parties participated in the May 2005 (1997 Ec.) election. His message was very clear than ever before. He used plain (open) and simple words in order his readers to understand his intentional mission of division, hate and conflict. This time two messages been addressed. He explained he wanted the rest of his few years of his age remainder to live in Tigray under TPLF to run a business trade and at the same time to be a parliamentary candidate.
The other issue he addressed was his anti Amhara and divisive message. Here is where all of you must give careful attention to what he had to say regarding his hate towards the Amhara people (in particular to use his term the “Showa Amhara”)When a friend pointed me out to read Abraham Yayeh’s “open letter” addressed to us to the Tigrayans with few comments of his own, I agree to read it. Frankly, I thought he is going to address failures of the opposition and so on. But, to my usual dismay of this traitor and confused old man, I found it difficult to mix it with my brain.
The paint is so ugly to look at, that many understood with what he mixed his racist painted message. He openly shot an arrow of hate, not into the air, not to individuals, but direct to the heart and brain of the people of Amhara. He wanted to destroy the constant servant and builder and vanguard of the antique world of Ethiopia-namely the Amhara society. He purposely to ruin the social fabric that all of us brought us together to such harmonious brotherly and sisterly of oneness atmosphere in such grandeur and highly disciplined and god fearing nation.
His motive is to carry a mercenary agenda to sell the people to the leaders of TPLF in exchange for his application in order be allowed to go to Ethiopia to be a business man and parliamentary candidate as his wish predicted.. Please, I urge all of you to read it carefully.He started his letter by attacking and condemning and held the political opposition responsible for the present crisis. He held them responsible in a simple explanation using the term “greed” (Their sigibgibinet Ena MeTfonet- “their power greed and ugliness brought the present crisis……). He further went on and accused them as “violent and violators/abuser/and lawless opposition”.
After going detail hotchpotches to hold the opposition accountable; he said; “the opposition and the ruling party have the back ground history and nature that forced them not to be political candidates, but, each, into killing and destroying one another”.Strangely, pointing out his readers to look at what CUD (the opposition) in its manifesto had to state regarding the TPLF/EPRDF’s conspiracy in all its Eritrean affairs and seaport issues to hurt Ethiopia’s sovereignty. He, time after time act as the new TPLF propaganda chief blaming the opposition and ask the nation the oppositions be hold accountable instead of his own TPLF.-Abraha is telling readers, “CUD” should not intimidate and threat TPLF/EPRDF . He further elaborated saying Cud shouldn’t have to say/ stated on its manifesto, that“TPLF/EPRDF should be prosecuted in the court of law by any future government.
He is really bitter and angry at CUD’s manifesto for amending (documenting) such people’s demand. He is telling us such demand might anger the “Banda” group. With such threat, he warning and arguing that the Banda elements inside TPLF will not and can’t give up the people’s power if they are told or know that they might be prosecuted in the court of law for all illegal acts in the future law-suit.
What he didn’t know is that “Resistance to tyrant is obedience to God” regardless the criminals refused to give up power. Abraham Yayeh, is contrary to the resistance. We already know from his various times of flip flop positions and now he is revealed himself a grandeur- traitor as Dejamatch Hailesilassie Gugsa of Tigray did in the afternoon of 11th October 1935With his 1,200 followers surrendered to the commander of the Italian out post at Eadaga Hamus.Of course Abraham Yayeh is not equal to Gugsa,. Even” if” Meles Zenawi and his gangs want to use his defection for public consumption (though so far they told him he stinks! Though he is begging to serve them again). He has to do more damage to the opposition to be forgiven by his former organization (TPLF).
Ladies and Gentlemen,:- He also wrote over 42 pages or so in Tigringa to ELF Diaspora Eritrean opposition begging them to be taken in as he was taken in by his former boss the EPLF (though, this time on his application, he included his large blood of Eritreawinet with them . Judging his rational state, Abraham Yayeh seemed he is loosing it; and really needs help. He demonstrated himself many times to be mentally raped by outlaws and Fascists propagandas. A “Mind -Rape” is a terrible scenario. This man, not only it ruined his self-dignity, but also, the people at large in many ways.
As we all are familiar, his record showed; he was in and out of Asmara for his own business to attack the Amhara (read his paper in Tigringa and Amharic). He betrayed the nation and went on an open propaganda in Asmara using enemy radio EPLF/“DimTsi Hafash” and “Hiwyet magazine” EPLF media. During the battle, he was urging Ethiopian army to give their hand to the anti Ethiopia elements, to the most hated and the most destructive and racist EPLF army, who still is holding or caused many unknown number of captured Ethiopian armies disappear.
My fear is that, a normal person can’t mess up this bad- unless, he must be clinically sick. Sick or with a mission banda, where this time again is after the Ethiopian political opposition “CUD, EUDF” and the Amhara people (listen also his interview with Hager Feker radio archive the way he was portraying the Amhara) to defend Meles Zenawi’s TPLF party. In his recent paper, he made a public call in his open letter to Tigrayans to reject “Ethiopians” who are “true Ethiopian” political candidates (with all their weakness who are not there like his TPLF to land -lock the nation).It is not wise to inform the very first person who was openly informing the Ethiopians that the organization was lead by Eritrean agents which currently again Abraham begging TPLF leaders to take him back since at present he is in love all over again with them.
Looking on such journey, it is hard to know, if this fellow was seriously in love with his own country Ethiopia or not from the beginning when he departed from TPLF. It is not a crime to be a member of TPLF or a fighter of TPLF. It became a crime when still the person acts worst than the TPLF itself or repeated what the TPLF propaganda media are spreading to fool the people. (what other political scientists call such scenario “Spin Doctors” or “operate in a world of clones & double…..of well-paid insiders that stand as the regime’s most vociferous opponents, and of scarecrow nationalists and fake coups to confuse real and fake intentionally to create a good atmosphere to the tyrant.)Regardless, Abraham Yayeh create a fear tactic to misinform Tigrayans, TPLF is still, as destructive as any fascist elements. It is foolish if not betrayal and sickness to assert Abraham Yayeh telling Tigrayans to stick with Meles and his mission for the survival of Tigray. He is busily doing his best to preserve the system/TPLF.
No matter what he wrote to the Tigrayan community or his Eritrean community, It is not secret now after we saw the methods and steps and decisions and actions taken by TPLF, why it stood/ and still stand firm given priority and care to Eritrean opposition fighters/parties than to the Ethiopia cause and parties.
It is not hard to find why the Eritrean opposition media and individual leaders of the Eritrean opposition aired a propaganda segments on their TV/radio/internet media, in support of Meles/EPRDF in the last elections and also the attitude they reflected towards against the CUD, UEDF during this May, 2005 election labeling it as Amhara lead party .He was also talking that Assab shouldn’t be given to Ethiopia since the Amhara are not ready yet to declare their own government and without palace (he is talking to the entire opposition). He was also saying forget bad time as if he was not saying “the TPLF has agreed to transfer Tigrayan lands “CLAIMED” by EPLF to Eritrean jurisdiction.
The lands, include“Badime, Deddebit, Sheraro, Wohaden, Mentebteb, Adi Hagerai, Adi Nebrued, Zalambessa…..” the agreement on land transfer was signed by Sebhat Ephreim and Petros Solomon on behalf of the EPLF, and by Abbay Tsehaye and Meles Zenawi, on behalf of the TPLF” . Again currently, Abraham is distorting his document one more time saying it was not Abay or any one but “Aregawi Berhe” who did the agreement after he lost friendship with Aregawi Berhe (remember how he used to appreciate and respected him?) It is this flip flopping attitude he got that is hard to take this guy seriously.
Knowing and writing in his own pen (still knowing the conspiracy of Hague court drama and the rest of the national treason made by TPLF/Meles against Ethiopia) -how can now Abraham telling the Tigrayans to better stick with Meles TPLF? For what? For destruction of Tigray and its people? Or to be a republic as he is openly telling he respect the Weyane Bible of “self determination up to secession)-39?
Since when was Meles/TPLF Tigrayan salvation? Is that your mission, Ato Abraham Yayeh? Wouldn’t it be better for you to retired, than to serve Bandas as the new Gugssa of our time? Is that not shame for you to use Professor Tilahun and Dr. Assefa Negash’s individual commentaries to bring it now as if the entire Amhara, CUD, EUDF are in such position? How silly can you be to tell us using Dr. Assefa Negash’s book The Pealing of Ethiopia….(?) (Though I will appreciate someone lend me to read it, I didn’t read the book) having said what he said to in his book to use it to your dirty trick of division?
If he says exactly as you put it, that many Tigraayans blood and bone relation priority than to justice” yes, how smart are you trying to be telling us such was never happen?Were not feudal society? Aren’t we still in the feudal mental state ruled by the TPLF Princes and Queens practicing organizational/ rank/blood/family/kilelization and monarchic/ethnocentric traditional net work administrative working alive?
Mr. Abraham:-I am a Tigrayan just like you are, I born, grew, and breath the air you breath, play the ground you played at and bathed, drink on the river you bathed and drink right at the heart where civilization flourished “ in TIGRAY”. It was never rosy as you are distorting facts.
Our society in Tigray as feudal society, it looks and gives mainly the blood, religion, territory, neighbor, wealth, race, bone rank color, occupation and other aspects as priority than justice (just similar to the practice of the current TPLF system). Even, the simplest issue as marriage issue- you are required to state in detail whose race, family, occupation, country, village, religion, LANGUAGE you belong or SPEAK.
The first think you will be asked if your name is Getachew or Bekele or Ethiopia (as a woman) Ferisa, Gemechu, Mankelkilot, Wub Alem, Lakew…. (Though many Tigrayan names is Amharic) will be “whose sun are you?” Do you know any ranking (talalak balabatoch) body around this town, village?” If you know, “who are they”? Are you related to them?” ….This and other questions are priory criteria for marriage to be signed as OKAY.
Tigray as poor as it is- being poor is the worst luck one doesn’t want to be at. One can’t marry, if, he is poor regardless how in loved she will be with poor, if her parents and relatives are rich and high ranking. This is fact!One of my younger brother Teklewyeni (Tekle) his mother from Axum (Naider-Mahbere Degoy) hard time to marry an Axumite girl even though she was seriously in loved with him. Because, we have Amhara/Agew speaking blood on our other side. Even after their parents for example Okayed the marriage: It is frustrating to deal also, with a “bull- racist” brother of the girl once your name resembles Amhara or Oromo name. It is irrelevant, “the okay signal” from all relatives regardless the parents Okayed the marriage s long as one family member of hers disapproved the wedding agreement.
If she does marry the fellow outside her cast without the permission of all family members, she will be condemned forever by her brother as a sale out.Ato Abraham, let me ask you a question. Was not racism that forced us to call each of us one the other, calling Axumits “Meeiyaw” to Aduwans (insinuate as one who eats a Cat- meat)? It was meant (address) by Axumits, to the Aduwa people as “Missionaries/Misyonawiyan/, Kenisha /Shiweden (protestants who abandoned their orthodox religion).
This is because, there was a missionary school opened in Adwa, which Axumits refuse to have one open in Axum). In return the Aduwans refer the Axumite as “OOnguy” meant to say institute, “Axumies are human at daytime hyena at night-time”.
This is because Axumites have many artisans/goldsmith workers (they are taken as Budda- Sew Bellita or hyena…..). This was largely going between the two of us at “Tela Bet, school and courts and individual quarrels and fighting/social conflicts”.
Why was Yibrah lost his right eye in Aduwa? It was a large gang fight that evolved community in it, between Axum and Aduwa students. Chauvinistic attitude- we are wiser than you or we are more monarchs than you……and so on type of ignorance feudalistic conflict.
Can some one or Abraham Yayeh the self made-spokes person of Tigray, tell me if the Anterenga (Gold Smith) in Axum or the other lower strata (dark skin) or others who speak other dialogue other than the Axum/Adwa Tigringa Accent in Axum/Aduwa, been considered as fellow equal Tigrayans in some case saw as human family, let alone as Tigrayans?
Can some one tell me the Shemanne (Alamee- Tigringa word-), the Anterenga’s life in Axum and elsewhere? Were not they called by ignorant bullies as BUDA “Hyena”. Does any one remember when the hyenas were eating children who immigrated from the village and slept on the street (Berenda/Branda) during the bad droughts (hunger) in towns in Axum-: what were the AGGRESSIVE hyenas being called after found DEAD on the street roads poisoned or shot dead BY municipal and police personnel referred as? If a hyena looks has a natural tattoo that look like a ring in his ear or nose? What was looked like the talk of the day in the Bars (IENDA-SIWA) (MESHETA BETOCH)?
Can Abraham Yayeh remind me what was been said to these sector of society on the side of their sit during a the social gathering/chat houses and entertainment/ weddings, and in the MESHETA- BEToch?, and how were they been welcome when members of the Anterregna (gold smith) moved in to entertain himself inside the Tela Bet?
This is in Axum! WHERE I born and grew up!! Ato Abraham Yayeh? How can people of this sector considered second-class and alienated in such dehumanizing way? Is this justice? Discriminating by occupation? Can these sectors marry the daughter of Keri Geta (Mayer of Axum) without asking or suspicious of any of his, class, skin (dark) blood/bone, occupation relation? How comfortable are you to deny such outrageous practice going on for centuries as if was not there at all in Tigray society? Do not tell me I might not familiar with Aduwa, there too I have a blood in Bizet and Yeha. I lived for years in Aduwa (Adi Abun too, just as equally I grew up in Axum, Mekele and shire). I am well familiar with all the different Tigrayan accents, which I am able to speak fluently accents when I need too.
Can a person with an accent using words such as “ LELE, CHELE, USH-BiLLU….” Given equal attention as Tigrayan? Let us talk reality without emotions aside. Why was many with an accent of Enderta/Raya fighters such as Gebru Asrat and others converted themselves to speak into the accent of Axum/Aduwa/Shire,Eritrea Tigringa accent? I can understand such scenario if one born or grow among in such society/area, he/she will speak the surrounding dialect; But, for someone who stayed with TPLF for 16,17,5,7…years and converted his accent to a complete different accent is a mystery someone needs to tell me how such is possible? These members were never been assigned in three Awraja alone. Their life was on the move every hour and every day crossing every village.
Was there any domination? Was there any feeling of inferiority and superiority in that organization? Was such the cause of hinfishfish (Dr.Hailu Mengesha said the Hinfishfish was the result of racism). Alternatively, was such scenario had to do with the foundation of Mahber Plitika responsible for such conversion? Due to the many involvement of Eritreans with in the organization?
I read one moment when I was in Tigray a pamphlet written in Enderta Accent. Nevertheless, did not appear again ever after that publication. Is there a mystery to this? What justice is this if there was no some accent domination with in the organization?
Of course, some brothers might deny this; it does not mater how much they try to do so; the fact is, we still need to explore such in the future. (We have a lot to say about such), since I didn’t heard Abbay Tsehaye, Sibhat Negga Haleka Tsegay, Abadi Zemo and others talking Enderta/Raya accent regardless they live in Mekele ever since 1991 –same length period of time as Gebru Asrat, Seyoum Mesfin and others lived or born in Endrta/Raya; stayed in Tigray Meda during the struggle.
Some lived in Mekele for longer period time even before TPLF came to the seen –such as Sibhat Negga). Justice? Injustice?
Not only Weldesilassie Negga or Haleka Tsegay or Abadi Zemo… stayed firm speaking with their Axum/Aduwa accent, but the Eritrean Bereket Semeion still is holding his Eritrean accent firmly as original as it can be regardless he speaks fluent Amharic and grew up in Gonder Kifle Hager- Dabat (?) Domination/inferiority/superiority, mentally raped? Hold hostage? What was it? How can Assefa Negash blame for his comment when we know we failed to visit our selves in the mirror? Whose accent was preferred well than the other? Who set such scale? Does feudal mentality played in such conversion? You tell me Ato Abraham?
Abraham Yayeh tried to create conflict between Amhara and Tigrayans, by attacking individual comments such as Dr. Assefa Negash as mentioned above; In his strange mission, he strangely is accusing the Amhara society for not wanting to speak Tigringa “degrading” (meTeyef –his termenology) as dirt, but telling readers Tigrayans willingly speaking Amharic than others who were forced to speak it. This is the strangest racist, divisive and silly comment I have heard. I will like to advice this retired elderly fellow, if he ever have a mind to cool down and listen to restrain from spreading the agenda of Banda. Leave the Amhara blaming for why they do not speak Tigringa and let me come and ask you Ato Abraham Yayeh. Amazingly, he seemed to grew/born and lived in another world than in Tigray.
Let me remind Abraham Yayeh, by saying the following; For the few Amhara community in Tigray who had not any economic or social dominance in Tigray who had hard time to “mange” speaking Tigringa accent with all their best of trying to speak it in order to survive among the racist community in Tigray (towns/villages…), listening, and living with harsh insults of the many racists out there who used to turned them into a laughing stock by so many of you and your likes (though you might think you are not racist, admit you are the worst of all) due their accent when they tried to speak it. None of you the racist Tigrayans and Eritreans out there appreciated when they tried to speak the Tigringa dialect in front of your social gatherings.
You either is comfortable when they speak Amharic in front of you (even a Tigrayan talking Amharic ) or do not appreciated them when they tried to communicate with you with their heavy accent. You do it damn, or damn you don’t!!Many Tigrayans treated the few Amhara lived in Tigray as foreigners and in some cases worst if he is Oromo. “Adgi” was the comment insult given to the few Amhara and Oromo speaking community in Tigray. Music with Amharic accent by TPLF and theater,/ drama was made with their Tigringa accent to made community laugh and laughed at them (at the Amharas). Being an Amhara or really dark skin and kinky hair or speaking Kunama or any other than Tigrina, marriage was absolutely difficult in many Tigray community, unless she is prostitute and desperate nowhere to go in order to survive (don’t count five ten marriages that happened by miracle who were not prostitutes) I am here dealing reality, it is not fan.
He cannot have a farming land unless in his wife’s name if he is with such heavy accent. Even, the Eritreans were discriminating the Amhara/Oromo communities as dirt in Tigray, while they lived themselves in Tigray believing themselves as non- Ethiopians/Tigrayans but as an Eritreans. The discrimination was escalating that deep.
As yourself TPLF fighter and Adwua accent may I ask you why you do not try to speak the Enderta/Raya/Tembiyen…..the sweetest accent of Tigrayan Tigringa (read Abraha Belay’s Ethiomedia “MiTAms Natkum Teum……” instead of accusing the Amhara society for not speaking Tigrinag? Why can’t you or the Tigrayans tried to speak Afar, Kunama, Saho as easily and voluntary as you said we speak without anyone forcing us to speak Amaharic? The Afars and Kunamas speak Tigringa and why is the Tigrainga speaking community do the same?
Is it because that accent is hard for you or you can understand it easily just like the Amharic? Why are you playing with such sensitive issue when we all are trying to come together? You even tried to deny and accuse Dr Assefa Negash as if there is and was pure justice in Tigray administrated/ ruled by Tigrayans themselves. I just explained to you above in brief, that our society is overwhelmingly feudal society.
We even discriminate each other. When it comes to judgment. It is amazing that you felt bitter against Dr. Assefa Negash to defend Ras Mengesha as a man of justice by alerting readers as the following --- I will quote you exactly as you put it in Amharic. “LIB BELU, SIDBU YEJIMLA NEW. TIGRINGA TENAGARIWOCH SEAL –INYE,NUNIM; YEQNIJJITU ABALAT RAS MENGESHA SEYOUMIN, DR.HAILU ARAYANNA INNA YETIGRAY HIZ MALET NNEW.”
selective names might free you from being a person who prioritizes blood/bone before justice. But, you can’t. However, individuals cannot be a measurement for the standard of many. I still have made it clear to you, that a society with feudal attitude and system cannot be purely stated as society of justice. Are not we from the community who devalue different accents? We are simply fooling our selves for the sake of putting our society in a Golden throne falsely and mythically.
This is one of the reason why yourself calling yourself “a man of justice” while the truth the mater is you are far from it. You are “ethno centric racist who simply want to use society/community by acting as spokes person to a given area, preaching Tigrayans to stay with MELES, NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATER HOW THE ETHNOCENTRIST POLICY of Meles Zenawi’s policy stinks. You advice Tigray society to follow him and stay with the stink, with the murderous and grandeur mercenary ( BANDA ). This to me shows, “blood is thinker than water/?”
You chose the person whom he was called in the past publicly as “mercenary & a murderous”by you Abraham Yayeh- again publicly is currently TPLF referred by you as“vanguard of Tigrayan society. If you are the measurement of Tigray, I think you are insulting us worst than what you think is insult to us by others. What did Meles said to Professor Levine during his interview? “The Tigrayans had Axum (Aksum), but what could that mean to the Gurage? The Gonders had castles, but what could that mean to the Wolayta?
The Agew had Lalibela, but what could that mean to the Oromo? Is this not the man who denied the other community’s historical contribution in the building of all those wonderful historical places and churches?If you are not purposely wanted to deny- is not Tigray’Eritrea the most mixed blood/race beginning from Axumite Kingdom until now?
A mixed of all BLOOD RACE AND type. Nevertheless, you are now preaching Tigray as different society who per your advice must stick with Meles Zenawi?Is this not the man you are telling us to the Tigrayans to stick with? Why because he is WEDI LAH’MINA ( Ye Lame Bora- YeNngawa Lam “Tija” Lij”- the calf of our cow?) ( as Ras Megesha used to be referred as WEDI LAHMINA during the Derg era by Tigray society? Is he not the person a power passed to him because of his blood/bone to Emperor Yohannes than given by justice and such was accepted and respected as justice by Tigrayans?
Was not himself deporting Tigrayan individuals from Tigray with in 24 hours because individuals argue with him for different reasons? Are you out of your mind to bring Ras Mengesha as a man of justice and telling us as proof to your argument who never give blood/bone relation priority before serving justice? Are not you kidding yourself and made us ashamed to bring such argument? You can’t find other decent individual Tigrayan other than Meles Zenawi, Ras Mengesha and yourself as men of justice? I respect Ras Mengesha in a variety ways, but please, find you other way to argue your case.
Were you not the person who urge all of us to fight our common enemy and all Tigrayans to leave aside our differences (I will repeat) “against one common enemy Meles Zenawi the enemy of Ethiopia/ Tigray? Wops!! I forgot! Our enemy is not your enemy now!!! I forgot that you are now telling us to stick with Meles before the Amhara and CUD comes to eradicate us from Tigray land! Abraham: how bad Ascaris do you want to be than what you already are? Is it because, BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER?
Why was it forgotten that Eritreans had better living and better class treatment than we the Tigrayans and the Amharas in Tigray? Was not the Tigrayans (10,000) who died for their cause in Massawa/Sahal? Were not the Eritreans calling us Agame while still living in Tigray comfortably? We Tigrayans are mixed by marriage and blood and did not react the way they act. Instead, many Tigrayans looked after their properties/business/families with integrity in Addis and elsewhere in the hope they might comeback one day. Of course, it is true that, we had also more KINDER AND JENTLER TIGRAYANS like Meles Zenawi, Tedros Hagos Bereket Simeion who kept their parents and families with them regardless their order/appeal to be deported to their Eritrea of choice as they did their citizen’s choice during the referendum. Are we not after all who never give blood/ bone relation priority than given priority to justice? Ho!!?
Ato Abraham! Weren’t you the one who wrote “Torunetu yanetaterew be Tigray Hizb Lay New” published on Ethiopian Review/ when EPLF take over Badime? For your own shame again, went to Asmara to tell us a different story. Wasn’t your voice loudly speaking from Eritrea Asmara urging Ethiopians to give their hand to the enemy of Ethiopia as there was humanly treatment in the hand of these Bandas in Eritrea to deliberately misinform our society? Were not you speaking in radio Dimsti Hfash lying to your teeth, that there was a humane treatment of Ethiopians living in Eritrea and Ethiopian prisoners of war? Were not foreigners who came to expose your disinformation and lie to the media as saying “Ethiopia’s treatment of Eritrean prisoners of war as “humane”, and charitable, while Eritre’s treatment of Ethiopian prisoners as “shameful”. This was portrait and reported by the BBC correspondent Martin Plaut.
Read the following very attentively!!! Abraham, also strangely telling us “it is not the Eritrean government (because Eritrean government is not that irresponsible- said Abraham Yayeh ) responsible for Aiyder bombardment which killed school children (as if EPLF was not responsible for thousands of Ethiopian prisoners of war and ordinary Ethiopian citizens murdered senselessly in various times by EPLF irresponsible act), but said Abraham “but a deliberate act of an Amhara individual to create prolonged hatred and conflict between Tigrayans and Eritreans orchestrated by Amhras. Readers might also need to “Note”, he said, “the cruel pilot who bombed the children school while students were in class is an Amhara who was serving EPLF government as mercenary.
This fellow is not an Amhara from Gonder who has no instinct of such cruelty against Tigray people; said Abraham Yayeh, but, from the other (unmentioned) Amhara area. (He clearly is trying to divide the rest of the Amhara from Gonder by dividing the rest of the Amhara as cruel to Tigrayans). Is this not a mercenary message? It is a shame such elderly man of his age, to play with such sensitive mater as exactly what the Mussolini’s Italian Fascist cadres use to preach among Ethiopians to create hatred and division among each other. Ato Abraham Yayeh, I can only pray, your sickness to go away.
You are indeed clinically sick, or if you are not sick and consider okay, and then you are a normal person with a mercenary mission sent to disunite our society. It will not be short to hear you and will not be surprise to hear your voice from Dimsti Weyane or Selam radio if your boss Meles Zenawi allows you to move in to Addis as you are desperately begging him currently on your “open letter to Tigrayans” to allow you serve him gladly as you did before. But, it seemed to me he is not taking you seriously. Meles and your cousin Sebhat new you already that you are not reliable.
The God of Ethiopia will be with Ethiopians. It is not going to happen what you preach in million years. The enemies of Ethiopia will buried before her death, or any more disintegration comes (the disintegrated part of our society (Eritreans) as you are well aware are coming back on foot where they feel safe, and feel home). You take my word!!- All this preach of scare tactic (some of them preach us with honest fear) of disintegration and ethnic cleansing scenario to happen if Meles is going to be removed from power without giving him safe exit (which he refuse) or urging society not to prosecute Meles for his crime as you are desperately preaching for him; - is simply a “a fear syndrome”.
Once you fight the fear and you fight and stand firm to teach society to remove the cause of ethnic conflict and the source agency of it Mr. “Meles Zenawi and his gangs with their divisive policy altogether” from power persistently-:- then, all the fear of disunity and disintegration and the fear of slaughtering each other will go a away instantly with the source and the cause of the conflict. My final word- Ethiopia was there before us, and will be there forever long after her enemies gone; she will still be called [“Ethiopia the “Grandeur”], the source survival for Egypt and Sudan! The mother of all”! Eventually, all the Banda will regret for the shame/embarrassment they caused to their own country!//// ///… ///////

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